Pixi by Petra Summer 2015 Collection Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Pixi by Petra Summer 2015 Collection.

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Summer makeup collections, almost always, contain the same products: blush, highlighter, bronzer, and eyeshadows. It's nice to have a breath of fresh air through Pixi By Petra's Summer 2015 collection-it's not your usual summer makeup collection plus the products featured are super useful and multitasking!


Pixi by Petra's Summer Makeup Collection for 2015 combines versatility and function: it features easy-to-use products with multiple benefits and uses. This collection includes a brow palette, face palette, glow mist, makeup setting spray, eye pencil, and lip gloss.

Pixi By Petra Glow Mist (P950.00)

A nourishing, hydrating facial mist with Propolis and Argan Oil. Can be used before or after makeup application, and anytime to refresh skin.


I'm seeing two lovely ingredients in the list: Niacinamide and Argan Oil. With this, I believe that this mist is beneficial to the skin because Niacinamide supports it while Argan Oil nourishes it. It's got a bevy of natural oils as ingredients, too and that's good and bad at the same time: Good because it is highly nourishing and hydrating, especially for dry skin plus the oils included are pretty much tried and tested, and it's bad as well because natural oils can irritate skin, especially sensitive skin. That said, use with caution and consult with your physician before usage, especially if you have allergies related to bees and nuts.

Click READ MORE for the rest of my review, swatches, and looks. ;)

What a cutesy atomizer. :) It moves fluidly and delivers a fine mist, although I wish it can cover a larger area of my face.

The mist has a mild honey-floral scent.

Pixi By Petra Lip Lift Max in Petal Ice (P790.00)

A skin- caring lip plumper-cum-lip gloss with Peptides, Jojoba, Chamomile, and Aloe extracts, and a fresh mint flavour. 


The lip gloss comes with a paddle wand with a medium width that fits almost all lip shapes snuggly. The minty flavor of the gloss is prominent yet tolerable, making it great to wear if you want your breath to smell a bit fresher. (Believe it or not, that's a makeup technique :D)

Pixi By Petra Brow Palette (P790.00)

Six neutral, matte hues for defining the brows and eyes. It serves both as a brow powder and eyeshadow, and comes in one color combination only.


Upon seeing the palette, I'm reminded of another Pixi by Petra product, Mesmerizing Mineral Palette. I think this is Petra's staple palette design-not a huge fan of it though because it still confuses me up to this day haha. :p

Check out the swatches of the brow powders:

1- Soft Black
2- Coffee Brown
3- Midtone Brown
4- Muted Beige
5- Pale Beige
6- Cream

The powders have a nice, silky smooth texture, although a teeny bit chalky. Pigmentation is medium to heavy. The powders can be used dry, but if you're going to ask for my opinion, they're best applied wet-I find that water improves their texture and payoff.

Pixi By Petra Endless Silky Eye Intensify Duo in Brown Eye Intenstify (P890.00)

- This Editors' Choice eye pencil has a super silky, easy- gliding texture and waterproof formula. This particular edition is released first in this collection and comes in two combinations: Brown Eye Intensify for dark- eyed people and Blue Eye Intensify for light- eyed people.


A favorite Pixi product of mine! This is a very gentle eyeliner that won't induce lash fall. Check out my profession of love for this product HERE. :D

This dual- ended pencil features a matte defining shade and a frost highlighting shade. The matte pencil is completely new to me and I initially thought that it would be drier, harder, and less gentler than the classic Endless Silky Eye Pencil, but it's as gentle as it. Good to know! :)


Endless Silky Pencil on my lower lash line

The Gold-Bronze highlighting end of the pencil is very nice as it brings out my eyes in a subtle way and really enhances warm skin tones.

One layer of Lip Lift Max

Yay! Another DuWop Lip Venom dupe! If you recall, I said in my Pop Beauty Lip Gloss review that I am a fan of Lip Venom, but unfortunately, it's not available locally anymore so I'm looking for good dupes. Pop Beauty's gloss is one and this product makes it two. Lip Lift Max Petal Ice is a soft, barely there Pink, and it yields a mild stinging sensation to give lips a volume boost. It's also non-sticky, lightweight, and highly moisturizing.

Glow Mist used on top of makeup

Glow Mist is perhaps my most favorite find in this collection because it does stay true to its claim: It gives skin a delicate, natural glow and I noticed that it makes makeup look fresher longer. I love using it as a setting spray, but I use it sometimes in lieu of moisturizer when I'm in a hurry or it's just friggin' hot to wear moisturizer (not even gel moisturizer!). If your concern is if it makes skin oily due to the ton of oil ingredients in it, nope, it doesn't because the oils were diluted with water and are known to mimic the natural moisture of the skin.

Bare Brow

Brow with Brow Palette Powder #3

The softness of Pixi's brow powders create natural definition. Its texture is pretty good, but it needs to be applied wet or with a primer to improve its staying power. Nevertheless, it's a good product with good quality.

Look, I used the Brow Palette as an eyeshadow palette. Learn how to cop this look HERE.

This collection is both unique and functional. I appreciate how Pixi by Petra was able to introduce a new concept of summer makeup collection, but managed to keep it useful and apt for the season. My favorites in this line are Glow Mist, Endless Silky Eye Intensify Duo, and Brow Palette!


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  1. It's the first time i saw a brow powder palette that has too many shades! And generous with the size too.. usually brow powders contain only 2shades but this one is wow! Hihi.. yun lang its pricey ;( and the glow mist, its been featured many times na in your blog posts! Mukhang it is really a good product to try :)

  2. I want the brow palette! With the 6 shades to mix and match for eyebrow and eyeshadow,surely this is perfect. Glow mist also a definitely must try, I love the fact that it does not contribute oiliness:)

  3. I'm so addicted to mists nowadays and I'm surely gonna include this glow mist on my list of next beauty weapons to try. This is so cool, it gives this summer radiant and I love it. It's so lively and lovely. Thanks for this informative post Ms. Martha!

  4. the brow palette looks so travel friendly! and the eyeliner is gorgeous, especially the gold one

  5. I love the glow mist and the palette! Im more into nude shades and its worth the price since it can be used both as an eyeshadow and brow filler.

  6. Best product for me is the eyeliner duo! Especially the gold end, super pretty ng color and pigmented. Next naman is the glow mist! I want something that amps the glow but doesn't have that sticky feeling. :) The brow palette is so pigmented naman that it can really be an eyeshadow. Nice product for the price.


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