TBJ TRAVELS: Singapore Diaries 2: Only Got 5 Hours To Explore SG? Stroll.

Hey! Welcome to the second part of my biggest travel challenge to date: exploring Singapore in just 5 hours.

Anyway, aside from eating around Singapore, particularly in Orchard and Somerset roads, I also wanted to hit a museum or one of the parks, but thought that that would take up too much time, not to mention I'd be rushing things so I figured that a leisurely stroll in one of Asia's world- class shopping districts, Orchard Road, would be a good alternative.

Click READ MORE and let's take a stroll. ;)

The first mall that I saw was Ion, one of the newest, high- end malls in the country. I like the glass materials and the diamond patterns-they immediately give off that sense of luxury.

If you're coming from Tanglin Road (where St. Regis Hotel is located), you'd have to cross either an underpass or the pedestrian lane at the side of Wheelock Place to get to Ion. The underpass is a better choice because it is connected to the mall, has air-conditioning, plus there are shops to see and explore already once you get to the basement.

SEPHORA! My eyes literally popped and my heart fluttered when I saw this store! I spent time in the store just to window shop, but I ended up getting myself a pot of blush from MAC called Harmony. :p

So when in Singapore, don't forget to drop by this massive mall, Ion!

Here are some more malls to discover:

Wisma Astria, which is located in the middle of Orchard Road.

Lucky Plaza where a lot of OFW Filipinos hang out.

Ngee Ann City or Takashimaya, one of the oldest and biggest malls in Singapore. It was also Singapore Fashion Week when I visited and I heard Victoria Beckham graced one of the events, but I didn't get to see her. I also heard that Cate Blanchett was there too and SHE.STAYED.IN.MY.HOTEL, but bummer, I didn't get to see her, too. Oh, snap! I wish I saw Cate because I'm such a huge fan of hers! :p

Wheelock Place, a mall with a nice, circumferential shape.

So those are some of the must- visit malls in Orchard Road. 

If you're not into malls, you can try this activity called Singapore Sightseeing Bus Tour which goes around the city and takes you to the top tourist spots. I don't know how long the tour will last though, but what I do know is it's a hop on-hop off kind of thing. It's too touristy for my liking, but if you don't have much time on your hands to explore SG, the Bus Tour is a practical option because you'll get to see and visit a handful of interesting places in half the time.

So there goes my second diary about my recent Singapore trip. In my last entry, I'll talk about how I spent the last 2 hours of my exploration. Hint: Tall, bright, breathtaking. Any guesses? :D Come back tomorrow for it. ;)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ill think do the same! Eat, Stroll and Take a lot of SELFIES! for sure. :)

  2. never been to singapore but thank you for touring us hihi =) 5hours is not enough but you still manage to have a great tour! ms m advance happy birthday po =) una lang ako ng two days =) i wouldnt forgot your birthday kasi same kayo ng birthday ng grandfather ko =)

  3. OMG, I'm so amazed how you had managed your time. I'm kinda slow and if something caught my eye, I'm giving my full attention to it for how many hours! It seems like you really did enjoy your trip and it's freaki'n awesome because Cate Blanchett even stayed in the same hotel as yours! WOW.

    Oh! Lemme guess the part 3. Skyscrapers? Ohhhh.

  4. wow! if a have only that amount of time to travel in singapore i wouldn't know how to use my time, but you managed your time very well :)

  5. The structures of the malls in Singapore is so beautiful! Funny it seems, bigla ko naimagine eyes mo when you saw the sephora:) just like my reaction also everytime there is a sale. *girl thing* btw, great pictures!

  6. Well, my eyes popped (a bit) upon seeing Sephora in your IG, i can just imagine how you felt!
    And yes, Posh Spice was in SG the same time that you are, i thought you were there for Fashion Week too. i was about to tweet you to look out for her, but figured you'd post a photo in case you meet. Hehe..
    BTW, you handled your 5hrs really well! If it was me, i don't know what i'll do. Hehe

  7. Nice pics and blog post ms. M! Like phil madami din palang malls in SG yun lang mukhang rich and famous lang makakaafford ng mga malls jan sa SG! Hihi.. cant wait for your last post!!

  8. I miss Sephora. Whenever I went to Orchard, I will always drop by even if it is out of my way. That store just has a calming effect hehehe. Modern Art installations along orchard road are also always interesting.

  9. Cool post, Ms. Martha. As I am reading your post, I am imagining a video trailer or a teaser ad of you strolling down the streets of Singapore, you know like doing a documentary, exactly saying the words that you have written on your post. It will be entitled in accordance with your blog 5 Hours: Singapore Diaries

  10. OMG sephora!!! A paradise for the makeup lovers!! Just looking on the picture drooled me! Someday I will land my feet in one of its stores. Hihi! :D Love their mall!! Super bongga talaga ng SG :D

  11. So much malls! Nakakatuwa and nakakaoverwhelm at the same time. I want to spend a day shopping there if ever. And oh my, that Sephora shop is my dream place to visit!!!!! I want to buy Sephora products which I just can see online. I hope it's cheaper there than buying online. :) I also wanted to try the Sightseeing Bus. Ang cute ng itsura. :)

  12. ana: that would be a dream and a very nice experience if it would happen in reality. :D

    Abegaill: I'll try the sight seeing bus too when I go back. :)

    Christine: Sephora is like candyland to me haha! :D

    Itsmefati: Yes, it's more bongga now than the last time I visited. :D

    Anne_22: I was actually there for Fashion Week, but for P&G since they're the major sponsor. I went to their Innovation Center instead of watching the shows :)

    Jeremy: Yeah, my eyes popped when I saw Sephora and I even caught myself talking to myself haha!

    Lovely: Now you know what to do in case you find yourself in the same situation. :)

  13. You are so resourceful Ms. Martha! You've done so much in so little time. But strolling is definitely the way to go if the stretch is as beautiful as this <3


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