Mario Badescu Acne Repair Kit + Enzyme Cleansing Gel Review

Here's a review on Mario Badescu Acne Repair Kit.

Price: P2,750.00
Bought From: Essences, Powerplant Mall
Other Locations: Available in all Rustan's department stores and Essences boutiques


I experienced a terrible breakout around mid-January of this year. The breakout happened primarily on the chin area wherein I got tons and tons of whiteheads and cystic zits. My face felt really tender that time and it was really stressing me out so I thought: "This is a job for...MARIO BADESCU!"

I really swear by this brand when it comes to alleviating breakouts and it did not fail me once again. This set is pricey, but it's worth the purchase anyway because it has introduced me to a new HG pimple treatment called Buffering Lotion, which is OMG, your savior when it comes to getting rid of Cystic Acne sans scarring, pricking, and injections-this is magic in a bottle! I've newfound respect for Mario Badescu because of this set!


This kit features three of Mario Badescu's best- selling pimple- fighters: Drying Lotion for whiteheads, Drying Cream for skin bumps and concealing pimples, and Buffering Lotion for Cystic Acne.

 So this is what the kit looks like.

 And these are the ingredients.

 Click READ MORE to see my amazing results with this set!


Promises to shrink large cystic pimples and reduce them quickly. Can be used on the face, chest, and back.

Cystic Acne, fyi, cannot be simply solved by applying a topical acne solution on it-it's acne that developed/erupted underneath the skin, therefore you need to a treatment that goes deep within. There are two, common ways to heal Cystic acne: 1.) Administer anti- Acne injectables on the cystic pimple/s. 2.) Create a lesion on top of the area with Cystic pimple/s and apply your preferred topical solution. Both ways, however, are intimidating and painful that's why most people end up leaving Cystic Acne alone and enduring the painful sensation it brings.

There's a third, more affordable, efficient, and more bearable way to fight Cystic Acne and it's this: Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion.

This lotion is a milky, watery, fast- absorbing solution that you apply right on top of your Cystic pimples. Its liquid form allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin to resolve Cystic acne. It's very runny and drips when applied on the skin, but that's no biggie because it doesn't sting anyway and won't cause any harm to fresh, healthy skin. It smells pretty bad though, like Sulfur and the scent transfers and stays on my pillow case. Between having a nice- smelling pillow case and Cystic Acne- free face, I choose the latter so I just endure this product's foul odor. :p

To use this product, shake the bottle until the powder (active ingredient) and liquid are mixed thoroughly. Pour one to two drops onto your palm and apply on the affected areas of your face.


A pimple treatment-cum-concealer that minimizes the appearance of pimples while healing them at the same time. It promotes drying of fresh pimples and skin healing. Mario Badescu also said that it works for skin bumps aka about-to-mature pimples.

This super concentrated, creamy treatment seems fitting for those with dry, acne- prone skin because it promotes healing without dryness. A teeny weeny dot would suffice for me in every use, therefore I think this tub will last me for 10 years (feels like it!) because I don't suffer from grave acne anyway!

Sorry to say, but this doesn't really pass off as a concealer in my standards: Yes, it has a yellow tint to it and its creamy, semi- matte consistency somewhat resembles that of a concealer, but it does not perform like one: It disappears if you blend it throughly, it does not set well under powder, it cakes under makeup, and there's something in its ingredients that's causing my bases to fade. Of all the products in the set, this one has the strongest, Sulfur odor and it's the biggest reason why I dislike using it. :p

As for Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, I reviewed it last year already in HERE. I just found out something about this product and that is it's really intended for drying up whiteheads (which is a type of Acne as well)-it works and I don't see the need to visit a derma anymore to have them extracted. :)

I also bought Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel and Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion with this set to end that breakout right away. This cleanser is for all skin types and delivers mild, daily, exfoliation using AHA to break down makeup and wash away debris on the skin surface, thereby preventing future breakouts.


This cleanser has a nice, powdery scent. It is non- foaming and absolutely non- drying. I also noticed that it contains shimmer-which baffles me, really-but I am glad that it does not clog my skin in any way.


I use the three products every night, but I stopped using Drying Cream in February because I figured that it's doing nothing for me and if ever it did something, it was insignificant. I think Drying Lotion and Buffering Lotion could do whatever it promises to do and even more so nope, won't buy this again. I read that there are some people who've had success with Drying Cream, but nah, not with me. :p

The Drying Lotion, I've been using it way before I got this kit so I can attest to its efficacy-just read my review on it. Now let's go to Buffering Lotion.

I've used Buffering Lotion for 3 straight months and here are my results:

So this was my chin's condition 3 months ago: it was bumpy, rough, and oh-so-tender! The bigger bump you see is a 5- month old cystic pimple that never went away no matter what I did. :p The medium- sized bump was once a cystic pimple, but good thing it evolved to a normal pimple, making it easier for me to treat. I used Buffering Lotion on my cystic acne and Drying Lotion on the whiteheads.

