FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How I Deal With The Tons Of Beauty Products I Own

I have a question.

Why is it still so effin' hot? LOL.

My makeup is literally melting so I'm just staying indoors today. Oh, I know-I'll just hit the gym in a few so I can justify taking my makeup off, thus there will be one less thing that I have to worry about today!

But first, Fan Mail Fridays.

Today's question is by Elou. She asks:

Hi Martha,
 Been reading and a fan of your blog, but never got the chance to write an email to you so here’s my first. I just wonder, you must have a lot of free things already that you get from all your sponsors nowadays. What do you do with them after testing them? I know that you don’t use them all at once or everyday. How do you really manage them all?

Hey Elou!

Thanks for your entertaining question. It's true that I get so many beauty products on a weekly basis and I won't lie, sometimes, I don't know what to do with them anymore BUT-I'm not complaining-- Blessings are blessings and even if I don't know what to make of the beauty products I currently have (and receive) anymore, I'm still happy I have them because I get to bless others with these! :)

So yeah, it's also true that a couple of the products I receive, I only test for a couple of days. But what do I do with them after the testing phase? Three things. I'll tell you after the cut.

1. I keep 'em for a while- most especially the products that wowed me in the beginning or the ones that I think I'll end up liking eventually.

2. I give them away to my readers- the ones that I give away in my Commenter Of The Month program are actually mine-they're given to me as samples, but since I still have a lot to use, I just choose to give some away.

3. I give them away to friends and my family- share your blessings, right? :)

I hope this answers your question. Have a great Friday, everyone. Stay cool! :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i always wanted to ask about it ms m pero i know that you give them as giveaway to your loyal readers and also you give them to your friends and family =)

    you're always generous and kind for sharing your blessings to everybody!

  2. How i wish i was related to you or can we be friends, ms. martha? Maybe your dog needs a friend? I have a dog, too!

  3. I also wondered the same question. :) I hope I could be as lucky as you. I want to have lots of products hanggang sa hindi ko na alam which one to use first. :) Maraming pwedeng itest and itry. I'm one of your COM so I'm really happy that you had extra makeups which I was really drooling over. :D

  4. You are really an honest and generous person. Super love you na talaga. More more blessings pa talaga sayo Martha =)

  5. Sharing is caring. So thanks Miss Martha for letting others try the products that you have received. May you have more blessings=)

  6. Been wanting to ask this for a long time too! Actually to all blogs I read. Hehe.. Can I make a follow up question?
    How about your makeup, the ones you really keep, how do use all of them? Or how do you manage them?

  7. Super envious! I hope you sell some of them to me. haha :D

  8. We are truly lucky readers:)Not only we have a chance to have a free products but we are lucky because you share with all your heart:)

  9. WOw! thats a lot of products! kakainggit ms. Martha! And i hope someday maambunan mo ako ng mga yan ;) hihi..

  10. It's always a good idea to share your blessings. Besides, you can't use them all at once and some of them might go bad if you keep them for too long.

  11. I wanna raid your room miss m lol

  12. Miz Eloise and Jhake: Haha/ :D

    Elle: That's true! That's why I have giveaways every now and then. :)

    Anee_22: I have my favorites that I use almost everyday, but sometimes, I allot certain days to trying out my new makeups or the makeups that I haven't touched for a while. For some, I give them away too. :)

    Flexxy and Mommy Charm: Thank you! Same with all of you! :)

    Abegaill: It's a good problem, but it's endless cleaning and cleaning, I tell you. :)


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