Dove Whitening Deodorant: Be Summer- Ready with Dove + Win Sleeveless Tops Or A Trip For 3 To El Nido!

I think more than any season in a year, Summer is the time when most of us become extra caring towards our bodies. We exercise much more frequently than before, eat much healthier, and spend more money on treatments and products that will make our skin look beach- ready.

I think the biggest skin concern of most women in these times is having good- looking underarms before hitting the beach--not necessarily celebrity- like underarms, but underarms that we could at least flaunt and feel good in. This is not impossible to have if we start taking care of our underarms now before the official summer months set in: be extra gentle when cleansing it to avoid darkening, invest in necessary underarm treatments, and use a deodorant that will help keep it soft, smooth, and light, and even help lighten it.

Through the campaign #DoveSummerBeauty, Dove encourages women to start a healthy underarm habit now (and forever!) with Dove Whitening Deodorant. Dove became well- known for their ultra moisturizing products that contain 1/4 moisturizing cream and this deodorant contains that too-it promises to soothe and lighten underarm skin that has been darkened by regular plucking, waxing, and shaving.

Dove Whitening Deo and #DoveSummerCampaign were launched in Manila Polo Club last week-Dove had also unveiled their local online ambassadors: Musician and singer Kiana Valenciano, Fashion Blogger and aspiring Fashion Designer Dani Barretto, Blogger and Singer Saab Magalona, Make Up Artist and Beauty Blogger Sabs Hernandez, and Beauty Blogger Angela Nepomuceno (Woot! Go Angela and Sabs! :D).

In the event, we were also asked to accomplish four, fun challenges, challenges that ended our Wednesday on a high and happy note. Click READ MORE for the rest of the event and find out how you can win a trip for 3 to El Nido, Palawan! :)

First challenge was with Beyond Yoga. We were asked to imitate a few, simple Yoga poses with ambassador Angela Nepomuceno.

Second challenge was held at the Dove Deo Center with ambassador Sabs Hernandez. Sabs and the rest of the Dove team showed us how shaving can damage and darken the skin, and how Dove can help remedy this problem: They shaved the top portion of the orange cloth swatch-which represented human skin-and it exhibited dryness, roughness, and darkness just after the first shave. Afterwards, they applied a layer of Dove Whitening Deo on the cloth and just like magic, all the nasty results I just mentioned went away! I hope it really works like that on actual skin.

Third Challenge was at the Juicing Station with ambassador Dani Baretto. Everyone was just asked to take a shot of our preferred juice flavor. By far, this was the best challenge. :D

Fourth and Final station was with ambassador Kiana. Together with Bayo, we personalized our tank tops!

Here's my design. What do you think, guys? :)

So that ends our Dove event. By the way, here's something cool from Dove:

Dove is offering the limited edition Summer- Ready Box that features a Dove Deo in either Ultimate White or Original and free summer bag for this season. The box retails at P89.00 for the Deo Roll- On and P175.00 for the Aerosol.

This box, btw, will give you the chance to win sleeveless tops weekly and a chance to win a trip for 3 to El Nido, Palawan. Purchase the box, look for the code at the bottom portion of the box, and sms DOVE DEO <PROMO CODE> to 2600. Winners will be announced weekly on Dove Philippines' Facebook Fan Page.

With my Summer- ready babes, Earth, Vern, Verniece, and Angela. :)

Just visit DOVE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this promo. Good luck, guys! :D

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like dove deodorant stick. Hope there's a promo with dove stick rather than aerosol or roll on. Btw, your tank top design is cute and very feminine...

  2. im using the original roll on.What i love about this deo is it does not stain and the scent its super gentle and it is super long lasting too. Been using it for 3 mos . love it!

  3. My family patronize dove so much. We love the using the shampoo and conditioner and other products from them because they're smooth to the skin and I super love the scent. It stays for too long even if you do outdoor activities. This promo is perfect for all their customers including me. I will tell this good news to my mom so she knows what to buy next. Thanks for the awesome news!

  4. Yay! I can smell summer.. Your tank top design is so cute! Simple but lovely :)

  5. Same here. I love the Dove sticks so much, especially that cucumber variant. I'm not so much into aerosols and roll-ons... @.@

  6. after emptying my nivea deo, i got the chance to try dove which i got from beauty box from zalora

    it smells nice on my pit, less sweating and i think it whitens my underarm (a bit) my younger sister use the aerosol type of it

    it seems you enjoyed the event ms m, i hope i can get the limited bag where to buy? (SM? Watsons?)

  7. Dove is the best deo that I've ever used. Once I discovered it, I never looked back. hehe. So nice that they have this promo.

  8. I've always been a fan of Dove deos. It smells good and fresh, it doesn't leave yellow stains on clothes, and it really prevents perspiration. I already bought a promo pack! Super love the freebie. Winning an El Nido trip would be a great plus!


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