My chin after using Buffering Lotion for 3 months

WHOA! Look at my chin area! It miraculously looked even and decent! I was surprised at the result myself because it's been a while since I checked out this part and from what I remember, it looked really bad so I find this amazing! The cystic pimples just vanished without any pain, tenderness, numbing, or any unfavorable sensation! This product worked on all of my cystic pimples from the new ones to the really old ones. However, Buffering Lotion is not an overnight treatment-it takes a while to fully eradicate cystic acne. In fact, I am still treating a few really old ones after three months of consistent usage, but what this product guarantees is relief from skin tenderness and redness due to cystic acne in as little as two or three days. Despite its slow healing effect, I still declare this product as one of my HG spot treatments because damn, it's the only thing that banished all my cystic pimples!

Enzyme Cleansing Gel is a wonderful complementary product to this acne- busting set of Mario Badescu because its micro exfoliating effect speeds up the healing process of my skin by removing daily dead skin cell build-up in order for the treatments to penetrate my skin and take effect quickly, plus it leaves my face feeling fresh and slightly matte as well.

Left: Before; Right: After

So that's my journey with Mario Badescu Acne Repair Kit. I probably won't buy it again because I've no use for the Drying Cream, unless they change it to something else, like the Enzyme Gel, Special Cucumber lotion or another MB product. But I will buy the Buffering Lotion and Drying Lotion again and again!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow it does work! You get your money's worth with it. And you don't need to go to the derma too. :)

  2. Mario Badescu feels like the designer version of Pro-Activ. lol. I guess it's the packaging. But I do think their products work. I have the drying lotion, though I only remember to use it when I have cystic pimples. And then, I was told that it doesn't work on cystic pimples, but more on "hinog" zits. Good to know it works on whiteheads as well. :)

  3. Hmmm i ised to use mario badescu drying lotion. I feel that it did not get to the so called root of it. It would just dry me out without killing the zit. The content looked cool though. Calamine lotion with a twkst! It was an alternative to my proactiv. Proactiv was super mahal even then. I am kuripot with beauty products pero with skin care i needed to spend kasi i have bad skin. I have tried i think almost everything from roacutane to proactiv to calamansi to dalacin c and eskinol! Hahah. Just a few years ago i switched to beauche. Ok naman. Mura pa.

  4. wew, such an expensive kit. Haha. Can't buy that. Haha. Don't they have travel sizes? If ever I just want to try them first. I'm still not sure kasi if it will work for me. If not, then why spend a lot. For now naman, my pimples are not acting badly, and they can be remedied by drugstore creams. :) Sayang lang yung cream na hindi mo nagamit. :/

  5. Amazing!!! but how about the scars? What did you do about it? What product did you use po? Thanks.. (^....^)

  6. Haven't tried these products yet but I love seems interesting and it delivers as per the review, but its pricey. Maybe I can afford them in the future.

  7. This is a great review. It is very detailed and informative. I have tried different products for cystic pimples and I haven't found anything that works. I will try the buffering lotion nex time.

  8. First heard about Mario Badescu from Kendall Jenner, then I remember wishing for it to be in the Ph, i didn't know we already have it! And it's a bit pricey, but if it works then it's worth the price. Better than proactiv, i think. I've tried proactiv and it didn't do anything to my pimples. :(
    Good thing though is now my skin cleared up, except for the occasional zits which can be healed by drugstore creams.

  9. It's expensive pala pero kung talagang problematic na talaga yun pimples siguro pwede rin subukan. I used to have a couple of zits every now and then when i was still single, i don't know what happened but when i got pregnant up to now, i seldom get pimples and i'm so thankful for that.

  10. Its expensive but it works! Glad you've found your hg in them but true i've read a different blog that swears by the drying cream naman so to each of their own din siguro

  11. I had moderate-severe cystic acne too back in 2013 which was very very stressful - I tried almost everything, drugstore treatments and even herbal, lemons, calamansi, masks and even toothpaste but they didn't worked out. I was thinking of trying Mario Badescu but I cannot afford it at that time as the acne treatment products I bought already drained my money. When I already had the money to buy it, my friend advised me to go to a derma instead which I did. The derma recommended me to do several sessions of glyco cleaning and had my cystic acne that had been on my face for like 2 months were injected with steroid. The derma also advised me to go to my OB for hormonal pills (that was how I found out that it was due to hormonal imbalance, the OB had ran some tests and according to her most cystic acne are due to hormonal imbalance. After two weeks, my cystic acne (all the bumps) began to clear out. Then after 1-2 months, they were gone - only scars were left. I only return to my derma for 3 more glyco cleaning. Now, I no longer go to my derma regularly - only once to twice a year. I just continued the home treatment - toner, CHAT w/ tretinoin and sunblock. My cystic acne also cleared out. I only get periods pimple or if I sleep without washing my face (hehe). I can now go out without any make-up on or with a just a light powder. Hope you win the battle with acne soon! :)

  12. OH MY. I would love to try this. The result looks promising. I just can't afford it, tho :-(

  13. I have annoying and pesky acne marks on my skin. It is inevitable as a teenager. I need an acne and pimple solution to prevent my pimples since they are a bit depreciating and it lowerd down my confidence. I wanted to try Belo Acnepro line which only costs 230 per box. Have you heard of it? I think it's more affordable than that but that has a noticeable result so I think that's better.


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