EOTD: Marsala Valentine's + Get The Look

I have decided that I will wear Marsala- inspired makeup on Valentine's Day and I'm sharing my rendition with everyone today. I could've gone for a wine eyeshadow to complete this look, but this color doesn't look good when worn on the eyes, honestly-it just makes the skin appear reddish and irritated. It's looking 'Hot' in a bad kind of way. :p

A great alternative to wine eyeshadow is warm/dark pink eyeshadow with a wine or berry undertone-it's got that Marsala appeal, but makes your complexion and eyes look blushing instead of irritated.

Here are the products I used to create my Valentine's FOTD/EOTD:


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Step 1: Using an eye shader brush, grab your warm/dark pink eyeshadow and apply all over from the lower lid to the above crease.

Step 2: Grab a Bullet Brush, dab on a matte chocolate brown eyeshadow, and dot the color on your outer crease.

Next, grab a blender brush. Blend the eyeshadow gently to soften the color and within the outer crease only-remember to leave the dot intact somehow. I intentionally did that for more drama and definition. You can blend the matte brown eyeshadow towards the above crease though, but remember to keep the intensity of the eyeshadow soft and subtle on that area. 

Step 3 is a two- part step.

Step 3 A: Apply your usual black eyeliner on your lower lash lines first.

Step 3 B: Grab a flat liner brush, dip on a matte baby pink eyeshadow, and apply a soft line right on top of the black eyeliner. You can also substitute with a glitter liner. This technique will keep your eyes looking fresh just in case you get bloodshot, irritated, or inflamed eyes when sporting this look as the pink eyeshadow can make the situation look worse-it will also make your eyes look bright and bigger.

Finish off with an icy pink eyeshadow on your brow bones.



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hai guyyzzz. LOL

Tell me how you like/hate this look. Also, will you guys wear this look on Valentine's Day? If not, what will you wear instead? I'd love to know! :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi po and ganda nyo po I like it! Na STARSTRUCK PO AKO SA INYO!

  2. OMG I love your eye makeup! Pretty pretty perfect this love day! I will definitely wear this kind of shade too, I'll just need to scout on some alternative brands though coz I don't have smashbox makeup hehe :)

  3. i so love this look Ms M! another EOTD Tutorial for compilation! i love the eyemakeup shade combination .. honestly sa mga tutorials nyo ako natuto ng basic eyemakeup application.. talagang practice lang at proper blending and you'll get the look you want!

    i love the eyemakeup combo and the lippie used! just perfect for valentines date.. i cannot wait for the Valentine OOTD and your look (or date with your bf) Ms M!

    Happy Love Month!


    Looks good on you!

  5. pretty! lalo na po ung eye make up! perfect for V-day nga! :)

  6. Definitely a must have!! It looks good on you but I don'think that it looks good on me. I am more into red lipstick but will have to try it too. This Valentines, I plan to just wear a simple make up. I'd like the no make up makeup look. I will wear my mac lippie because it is my fave.
    Love this tutorial on eyeshadow because i dont know much about it
    I am still learning :) thumbs up for this review. I love the packaging. You look stunning by the way.

  7. very pretty... the eye make-up and lippie is just perfect...it makes you look younger...

    Happy Vday Ms. M

  8. Happy Valentine's day to you!

    You're so beautiful omg. The look is perfect.

  9. The combination is so pretty. :) What I did for valentine's was my signature red lips with smokey eyes. :)


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