My Choice Coconut Spa Salt and Bubble Scrub Shower Salt Review

Here's a review on My Choice Coconut Spa Salt and Bubble Scrub.

Price: Bubble Scrub: P100.00; Spa Salt: P100.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Watsons stores and leading department stores nationwide


Oh, I'm still hungover from my Thailand trip-I could have visited a lot of temples (I only visited two), but it was a wonderful experience nevertheless. My next trip to Thailand would be in Chiang Mai for the lantern festival! :D

So this review of MyChoice, a Thai bath and skin care brand, is brought to you by that hangover. :D Their products range from soap, lotion, body wash, body scrub, hand and foot moisturizers, and spa salt. These are my current favorites as of the moment because they're very nice (Thai beauty products are nice in general!) and SUPER AFFORDABLE. 100 pesos for 200g products?! AMAZING! :D


MyChoice Bubble Scrub is a foaming body scrub made with Goat's Milk and Coconut Spa Salt is made with hydrating Coconut extract.

Ingredients, Bubble Scrub

Ingredients, Coconut Spa Salt

More about these really nice and super affordable body exfoliants after the jump. ;)


If you remember Abonne Milk Salt (which is probably the first Thai beauty brand that sparked the interest of many Filipinos on such products), MyChoice Coconut Spa Salt is identical to it, from the texture down to the milky scent-the only difference between that and this is the active ingredient used (Abonne uses Yogurt, MyChoice uses Coconut). It's a dry, gritty scrub that I like using on my armpits, knees, and elbows to effectively even out the skin on those parts, and conveniently comes in a squeeze bottle. It's very gritty so use less hand force when using!

Bubble Scrub, on the other hand, is a complete opposite of Spa Salt. It's a soft scrub that's hardly gritty. Its texture is comparable to powdered milk, therefore I believe this is great for those with skin that gets irritated easily, although I can't recommend it for those with sensitive skin types.

This unique body scrub has a gentle foaming action and a milky-floral scent-it bubbles up once it's dampened and you work it on your skin. It gives you the benefit of cleansing and exfoliation, and it's best for lazy days when you want to experience both by using just one product.

If you need extra tough exfoliation, I would suggest the Spa Salt.

MyChoice is a pretty good brand, not to mention it's sooo affordable given the quality and size of the products. I'm willing to repurchase, most especially the Spa Salt!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I saw all your photos (almost I think) in IG and from the looks of it, it seems that you did have tons of fun there in Thailand! =)

    Anyway, I think I did not finish my Abonne salt scrub when I purchased it for the first time years ago. It's just not for me. Just in time tho bcoz my Lulur body scrub tub was emptied just last weekend so I'd love to give that My Choice Bubble scrub a try.

  2. I love coconut pero di ko sya makita sa ingredients list sa pink na bottle. Ill definitely hoard yun covonut scrub. Sale watsons may 15 to 17 yay!

  3. This is my first salt scrub and I think I mentioned before that since I didn't really know how to use it, the salt ended up scratching my body! As in sugat sugat ako after using, it was also hard to rinse off since the salt entered the wounds T^T Ever since then, I mix the salt with my body wash for less friction. The variant I have is mango and it removes dirt so freakin well!

  4. I love My Choice! I'm currently using the orange variant, and I love the smell. Plus the salts are finer IMO than other bath salts I've tried before. :)

  5. Thai product pala si Mychoice.. been bumping on the name kahit sa mga unboxing ni BDJ. :)

    Now I'm curious to try. Not so much for the whitening trend kaya ok to kasi parang di naman sya whitening noh.. :)

    I'll look for it the next time I go to Watsons. Bet ko yung coconut, lakas makatropical country. Hehe.

    Pwede sa armpits pa? yey... Salamat sis sa review.. May nakilala na naman ako brand dahil sayo.

  6. I think i will go for the bubble scrub. My skin is kinda sensitive and turns red easily if i scrub. It's a good thing to know that these products are affordable yet it does the job well. Thanks for the review!

  7. I love scrubs! Been using abbone for a long time now but I prefer using it by mixing it with a body wash. Definitely my choice spa salts will be my next on my list! Thanks.

  8. Cheap goat milk stuff, yeah! There have been a lot of reviews of Thai stuff lately. Can't wait to get this and the lulur soap/scrub(?)

  9. I am excited to try these scrubs from the bdj box! I have read several reviews already but I still haven't tried it because I still have tons to use up. Gah! #hoarderproblems

  10. I like using spa salts but I noticed lately that my skin gets itchy whenever I use it. Maybe it's the time to try something new like the bubble scrub.

  11. That's an affordable body scrub nga. :) And I'm curious about the foaming scrub. I have this notion kasi na scrubs are not for foaming. :) I'll try those soon. I so love A Bonne salt eh since it really works for me well and whitens my skin. :) I hope this scrub do its thing.

  12. Wow!! New whitening scrub! will definitely try this!

  13. Miz Eloise: The brown one has coconut. The pink one has goat's milk. :)

    Janine: Enjoy. ;)

    Abegaill: The foaming scrub is super fun to use! :)

    Elle: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Maybe you should! Let me know how it works on you. :)

    Juvy: Oh you tell me haha! :D

    Valerie: Thai beauty brands are one of the best in the world, IMO. That's why I almost cried 'cuz of happiness when I set foot in Boots Thailand haha! :D

    Jeremy: You're welcome! :)

    Stacie: Oh no! :( Hope you're well now. The trick to using salt scrub is just use a very light motion, as if you're just letting the salt do the scrubbing for you.

    Ma. Patricia Garcia: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Candycoated Paw: My pleasure! I love that this brand is so affordable! :) Yes, you can use it on your armpits-I use the coconut variant on mine. :)

    Charm: You'll love it! :D


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