Max Factor Clump Defy Lash Extensions False Lash Effect Mascara in Black Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara in Black.

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What's the biggest cause of clumpy lashes anyway? Based on experience and the hundreds of mascara brands I have used in my career as a Beauty Blogger, most of the time, it's the fault of both the mascara and wand-there's always the risk of having clumpy lashes if a particular mascara exhibits the two: 1.) Too whipped and wet consistency 2.) The mascara wand has a lot of unnecessary and weird features on it such as having more than two or three types of bristles, virtually non- existent bristles, or wavy bodies-these features, sometimes, allow clumping to happen. 

When choosing a mascara, always make sure that: 1.) The consistency is creamy borderline sheer and it's not too wet 2.) The wand looks something that you can use and its angles are even. Because even angles means even coverage. 

If you don't have the eye for good mascara yet, you can just go for clump- free mascaras. Easy. I know a good one and it's this: Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions False Lash Effect mascara.


This mascara promises to deliver a clump- free coverage with its specially- designed wand that claims to build volume evenly. It comes in two shades, Black and Brown.

Here's the anti- clump wand: It's a comb wand with criss- crossing bristles that are aligned and even at the edges-it passes my standards of a clump- free wand because it features even angles. The oversupply of bristles is also a good feature because it allows the wand to refine the mascara, deliver it gradually to each and every lash, thereby resulting to an even finish.

Consistency of the mascara is just right: it's slightly creamy and not too wet-in general, it's the kind of mascara consistency I prefer because it builds beautifully on the lashes. However, I find its consistency a lil' too sheer.

Sharing my results with this mascara after the break.


Clump? What clump? :) This mascara delivers a no- brainer, clump- free finish, perfect for those with heavy hands and basically anyone who experiences clumping with any mascara.

This mascara claims to give volume, but I find that it delivers length and color intensity instead-the reason being is its consistency is pretty sheer to fatten up the lashes. I would've appreciated it more if it gave me dramatic volume. It sets efficiently, and it's long- wearing, but not waterproof. I can't use it to my workouts or during swimming, but the trade-off is it comes off my lashes effortlessly.

Overall, it's a nice find for me because it stayed true to its clump- free promise and it spares women from spending extra hours in front of the mirror just to perfect their mascara application or comb through clumps. It can still be improved in terms of volume, but if you value ease of usage more and you've had it with clumpy mascaras, you will like this. 

I will recommend this product to girls with really thick and long lashes, the type of lashes that are prone to clumps.


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Falsie-effect and clump-free, those two features plus the packaging remind me of a cross between Maybelline's The Falsies Volum' Express and Cover Girl Clump Crusher. It has the tube color and wand curve of Maybelline, while the tube shape and bristle type is that of CG.

    I like that it makes use of short, plastic bristles as I instantly loken that with clump-free formulas. The wand is an improvement to what other brands have in that it feature the curve that spoons lashes. I'm actually more used to working with a curved wand as I feel that it covers more ground, esecially with corner lashes.

  2. Hmmm id still stick to my fairy drops. Nice and honest review though! The only other clump free mascara i have tried was the etude one but it got discontinued.

    This mascara reminds me of covergirl lashblast. As far as i know they have the same manufactirer kasi just different names lang

  3. A little sad that it is not waterproof but the best things are it has a clump-free finish and it makes your lashes look longer and dramatic with just 3 coats =) a little pricey for me but for its features i am going to give it a try.

  4. Hope this one is waterproof noh? I'm traumatize of what I've had experience last summer. I commute from Sta. Mesa to Manila City Hall, as in no cab everywhere so my only choice was the jeepneys Quiapo bound plus the traffics and car pollutions that I didn't notice that my mascara smudged under my eyes. Currently, I'm using Max Factor pressed powder foundation interchangeably with my maybelline white superfresh.

  5. I don't wear mascara because whenever i do, my lashes would either stick or would leave black streaks on the lens of my eyeglasses. I enjoy reading reviews on mascaras and other makeup even if i don't personally use them. And it makes me up to date with the latest products that i could recommend to friends and family. This mascara from Max Factor seems to hold up to its claim that it won't clump but because it's not really volumizing and not waterproof so i think it still needs to be improved.

  6. I haven't tried other mascara before aside from Avon, because most mascara that caught my eye are not within for my budget. But this is an interesting one, though it would be nice if it is waterproof. The brush also looked similar to Avon Supercurlacious Mascara. They're great for combing through the lashes to remove/ avoid clumping and its curve, it helps reaching the lashes at the eye corners. Hope I can try one that would fit my budget. Thanks for the review!

  7. My favorite mascara is from Max Factor also. Anyway, I honestly had fun reading the science of mascaras. Haha! Thanks, Martha!

  8. That one's amazing. Surely clump free. :) The wand looks superb too, intricate bristles. It's a bit pricey for me though. I'm using a mascara from Maybelline and I like its effect on me

  9. I love how it separates the lashes! :D

  10. Abegaill: Hey, if you're okay with what you're using, then I don't see the need for you to switch, unless you wanna try something new. :)

    Grace: Which Max Factor mascara in particular is your favorite? You're welcome! :)

    Anne: Welcome, dear. I'll check out Supercurlacious mascara-first time I heard of it and I'm intrigued. :)

    Marian: Hi dear! It's long-wearing to me. Sad to hear that that happened to you. For REALLY waterproof mascaras, check out Heroine Make or Majolica Majorca. :)

    Flexxy: Let me know how you like it! :)

    Eloise: Thanks. I wish I can love Fairydrops as much as you do. :)

    Matromao: Nice observations. I used to hate comb wands 'cuz they were hard to use and practically useless, but glad that they've improved immensely recently. ;)


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