Daylong: No Vacation from Sun Protection!

One fine Sunday afternoon and while on our way to pick up some groceries, I asked mom if she was wearing sunblock and she replied no, and reasoned out that "because it's a very cloudy day and the sun is not out anyway" and I was like "Oh noooesss!" Even if it's cloudy or rainy outside, the sun is still there as long as it's daytime! The only time that it's not there is when it's night time!"

You see, the Sun is like God-even if you don't see it, it's still there. I don't know who popularized the idea that the sun is absent on cloudy and rainy days, but I'm here to tell you that no matter the weather, as long as it's daytime, the sun is out to getcha!

Even in the city, UV ray damage is always possible and to keep your skin safe, heed Mary Schmich's advice: WEAR SUNSCREEN.

Daylong spearheads the #NoVacationFromSunProtection campaign to encourage women (and everyone too) to make wearing sunscreen a habit. To help them spread the message, Daylong has tapped five online influencers who represent the multitasking women of today, living dynamic lives and are always out and about in the city. Find out who these influencers are after the jump!

Meet Jon Lee of Daylong Philippines and the ambassadors: model and Blogger Jackie Go, super mom and athlete Jaymie Pizarro of The Bull Runner, host and model Janeena Chan, Beauty Blogger and Makeup Artist Marj Sia, and TV personality and host, Marie Lozano. Together with Daylong, these five lovely women will inspire you to start your journey towards a healthier skin regimen.

Just like the ambassadors, we made our pledge to wear sunscreen even in the city too. We said yes to #NoVacationFromSunProtection and you should, too! :)

For more information about Daylong, please visit DAYLONG PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm glad they have this for kids as we're planning to go to beach this summer and my baby surely needs super skin protection :)

  2. i havent join your previous giveaway on this one ms m! they're great for summer! (beach..sun..sand..waves!) it feels like summer already because love month has ended! welcome summer!

    im glad that they had something for kiddos!

  3. Such a nice campaign. I have the same thinking as your mom. :/ Now I would break that thinking and do the habit of putting sunscreen everyday. Thanks for the tip! And I love that Daylong has different types of sunscreens to satisfy the needs of each and every one of us. Even kids!

  4. Been wearing sunblock daily since I was teenager. Now over a decade later I can really see the difference between me and my friends who are the same age who are not sunscreen wearers. Think I will pick this one up for my Palawan trip.

  5. Brand name pa lang bongga na. If it's Cetaphil everyone would agree maganda talaga cetaphil.
    I'm a certified cetaphil user even before Wala pa yung soap nila, ALL ages even babies can use cetaphil cleanser 😊 that's how safe and good it is.

    And I agree when you said here, you should use sunblock even though there's no sun. I remember singer Nina said how she takes care of her skin, kahit gabi she use sunblock. Wow naman diba πŸ˜„
    I have tried different sunblocks bec I'm a sunny baby I really want to have morena skin like bianca gonzalez pero ayoko naman ma-burn at mahapdi kasi I use any sunblocks I use I found in my & sisters rooms. So I just want to highlight the importance of nice skin. I know we all want those tan lines that makes us look like a million bucks but really whenever we go out it's a must that our skin is protected.
    I haven't tried Cetaphil sunblock I'm sure medyo mahal sya hehe but then again the brand name is their advantage I'm sure maganda namanπŸ˜ƒ


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