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Here's a review on Prestige Back To Black Eyeliners.

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If Smashbox built a business around primers, Prestige built one around eyeliners. We might not have that buzz here, but this brand is known in a lot of countries for their super waterproof and extra pigmented eyeliners and eyeshadows, too! I actually like Prestige as a brand and I think they deserve to be considered more by everyone because their products are super affordable, but work really well!

I've used a couple of Prestige products in the past and I really liked them: The Wet/Dry Powder foundation is one of the best affordable powder foundations there is and their makeup brushes work just fine. These Back To Black eyeliners have revived my interest in the brand and if you are completely new to Prestige, this collective review is the perfect introduction for you! :)


Back To Black is an all Black eyeliner collection by Prestige Cosmetics. According to the brand, the products in this collection feature the latest makeup technologies to create the most unique textures, applications, and looks for every occasion.

There are about a dozen kinds of eyeliner in Back To Black, if I'm not mistaken. This set I got is called Lifesavers, which consists of two classic eyeliners, a versatile waterproofing primer, and an eraser pen.

These are lifesavers indeed because it's got two classic eyeliners, one to give me dramatic eyes and one that I can use both as an eyeliner and eyeshadow base, a primer that prevents faded makeup and raccoon eyes, and an eraser pen to quickly get rid of boo-boos during makeup application. The sad part is this set is not for sale-it's just a Press sample. You can buy these individually, btw, and don't worry, they're all affordable! :)

Swatches after the break and know why I'm including Prestige as my go-to eyeliner brand!

Let me tackle first these Eyeliner fixers: Magic Pen Liner and Primer is simply put, a primer in an oh-so-convenient pen form. It's colorless, unscented, and is like a solid version of Smashbox Photofinish 24H Shadow Primer. On the other hand, Makeup Eraser Pen is something that we've all seen before in some brands as it's another makeup remover in pen form, but I'd be damned if I say it isn't useful.

The makeup eraser has a plump tip, which is reminiscent of felt tip markers. The pointy tip is for removing smudge on corners and the body, on bigger parts such as the skin on the orbital eye. To make it innovative, maybe Prestige should come out with the same thing, but with a tip that's as precise as that on a liquid pen eyeliner? Or maybe a dual-ended one that has this fat tip on one end and the tip I just mentioned on the other end? I just find the applicator of this product a little huge for my eyes. Prestige, this is something worth considering!

On the other hand, I don't mind if that innovative makeup remover pen will take some time because I'm pretty happy with this unique primer pen. It's basically a primer for the easily forgotten corners of your face because most primers that we have are either for the face or eye only.

The last two are the following: Prestige Velvety Smoky Eye Pencil (P575.00) a waterproof liner for the lids and waterline-Prestige said that it's waterline safe too so that's good news for everyone who loves defining this part of their eyes. Lastly, we have Prestige Line & Style Extreme Long Lasting Ink Pen (P595.00), a traditional liquid eyeliner in a waterproof formulation.

Line & Style Ink Pen comes with a precise applicator with a pretty sturdy tip that enables you to create super sharp and super clean lines. Just like all felt tip applicators, I feel that this one will lose its sturdiness overtime. There's not much we can do about it since it's the fate of all felt tip applicators, but what I can hope for is that it happens when I'm almost through with this product!

Line & Style Ink Pen delivers a glossy, pigmented coverage. It dries up pretty quickly and I love that it doesn't stick onto eyelash curlers when I'm curling my lashes!

Velvety Smoky Eye Pencil is simply your good ol' pencil eyeliner. It's got a super smooth, almost Kohl- like texture and it doesn't tug and scratch the skin on your lids. It sets efficiently that you can smudge it out with its built- in smudging tool for a blurred out line or semi- smoky eyes.


Here's the Makeup Eraser Pen in action: I swatched the Velvety Smoky Eye Pencil (which we shall look into later on) and removed the swatch on the bottom with this product. In just one swipe, the liner came off, albeit it left a trace. The remover has this semi- oily consistency and it stays a bit on your skin so don't you worry, child, you can remove the residue by spreading the remover around it and then finally wiping off everything with tissue. Problem solved!

The applicator tends to absorb the eyeliner so you have to wipe it clean before storage.

Onto the Magic Pen Lip and Eye Primer, which for me takes the cake amongst the four. I used it on my eyebrows for this blog post:

Bare eyebrow

One layer of Magic Pen Lip and Eye

Consistency is a like a thick, hardened cream so apply sparingly and in light, feathery strokes-you wouldn't want to get your eyebrows sticky, right?

The nice thing about this though is it sets efficiently so you can groom your brows into perfection. I used my Inglot Brow Powder here, which by the way has poor staying power, and lo and behold, it stayed put the whole day with Magic Pen. I'm in love with this product! :)

Aside from the brows, you can also use this as an eyeliner primer for both your upper and lower lash lines, a primer for the corners of your nose in case makeup doesn't seem to stick on that part, and as a universal lip liner. You can do so much things with it!

Here's the Line and Style Ink Pen. It's decent, it works, and it's totally waterproof as it can withstand my workouts with insignificant smearing. Formula is mild too and it doesn't sting my eyes when it gets inside it.

Finally, we have the Velvety Smoky Eye Pencil. This works not only as an eyeliner and a nice base for eyeshadows, but also as quick alternative to eyeshadow- based smoky eye makeup looks. I used it on my waterline and it stayed on longer than the other brands that I have used, but I needed to retouch it during wear. It also smeared for a bit on my oily lids so all in all, I just find this eyeliner okay.

To sum up everything, what Prestige offers are nothing more than daily beauty essentials, but at a more affordable cost and with a quality that's at par with luxurious brands, that's why I'm including it in my go-to eyeliner list. This is not to say, however, that I'm ditching my favorite pricey eyeliner brands-with Prestige, at least there's something that I can readily buy anytime without feeling financially guilty. Prestige also gives beauties on a budget a chance to finally maximize their makeup shopping budget! :)


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  1. Another affordable yet superb product from Prestige. I so want to hoard their products na, especially this eyeliners and the lippies. The colors are so pigmented and that makeup eraser and the primer are amazing. :) I love how slim the primer pen is

  2. Haven't tried Prestige yet, but it's clever that they did this complete set. It's always shadow and lip palettes, but cosmetic companies shouldn't neglect eyebrow products and eyeliners. Those can drastically change a look with a single swipe

  3. Cab u plz post prestige eye pencil vs urban decay perversion pencil..pros and cons..along with swatches..if u can..:-))


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