TBJ TRAVELS: Sample Room Partner Blogger Cook Out!

I'd like to believe that the girls of Sample Room are a bunch of ladies with the heart of little girls because they whip up some of the quirkiest, fanciest, and most whimsical Blogger parties I've ever attended! Me and my co-Partner Bloggers recently attended their Blogger party for this year called Sample Room Blogger Cook Out and it was again, nothing but fun, fun, fun! :D

One lovely Saturday, we, the Partner Bloggers, and Sample Room hopped on a coaster, drove off to Wilson's Tagaytay, and left the city life behind for a while. It took us 4 hours to get there due to the massive traffic caused by PNP's graduation rites though. :p

Wilson's was worth the trip after all. It's an events place that feels more of a vacation house and that's what's lovely about it-it feels like home. The first thing that wowed us is this crystal Blue lap pool-it looked so mesmerizing and inviting (especially after coming from a long trip) that I almost jumped into it the moment I saw it. :D

But first...Sunscreen.

Belo Essentials SunExpert made sure that we had worry- free fun under the sun by providing an overflowing supply of Sunscreen-we also got to try their new Ultra Gentle Sunblock, which is apparently suitable even for kids! Believe it or not, we almost used up every single sunscreen product during our all- day love affair with Mr. Sun. What can I say? We're Beauty Bloggers!

More about this epic cook out and more about Wilson's when you click READ MORE!

So here's a nice shot of Wilson's. It's so spacious, private, and there are fully- furnished rooms where you can spend a night or two with your partner, friends, or family. There's also a function hall that can accommodate about 30 or 40 people and it's perfect for gatherings, seminars, and parties.

Being stuck in traffic for 4 hours is no joke because it drains you and thankfully, Sample Room prepared these sweet treats that provided us that much needed jolt of sugary energy and powered us up the whole day.

Woot! More sun protection from Belo Essentials SunExpert! These pretty umbrellas are the new Belo Sunbrella, umbrellas that are proven to protect you from the sun. No kidding! Clothes and accessories with sun protection are slowly becoming a trend in beauty, and Belo Sunbrella is a perfect example: its made with a special material that has UBF 50+ and it acts just like sunscreen!

Oh, look who tagged along with us in the cook out: it's no other than Mr. Snaps of Liz of Project Vanity. This cutie patootie entertained us the whole day with his antics and endearing clinginess. I sat beside Liz the entire trip and bonded with Mr. Snaps, who, by the way, tolerated the grueling traffic very well-he's the most well- behaved dog I've ever seen!

Our snapshots of the day were courtesy of these candy- colored Instax Cameras by Henry's Professional. I want the Violet one!

Now here's the "lobby" of Wilson's where customers can come together to lounge, chill, and unwind. I think this is also the food quarter where the major meals of the day are being served. Wilson's serves awesome food-I could not forget the Chorizo Pasta and Cereal Prawn Balls!

So after enjoying a hearty lunch, guess what we did? We ate again haha! Now this is the main event: Poolside Barbecue!!!

We swam, took underwater photos with GoPro by Henry's Professional, and stuffed our faces with grilled goodies like Pork Barbecue and Hotdogs, creamy macaroons, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Hors 'D Oeuvres, fresh fruits, and chocolates, and cooled down with fresh fruit drinks. This is the life! :D

After eating (and while eating, too), my awesome friends decided to try the awesome pool. To tell you frankly, I did not swim because I decided to stuff my belly with food along with Ira of Style Bible and Trixie of trixiereyna.com. Clearly, wearing swimwear was off- limits for me! :D

By 5 p.m., we were all done packing and ready to go. Ah, now that was an awesome, quick break from the hurly-burly of our Blogger lives! Great job, Sample Room! Now back to work for all of us! :D

Visit SAMPLE ROOM for more information about the company and for updates on their latest product samples.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Sunbrella? We just had an experiment for our Physics Lab and all clothes and cloths actually has UPF. The UPF for UVA and UVB are actually different for all colors. :) Red had the best (according to our experiment which only compared green, yellow and red umbrellas) UPF for UVB :D UVB is responsible for sunburns and skin cancer. So having a higher UV(B) Protection Factor is really important!

  2. ang saya ng event na ito ms m! im curious with that sunbrella (parang i saw one at zalora 400php or 450php)

    cute ng glasses! perfect selfie!

    hi mr snaps! naalala ko si daf after seeing you again (sa ig ni ms liz .. sa blog ni ms liz and now i saw you in TBJ!)

  3. ang saya ng event! parang ang saya majoin sa mga ganyan event. btw, love your top 😃

  4. Such pretty pool! Gusto ko nang magvacation! :) Medyo umiinit na rin recently. Sobrang daming sweets and food, ang sarap. And of course, the sunblock made your day more fun. :) I have an instax mini just recently, which my BF gave to me as a birthday gift. And it's the violet one! Haha. KOnti konti lang ang pagpictures though kasi mahal ang film. It's like almost 400 pesos for 10 films. Bawal pang magkamali. :/

  5. Awesome! And at least it took place at the start of summer (with lots of sunblock around, no less), so the sun's not too punishing yet.

  6. Stacie: Heyyyy...I didn't know that! That's such an awesome info. Thanks for sharing! :D

    Rhain: This guy is such a cutie. I think almost all Sample Room Bloggers will include him in their respective blog posts :D

    Hanna: Thank you! :D

    Abegaill: Yes, the pool is indeed lovely. Regarding the film, I feel you. I think it's the reason why my Instax is now on a hiatus? Haha!

  7. Hi Martha! Well... we just discussed the results and green actually also had better UV(B) Protection Factor XD There must have been some error while conducting the experiment :) Between the colors I mentioned, Green has the highest overall UPF :D

  8. Stacie: Okay, thanks for the info! :)


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