Lolane Natura Daily Hair Serum Magic In One Review

Here's a review on Lolane Natura Daily Hair Serum Magic In One.

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I've had these Lolane Serums for quite some time now in my back-up drawer, but I only got to use them when I ran out of my fave Kerastase serums. Turned out that it's a good hair serum brand that's just waiting to be discovered! Lolane Natura Daily Hair Serum Magic In One is now my go-to affordable hair serum brand to tame my flyaways and smooth away rough ends on a daily basis!


Lolane is a hair care brand from Thailand and one of their best- sellers is the hair serum range. This serum with deep penetrating action promises to protect, detangle, and condition hair to keep it lively and healthy.

Product comes in a plastic tube with a very controllable pump dispenser-the dispenser gives me the right amount of product all the time and it has never clogged or malfunctioned until the very last drop.

More about my fave super affordable hair serum after the jump!

This serum has a light oil consistency and smells like Davidoff Cool Water For Men-scent is not that strong so it's tolerable, but it cannot get rid of the odor of pollution and sweat in the hair. It spreads onto the hair easily and washes off my hands pronto without leaving an oily residue.


This serum is best used on wet hair. It makes my hair soft and even helps me detangle after towel drying. I usually take two pumps to cover the midsection and ends of my hair properly; I don't take anything more than that because it tends to leave an oily residue. Check out the photo: the hair section on the left, I over applied serum on it while the one on the right received just the right amount. Apply the serum by combing it into your hair to ensure an even coverage.

I can see repurchasing Lolane Natura Daily Hair Serum Magic In One for my daily hair softening and smoothing needs. It does not provide any form of hair treatment to my hair unlike Kerastase, but it's good enough for everyday hair maintenance. Can't go wrong with this one! :)

Look! It comes in a variant with Color Care and Sun Protection! This is perfect for those who are outdoors all the time!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Smells like Cool Water for men? I like that scent, though i am a girl. I hate hair serums that makes my hair sticky and oily and "mainit". My favorite fly-away tamer and smoothener was Monea. I don't think that it's a hair treatment, too. I will try this brand when the time comes that i will need to buy a new hair serum.

  2. never noticed this one before but should definitely check it out. thanks ms.m! :)


  3. I never tried any hair serums before. Maybe because I don't put that much attention to my hair since I'm always using a cap outside or if I'm not, I'm just tying it into buns or the messy look. Haha. I like to dress not too much girly in campus but I still want to keep my skin looks good and at its best. This post made me conscious about my hair. Haha. I'm gonna try this some times~ Thanks for the review Ms. Martha!

  4. I'm using moringa-o serum, so far I like it! Looking forward to purcahase this one:) I've only known Lolane for hair coloring products, glad to know that they have serums too! I love reviews on affordable finds yet with a good quality! Thank you so much for the review:) can't wait to try this serum.

  5. I just know Lolane for having that super colorful, rainbow hair colors. I didn't know they have other products too! The serum really did a great job. When you were saying that it's affordable, I thought it was 200+. But no, it was way cheaper and more affordable. Talagang worth it. I will buy the yellow one if ever since I always commute, but not so exposed outdoors naman. :)

  6. I have a chemically treated hair which is also synonymous to dry hair that's why I use hair serums almost everyday. Will surely check this one out. Thanks Miss M! (^-^)

  7. Jhake: The cool water for men scent is one of the reasons why I love this product. :D

    Charm: You're welcome. Hope you'll like it. :D

    abegaill: Yup, that's Lolane. I think my only issue with them (and I just thought about it now) is their products are mostly available in Robinson's stores and there aren't a lot near me. :p

    Jeremy: Thank you and you're welcome. Thanks for sharing! :D

    CJ: You're welcome. :)

    Kkumkugo: I'm very low maintenance with my hair too. I only apply serum to nourish the dry ends. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. They are now available in Landmark. Just got one today. I normally look at reviews first before i try a new thing but because of its affordability, i bought it when i saw it and am happy to read a positive review. Trying it shortly ��


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