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If you're craving for good ol' Southern comfort food like fried and sweet stuff, and hefty portions, you gotta go to Kettle. I heard about Kettle through one of my good friends-she couldn't stop gushing about their famous Buttermilk Chicken. The name made the dish sound so good, I almost tasted it in my mouth. Good thing Kettle had recently opened a branch near me in SM Aura.

Price Range: Salad starts at P370.00; Starter starts at P370.00; Soup starts at P250.00; Pasta starts at P270.00; Main Course starts at P500.00; Desserts start at P150.00

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Chiloy Santos, one of the owners/chefs of this restaurant is a former schoolmate of my BF. He mused to Chiloy one time that he was planning to take me on a date in Kettle and Chiloy recommended to him the following dishes:

Iced Tea by the Carafe

- Cbiloy did not recommend the iced tea-I just have to have iced tea whenever I'm eating! Their iced teas come by the Carafe, by the way.

Clam Chowder

- Rich and lightly salted-it's just right to warm up your tummy plus it's packed with the usual stuff you'll find in chowders, therefore I think it's a meal on its own. Best to share with someone, unless you're just here for soup.

Pork And Potato Strips

- How lovely, isn't it? This tower of overlapping fried potatoes is DEFINITELY for sharing, although I find it a bit too much to be a starter as it's VERY FILLING, plus there weren't a lot of crispy pork bits in the plate-you have to dig through the potatoes to find the tiny crispy pork bits and it could get really messy. I also tasted a bit of Truffle Oil in here and there's the Aioli dip to shake up your tastebuds for a little. This is good stuff, but I just find it misplaced in the menu as I feel that it's better off in a drinking pub or tapas bar.

U.S. Angus Short Ribs

- Tender, semi- sweet short ribs and surprisingly, it's very meaty. The mashed potato is divine too! 

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

- And we're on our main event! My friend was right-this is indeed one yummy fried chicken dish! You get two large chicken fillets deep fried into perfection with their special buttermilk batter. You get two dips: Honey and Gravy. Personally, I like Honey because I like anything sweet, but I sometimes dip the chicken in Gravy too when I find it too sweet already. You also get three sweet cornmeal breads that go really well with the chicken. There's something really homey and comforting about this creamy fried chicken dish, and I love that it's authentically Southern too!

Checkered Cake

- Kettle's best- selling cake. It's layers of Chocolate and Red Velvet sponge cake with cream cheese icing. It looks so beautiful, but I found it lacking in flavor, especially the sponge cake.

Apple Pie

- Chiloy didn't mention this dessert as one of their best- sellers, but we found it yummier than the Checkered Cake. It's your good ol' warm Apple Pie with juicy cinnamon- glazed apples in the heart with a dollop of cream and drizzled with caramel sauce. Perfect.

I enjoyed our dinner in Kettle. The food is simple yet hearty, the portions are very, very generous, and taste was not compromised despite the size of the dishes. I'd gladly go back to this restaurant for the Buttermilk Chicken alone!

Must- Try in Kettle:

1. Buttermilk Chicken
2. Apple Pie
3. U.S. Angus Short Ribs

Kettle is located in 5/F East Wing, Shangri-La Mall, Mandaluyong and 5/F Sky Park Dining, SM Aura Premiere, Taguig City.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The Pork And Potato Strips looks yummy, I love any food that's made of potatoes! :) and that Buttermilk Chiken! Mouth watering...

  2. Wow! That mountain of Pork And Potato Strips is eye-catching! Everything else is equally enticing, especially the Checkered Cake.

  3. I can't stop staring at the Pork and Potato strips. I'm a potato monster! I think I can finish the entire plate on my own haha

  4. Sincere: Buttermilk Chicken FTW!

    Deedee: Good for you! Maybe you should try Kettle soon! :)

    Anna: Indeed, but Buttermilk Chicken takes the cake for me. :)

    Newbee: Yassss! :D

  5. oh dear my eyes were stuck on that mountain of crispy potatoes ms m!

    just by reading your description about that Buttermilk Chicken pakiramdam ko nalalasahan ko na rin hehe..

    that apple pie is superb! i want a lice of it!

    yay i know you're too busy ms m namimiss ko na ulit makakita ng recipe mo sa blog =)

  6. This restaurant is on our list because of the crispy potatoes! That is included in SPOTph's top 10 fries. :) The buttermilk fried chicken is one of the top too as far as I remember. :D Can't wait to dine here

  7. I'm like.. Aaaaahh wish I was also there seems like all the dishes are delicious
    I wanna try everything. If me and my husband will go there how much is the budget? Oh dear I am craving specially for the Buttered Chicken. Never heard of this resto but this one is worth tryin for. Perfect for intimate dining

  8. Martha: Yum! I took a second look. Your recommendation might just rekindle my love affair with fried chicken. :D


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