OOTD: Happy

I don't look quite happy in the photo, but I am! It's just that I dropped a coin while walking. Dang, I was gonna use that to buy candy!

How do I conceptualize my OOTDs? I just think about a particular emotion or an image that I want people to think of me and poof! I finally have an OOTD.

Yesterday, I thought that I wanted to look really happy so I wore this outfit!

TOP: Project Kikay on Instagram
BOTTOM: Terranova

More about this outfit after the cut!

ACCESSORIES: Halo Halo Charms on Instagram

And look! My Antigona is debuting in her first OOTD post today! :D

BAG: Givenchy Antigona

I hope you all liked this look and I hope that you will all have a happy day today! :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love the prints you choose. Ang aliwalas. They are so fun to look at.

    Gorgeous bag, Martha. :)

  2. Gorgeous!!! Please do a review on your bag. I want to buy one someday. Hehe 😁

  3. I have a leggings somewhat similar to yours. Blue green nga lang. :) Love your top, so colorful and totoong super happy ang vibe. :) And of course, the bag! Super awesome

  4. i love the leggings/jeggings (i think babyR have same design/color patterns like what you wore here)

    i saw a photo bummer here -- a white cat! haha

    love love the bag ms m!

  5. Pink, yellow, and blue are happy colors indeed! The plain plus pattern combination works! The person who found your coin must have felt so lucky. :)


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