FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Good Bronzers And Contouring Powders (Spend Vs. Save)

I think Contouring Powders and Bronzers are heaven- sent to round- faced ladies like me. The roundness of my face always makes some people think that I'm actually younger than my age; While that may be good and flattering, it's a hassle sometimes because whenever I'll go to certain establishments, they'd always ask for my I.D.s to verify my age. :p

Contouring products always excite me as well as topics related to it, like this question from one of my readers, Julia:

Hi Martha, 
Just got interested to really dabble on bronzers and contouring kits. Late bloomer, I know. Can you please recommend bronzers and contouring kits for oily, acne- prone skin? If you can, please do a Save And Splurge product recommendation. I have fair skin, by the way. Thanks much! 

Hi Julia!

Welcome to a new addiction lol! Kidding aside, contouring products are great and they really do your face some good by giving it some frame and dimension; Once you contour, you'll never go back!

Regarding non-acneic contouring and bronzing powders, I don't think the risk of irritation is high in powder makeup compared to liquid makeup so I believe it shouldn't be too great a concern, unless you have really, really sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, please stick with hypoallergenic brands and try with caution.

I don't have fair skin so I cannot say that these products will suit your skin tone perfectly, but I can attest that these bronzers and contouring powders that I am going to recommend are GREAT and I use them all on rotation. Oh, most of them have a neutral undertone so maybe these products should fit your skin tone just fine? Only one way to find out. Anyway, here they are! Click READ MORE for the list of Good Bronzers And Contouring Powders, Save Vs. Splurge edition!


- Oh, yes, here's a good one for oily skin because it stays on as advertised, even when you sweat profusely.

- The Bronzer has pretty good pigmentation and I love that they still show up even under layers of makeup. Liquid bronzer is a good choice if you want a super natural- looking contour, although it can break you out especially if you're unknowingly sensitive to some of its ingredients.

- This matte bronzer is comprised of four colors that will suit almost any skin tone. You can even mix and match the powders to create a personalized contouring shade.

- This bronzer will always be my favorite contouring powder because it's in a universal shade of brown plus it has a soft matte finish!


- One of my favorite contouring powder shades is this one by Happy Skin. It's perfect for any skin tone, IMO. :D

- Ellana is a mineral makeup brand and such makeups are known to be gentle on the skin. If you're afraid of breaking out, try this one. It's affordable, too! Btw, this is a good dupe for Happy Skin's contouring kit-notice the similarity between their products? :)



- This is my favorite contouring powder lately because it gives me a natural contour and it fits morena skin tone.

SPEND: NARS MADLY (P1,500.00+)

- In my opinion, Nars Madly is a good contouring powder for fair- skinned ladies because it is very subtle and the additional shimmer gives any complexion a lovely radiance as well.

- An affordable, good contouring powder that I think will look good on fair skin tones. :)

That's all. Do let me know your favorite bronzers and contouring powders! :)

Learn the art of contouring HERE.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow,more products recommendation from you. You really love contouring;) hehe. Til now, I don't know how to contour, hindi ko pa kasi sinusubukan. and I don't have any bronzer and contouring products:) Maybe soon I will;)

  2. I'm only using light makeup everyday so I don't really have that much knowledge about contouring (I really want to learn though TT__TT). But if there's occasion that really demands people to be dressed up then that's the time my mom would let me use her contouring powder. I'll testify for the Nars Madly. It is really really good. It complements my skin tone perfectly and my mom really loves it too.

  3. I wish those revlon stuffs you mentioned available in Indonesia too! I've been wanting the photoready skin lights for ever but they never came :(

  4. I've seen a lot of Youtube tutorials on contouring pero di ko magawa! (T_T) Maybe I need an expert on teaching me how to do this on my own. Haha. Thanks for these recommendations Miss Martha =)

  5. Contouring is out and Strobing is in na raw... but since I'm oily skinned and hates shimmers on my face, #TeamContour pa rin ako! hehe.. I'm using Tony Moly for my contours since it's super light and I want my contours to be subtle. They're great for newbies. :)

  6. I havent really tried contouring though I am some bronzers since I dont really put on make up when going to work. I have a round face too and I always look like Im chewing something when I see my pics na solid ang face ko. lol. My cheeks look super chubby! Might give some of the save products in this review a try.

  7. There are so few cheap alternatives for the fairer-skinned D: Time to stalk the Korean aisles. Contouring isn't really a thing for them though

  8. Valerie: It is because there is this notion that bronzing is like contouring and bronzing is a thing for warm- skinned ladies only. :p

    Dessa: Enjoy! I have a tutorial on contouring too. ;)

    Anne_22: Not so sure about strobing because it's basically highlighting. Contouring and highlighting are two different concepts. :)

    Mommy Charm: You're welcome. :)

    Sitha: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Awww. :( One alternative that I can suggest is Benefit's Watts Up and Sun Beam. Benefit has good highlighters imo!

    Jeremy: Yes I do! I really, really do! :D

    Kkumkugo: I loved Nars Madly too. In fact, I think I still have some of that love left and I'm regretting why I sold mine a few years back. :p Time to get a new one!

  9. Up until now, I still don't know how to contour. :/ I wanted to learn it so bad so my face would look more mature than I am now. :) Thannk you for this list and if ever I'll buy my first contouring kit, it would be the Happy Skin. I love the instructions that comes with it eh. :)

  10. Nyx HD blush in taupe for fair skin. Use it to mainly for my nose =)


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