Colour Collection HD Lipstick Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Colour Collection HD Lipstick.

Price: P399.00/each
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What's new with Colour Collection? This: HD Lipstick. Looks like Colour Collection is really taking their lipstick line seriously as they've been releasing a couple of nice products in the range! Let's take a look at this one.


This lipstick collection features a hi-def, brilliant shine formula. It is also infused with a serum formula, thus it glides smoothly and keeps the lips hydrated throughout the day.


Swatches after the cut!

L-R: Pink Berry, Raspberry Red, Cinnamon Red

These satin lipsticks have a nice, smooth, hydrating formula-they glide on very smoothly and tame dryness upon contact, and have this sheer texture that mimics the delicateness of the skin on your lips (which gives it this 'hi-def' quality), yet finish is pigmented. When I'm wearing it, the lipstick looks like my actual lips, but in a different color.


Pink Berry

- A tropical pink shade.

This summery shade of Pink is such a youthful and happy color. I can see myself wearing it in my summer getaways!

Raspberry Red

- A midtone pink with a Red undertone.

This shade somewhat resembles Pink Berry, but it is a tad warmer and bolder. I think girls who love pink-reds will enjoy wearing this hue.

Cinnamon Red

- a warm. spicy red.

Oh, finally, a shade in this collection that's fit for night time wear. This warm red looks great on morenas and is great for daytime wear as well-just apply a sheer layer!

Staying power is pretty good at 4 hours, although it fades significantly after a meal and I don't think the formula has this brilliant shine, as advertised. Some more issues of mine are the shade range is not at all exciting as I've seen these (or similar) shades and this formula in the other lipstick collections of Colour Collection. At least it is not drying and my super sensitive lips can attest to that!

If you're into satin finish and prefer a lipstick that feels lightweight, this product is a good bet. I just wish that Colour Collection will deviate from their standard color palette and explore other colors and finishes.


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I also have the raspberry red. The shade is good for me but it's not that moisturizing so I have to put on lip balm. Btw, you have a beautiful lips. Did you use a lipliner in your photos? How I wish I can put on lipsticks like you. Its flawless and you have defined the shape of your lips very well...inggit much..hehehe

  2. oh yeah, summer is getting so near! Thanks for introducing that color of lipstick, I might be using that shade of Pink for my lips too.

  3. All shades matches you. So beautiful.
    I like the cinnamon red. I haven't tried this product but i've heard good feedbacks about it. Since you did a review i will buy this and i will also recommend this to my sisters because of the staying quality. I hate it if i have to re-apply every now and then. Thanks for this awesome review.

  4. i would love to try pink berry! nakakayoung at heart ang dating! i will check this out sa tupperware kasi im a tupperware dealer na and i could get them at discounted price!

    thank you for the swatches ms m!

  5. For lipstick, staying power and moisture is a must for me... :) the shades are awesome!

  6. Cinnamon red is super lovely and a hot lippie!!!

  7. You look pretty in that Pink Berry shade! Love it! :)

  8. I have tried Raspberry Red and I am so in love with the formulation and the pigmentation. It's so moisturizing that I wear it alone, and it leaves a pretty stain!

  9. Now I know what HD lipstick means. :) I'm always been curious about it. I love Cinnamon Red the most. :) Do they have nude colors? And I hope they'll distribute to some stores, para madaling bilhin. :)

  10. Simplyme: Hello! Thanks for sharing and your very nice compliment. No, I did not use lip liner in the photos-I don't use lip liner at all. :)

    Aliz: Great choice, Aliz!

    Abegaill: Tupperware is a Direct Selling company so I doubt that they will become available in retail stores. Just inquire via their FB fan page to know where you can find an authorized tupperware dealer in your area. :)

    Sincere: Thank you!

    Melanie and Evey: Indeed!

    Rhain: You're welcome! :)

    Kleah: You're welcome and thanks for dropping by too! :) Let me know how you and your sister like/hate this product. :)


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