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Here's a review on Kala Milk Soap.

Price: P150.00/bar
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Other Location: Available in Beautymnl.com and Philippine Carabao Center, Nueva Ecija


Here's a soap that's as good as its ingredients and purpose: Kala Milk Soap. Kala Milk Soap Enterprise is a socially responsible local skin care brand that uses all- natural ingredients and fresh Carabao's Milk, the hero ingredient of their soaps. It's a family- owned and run business by husband and wife TJ and Nerlie Gonzales with the support of the Baliuag, Bulacan community. Kala sources Carabao milk from the local farmers of Baliuag, thereby providing livelihood to the community. What's more is the company pledges to donate P1 of each sale in building a scholarship fund for the children of the farmers. God bless this couple!


Kala Milk Soap uses Carabao's Milk in particular because it is found to have a high amount of butterfat compared to other milk products, which is very good in moisturizing the skin. The other natural ingredients used in the soaps are not only good for the skin, but for the environment as well.

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It comes in the following variants that are infused with natural essential oils to provide various skin benefits: Milk (moisturizing), Lavender (calming), Green Tea (antibacterial), Honey And Oats (exfoliating), Lemongrass (helps treat skin inflammations such as acne), Peppermint (deodorizing), Citronella (refreshing), and Coffee (helps minimize cellulites and varicose veins).

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Kala is a generously- sized soap with a soft texture, which means it doesn't contain extenders, plus it smells good and true to its variant. The soap produces a good amount of lather and the lather feels a tad bit "moisturizing". It cleanses gently, does not dry out the skin, and I noticed that my skin doesn't dry out as much when I started using this product, thus the need to use lotion was lessened (yay!). My only issue is the soap melts quickly; Oh well, at least I know that it does not contain preservatives! :p

However, if you have sensitive skin, please consult with your dermatologist first before usage as some essential oils can trigger allergy. If you have tolerant, normal skin, I think you can proceed with usage as it's generally safe.

This soap is the perfect day ender for my skin because it's mild, gives my skin authentic TLC due to its superb moisturizing formula, and prepares my skin for bedtime. My personal favorite is Lavender because it really helps calm my senses after each day and it makes me feel good knowing that this product is serving not only me, but some of my fellow Filipinos as well. I encourage everyone to support Kala Milk Soap and their social endeavor. :)


Please visit KALA MILK PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this brand.

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  1. Awh, how I wish I can use this kaso may allergy ako sa mga dairies...how sad TT__TT. Thanks for this review Ms. Martha :))

  2. Yes, let's support this proudly Pinoy products that helps for the education of a farmer's child!:)

  3. I'll be ordering from BeutyMNL this week (right after I cash out my pay. LOL) I'd love to try Honey & Oats and Lavender too. =)

  4. Kkumkugo: Awww. You're welcome though. :)

    Mommy Charm: Enjoy! Let me know what you think of these. :)

    Jeremy: Agree! :)

  5. It's a bit expensive for a soap. But if it's really moisturizing it's worth a try. Plus, it's a local brand! Let's patronize it. Mas maging available pa sana siya soon sa stores para mas accessible sa customers. :) I love the variants too


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