MAC Harmony Powder Blush Matte Review + Swatch

Here's a review on MAC Harmony Powder Blush Matte.

Price: Around 30SGD+ (Approximately P1,200.00+)
Bought From: Sephora, Ion Orchard, Singapore
Other Locations: Available in all MAC counters; MAC Online


I was dead set at purchasing a new contouring powder when I was in Singapore and dead set at finally purchasing MAC Tantone, a MAC powder blush that I've been lemming for for years now. Heart was broken when I found out that it was discontinued already when I inquired at MAC Sephora, Ion mall. To those who are not familiar with Tantone, it's a midtone taupe-brown and is one of the BEST contouring shades for me--a makeup artist friend used it on me when he did my makeup one time for this play that I was in sometime in 2008 and I thought it was really flattering-I've searched high and low for it, but never got my hands on it ever until it got discontinued. Oh, the agony!

But I did not come unprepared. I had a back-up shade in mind just in case Tantone was OOS (it was worse though as it's discontinued already!) and that's MAC Harmony. I encountered MAC Harmony in one of the counters here in Manila and I thought it was a lovely contouring shade-it's always OOS in Manila and luckily, it was available in SG and I bought it! :) 

Now I have one of MAC's most popular contouring powder shades. I like it and I've been using it a lot because it gives my face soft, natural- looking shadows, and it's also VERY friendly to morena skin tone.


MAC's cult favorite powder blush comes in the following variants: Matte, Sheertone, and Sheertone Shimmer. Harmony comes in a matte formula, MAC's most pigmented formula in the powder blush roster.

Swatches of this lovely contouring powder shade after the break. :)

Harmony is a nude beige blush with a slight red undertone. I've seen swatches of it on fairer skin tones and generally, it comes off pinkish and ends up being a blush rather than a contouring powder on them, thus I believe it's better off on darker skin tones, if intended for contouring.

Depending on the color, MAC's matte blush can be VERY pigmented and Harmony is a good example, but good thing that the powder quality is fine, therefore it more or less ends up looking natural on the cheeks.


I applied Harmony sparingly on my contour line-I hope you can see it! :D I love that it's not too dark and not too light, not too orange and not too brown. In general, MAC's blushes are pretty long- wearing and I am glad that the formula has remained.

If you're a morena or you have dark skin, Harmony is one of the contouring powder shades that I will recommend in a heartbeat because I believe it is designed to not only flatter, but enhance such skin tones too! ;) I just wish that we have more stocks of this blush locally so I don't have to panic in case I hit the pan on mine! :p


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Me too, I love Mac products, long-lasting kasi talaga at maganda ang quality. plus feeling pretty ako kapag Mac ang gamit kong make up. Lol. I know the feeling na may super love na product na biglang nadiscontinued na...tapos bigla mong nakita na available sa ibang lugar..nangyari na sa aki yan before at parang lumundag ang puso ko haha.
    Anyways, im still learning how to contour. Medyo nahihirapan ako sa proper application..

  2. It looks good on you. :)) It's a little pricey for me but I think it's a worthy thing.

  3. Pretty! so natural on your skin! Hope I could find my right shade, that's what I'm working on with. Products that will suit my skin type needs :)

  4. I heard that Too Cool For School's Art Class by Rodin is one of the best contour powders :D

  5. LOL ang gamit ko sa pagcontour, affordable yun so good start sa pagpractice of contouring:) the only Mac product I own is liptick in velvet teddy, super love ko talaga and iniingatan ko ng sobra. Iba ang confidence ko pag yun ang gamit ko.hihi.

  6. it really looks very natural on your cheeks ms m! i do hope you get two of this because it is always OOS in our country =) i have tried MAC too and thank god that i've learn how to spot fake MAC tru one of your post.

    I love their e/s and their Please Me lippie (for it is matte!) and after seeing this one i got more curious for it is also matte!

    i dream of having a palette of their e/s (i know they're real expensive but they're quality wise product) my first MAC lippie is a cremesheen -- ON HOLD! and i got it as a gift from a foreign blogger, she hand-pick it for me that what makes it special, and also my first limited edition, (from villains) i got -- INNOCENCE BEWARE, i used it as base and it makes any lipstick pretty looking =)

  7. wow! what a nice contour really is a great product from MAC :) it does bring out your natural features and enhances it at the same time and its long wearing also it looks natural and that is what we want in our make up looking natural and not overdone. i would love to have that,thought i can't afford it now hehe but i hope i could own some MAC products in the future. i love make up ^^

    btw ms. M I love your reviews it really helps me especially in finding good makeup products. thanks po ^^,

  8. The tone is astonishing! Its like a red brownish color.. hats off to mac for this.. will definitely dream and day dream about this.. its really pricey for my budget..hehehe.. i hope i can afford a mac someday ;)

  9. Oh no! So sad! I was thinking of getting this as a contour blush. But I am fair =( I have searched high and low for a good contour product for very pale skin. Guess the search continues.. Any other MAC contour blush recommendations for fair skin?

  10. I heard a lot of good comments and reviews about MAC especially sa Lipsticks nila. So sad nga lang hindi sya student price at dami ng Fake na nalabas.

  11. Haven't tried nude blushes but since I don't have that fair skin, maybe this will suit me. :) It looks natural. And I love natural looking makeup on my face. :) Wanna try this one or maybe some dupe for this first will do ;)

  12. Until now, I still don't know how to contour. I'm still learning it but I can't get the look that I want. Plus I want to learn contouring to enhance my nose! :D Anyway, I so love the color on you. Sobrang flattering and it isn't loud. It's so natural to look at that I would even hesitate if you contoured it or not. Hope to learn contouring soon para magamit ko na yung mga contouring kits ko. Sayang naman. :/ May gustung gusto rin akong product na nadiscontinue. Yung covergirl with olay ata. There's this specific product from the line that was discontinued tapos ayun, super sad ako kasi until now wala akong mahanap na alternative. :/

  13. Flexxy: i can feel you, dear. Haha! Anyway, I have a tutorial on contouring. That should help you out. :)

    Itsmefati: You can try Snoe's contouring powder-it's pretty good. :)

    Abegaill: Oh! The Covergirl + Olay product. I saw that too, but never got the chance to try it. I should submit this feedback to the guys at P&G! :)

    Leane: Yeah, that's why it's best to buy in the stores na lang. :(

    Christine: Hi Christine! Not quite familiar with MAC's blushes eh. Sorry, can't help you on this one. :(

    Lovely: You're welcome, dear. :)

    Marian: hope you find it! :)

    Stacie: Will check that one out. :)

    Rhain: Thanks for sharing your faves, dear. :)


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