FOTD/EOTD: Birthday Makeup + Get The Look

Someone asked me about the products I used on the eye makeup look I wore on my Happy Skin X Preview Hot Stuff Shut Up And Kiss Me Lippie review and I thought of creating a tutorial for it. Aside from an overall brown lid wash, this slightly, smoky eye makeup look is one of my staples as 
well-I wore this one on my birthday! :)

Products used:

2. Pixi By Petra Brow Palette (1- Neutralizing Base; 2- Lid Highlighter; 3- Crease Color; 4- Brow bone highlighter); Alternatives: any brand of matte black, cream, and beige eyeshadows

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Prime your eyelids. This is a crucial step in making the eye makeup look appear more vibrant and last longer.

Now the eye makeup look begins:

STEP 1: I used a muted brown eyeshadow as a neutralizing base and to make the highlighter color appear more prominent. This step is optional though, but if you want your lid highlighter to pop, I would recommend it. This step is more recommended to those with discolored skin on the eyelids.

STEP 2: Apply a cream white eyeshadow on your lower lids.

STEP 3: Dot matte black eyeshadow on the lowest portion of your outer crease.

STEP 4: Take a blender brush and sweep the matte black eyeshadow upwards, all the way to your above crease using a light motion. Be sure to leave the black dot somewhat intact on your lower outer crease for definition.

And we're done!

Take a matte black gel eyeliner and trace the curve of your upper lash line-no need for a winged tip. Grab a dark brown pencil eyeliner, line your lower lash line, and set it with a matte dark brown eyeshadow. Finally, apply a rich coat of mascara.

Other products used:

6. Soap And Glory Kick Ass Concealer (Medium)

Who says you can't wear black eyeshadow during daytime? This tutorial debunks that! Also this look is sexy and fierce, yet classy. 

I hope you liked this tutorial! :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love it! Lakas makafierce nga at the same not over done:) Would try this look this coming sunday, so excited for that special day:)
    hope the products that I will use will come out like that.

  2. I like this look. It is really classy. Wanna try this on special events. Thanks for the tutorial, you looked gorgeous.

  3. Taray!!! Haaay, when will i be able to achieve that look?! :-D Anyway, you are so lovely on the photo posted on Instagram, the one taken on a restaurant while you are dining and you're wearing an off-shoulder top.

  4. I also do this look! Well, the brown and black thing. I super love highlighting my eyes using eyeshadows because I want people to look at my eyes first. :) Anyway, I always do subtle smokey eyes even during the day too. I find it sexier and fiercer. But I will definitely incorporate the brown eyeliner on the lower lashes technique! I really always learn something new from you. :)

  5. Oohh nice!
    What lippy did you use?

  6. The lipstick rocked your entire look ms. M! Hihi..the look is really fierce and it suits you! Your face is a darling and with this look you umpff-ed it up :)

  7. Thanks, ladies!

    Karen: Hi and welcome to my blog. I used Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Hotstuff

  8. This is completely stunning! I am definitely going to try this out <3 <3 and that lipsick is, WOW! I recently had a birthday too! Please check out my birthday makeup post if you get the chance xoxo


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