Unboxing: Glamourbox X Belo Essentials March 2015 Box

Oh hey! It's been a while since a Glamourbox Beauty Box landed on my lap. Still, it feels and looks just the same: Luxe and pretty! 

So! I hope you got the March Box, especially if you're a Beach Bum slash Skin Care Bum because Glamourbox and Belo Essentials made it extra special as it features sun care and body care products that will protect you from the sun and keep your skin flawless and pretty in this summer heat. Click READ MORE and let's unbox this!

Presenting the latest and classic Belo Essentials products! In this box, we have 6 products that will take care of these three body parts that we're always concerned about: Underarms, Face, and Body.

Keep your arms smelling fresh and clean, and at the same time, beautify it as well during daytime with Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (184.75) in a new scent called Shower Fresh. At night, show it some more TLC with the new Belo Essentials Underarm Whitening Cream (P349.75) that contains Alpha Arbutin and HydroxyphenoxyPropionicAcid to whiten skin in just 14 days.

Protect your skin at all times with Belo SunExpert Face SPF PA+++ (329.75) and the new Belo Sun Expert Ultragentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 PA+++ (P539.75). You can definitely use both in the city, at the beach, or wherever Mr. Sun is present!

Too much sun exposure is inevitable this season and it can definitely cause unevenness so don't forget to bring back your glow with Belo Essentials Intensive Whitening Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid Body Cream (P199.75) and Belo Essentials Intensive Whitening Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid Face And Neck Cream (P249.75). These two products signal the expansion of Belo's Kojic Acid+ Tranexamic Acid line.

Total value of the box is P1,853.50-that's like twice the amount of Glamourbox's monthly subscription rate and all the products are full- sized (so generous!). I like the mix of the products in this box too because they're all complimenting each other and they encourage a holistic skin care regimen: First, whiten your underarm and skin. Second, play in the sun, but be sure to protect your skin first with sunscreen. Finally, get rid of sun spots and uneven skin tone. It's worth it!

Visit GLAMOURBOX on Facebook for more information about the March Box and to subscribe.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow new released product from Belo again! at first i just thought that they just released face cream and the soap no i will be getting the first two for UA! (one of my neglected part of the body) im into whitening lately and i will get this meron pa kaya sa GB ms m? i hope there were still boxes up for grab! this one is really definitely a great box (i only tried two from GB the Nov and April box)

    what i like about GB is almost 80% to 100% of its contents were FULL SIZED!

    this is just perfect for your upcoming trip with the bf =) you can enjoy the weather and sun with this loot!

  2. The products are perfect for the summer! very tempting to subscribe in Glamour box lol! Im not a fan of Belo but their new line of product with Tranexamic acid seems interesting.😍

  3. i was waiting for an unboxing post before i get the box... this seems like a great deal! :) anyway, do you have any idea if the underarm whitening cream is the same as the previous one in the tub? or is it a different formulation?

  4. The belo sheer spray is this the one that's also good for kids? Nakita ko lang yung billboard sa Edsa with Anne Curtis and a little girl, not sure if that's the product they're endorsing but I remember the bottle looks the same in your picπŸ˜„
    It's interesting coz how do you exactly use this, can you spray this all over your body including face? Even for kids?

    I wonder also if the belo essentials antiperspirant deodorant in the pic is the same as that of the one I'm using. The packaging looks different but as far as I know Belo only market one variant of deodorant. Anyway, I like that it's alcohol free and hypoallergenic. And the one I'm using is so cute and handy only 25ml I can bring my belo deo 24hr protection everywhere! πŸ˜„

  5. I knew it would be a box of full sized products. :) It's so cool they've given 2 from each of their line. I'm so tempted to subscribe. And I've heard the orange one is their new innovation eh. I so wanted to try them as well. Of the 3, I'm using the yellow one during summer as it has high SPF both for the face and the body. But I use higher SPF when I'll go to the beach. :)

  6. I like how varied the included products are. They may not have come from a single line/collection, but they actually do complete the body care routine. That's thoughtful of them to curate the box this way.

  7. Juvy: I'm interested in the underarm whitening cream. :D I've been using the tranexamic acid bar and so far, it's good. Noticed a slight lightening effect. :)

    Matromao: Agree! I love that this box has a concept-it's not just a hodgepodge of beauty products. :)

    Abegaill: Same! The SPF 40 sunblock, I use in the city sometimes. I alternate these sunblocks every week: Daylong, Belo, Avene, Bioderma, and Mario Badescu. :)

    Josie: Yes, it's still the same deo, but there's a new variant/scent. The ultra gentle sunblock is good for kids, yes, but I don't think you can use it on the face. :)

    Cat: I used that one before, but it didn't have any effect on me. Not really sure if this is the repackaged version or a totally new variant. I'll mention that in a review. :)

    Rhain: Eep! I don't think they have this na. Like BDJ, GB's boxes go OOS quickly too. :p You can subscribe now to take advantage of the next boxes. :)

  8. i got one ms m! luckily haha finally!

  9. Belo has underarm whitening product?! Gosh! Buti na lang I read this unboxing post, otherwise I wouldn't know.


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