Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Here's a review on Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask.

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I decided to review this Origins product right away because it yielded instant results, as in I felt the effects on my skin after just one use. Didn't mean for that to read like a commercial tag line, but I really felt that my skin lightened up and "breathed" the first time I used it! Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal lifts away impurities, making skin feel super duper clean and fresh, thus helping me stay breakout- free. It's a sigh of relief for my skin!


Clear Improvement is made with Activated Charcoal that claims to effectively draw out oil, dirt, and debris lodged in the pores for a fresh, healthier, and cleaner skin. It's Paraben, Sulfate, and Phthalates- free.


You might be wondering now what the term "Activated" really means and how a certain ingredient gets better when it becomes "Activated". To Activate an ingredient means to convert it into a reactive form, which makes it more effective and efficient, and work instantaneously. Now that's a new learning for you today. :)

The particular clay used in this product is called White China Clay or Kaolin Clay, which is found to be effective for clearing up the skin. Origins said that this product also contains Lecithin that helps dissolve skin impurities.

Ready to claim your fresh, new skin? Then click READ MORE for my detailed review of this product. ;)

This is a watery-creamy mask that's very spreadable and doesn't entail a lot of skin tugging, which is a breath of fresh air from traditional thick, pasty clay masks. It has a slight, minty sensation to it, which I appreciate. The mask settles in about 3- 5 minutes and yields a slightly firm hold to gently relax the facial muscles.


I leave the mask on for about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on what I feel. Immediate results are: 1.) It relaxes not only the face, but the senses as well. 2.) My face looks really clean and feels really light after rinsing it off. 3.) It absorbs excess oil and leaves my skin feeling remarkably fresh.

After using it for two weeks at twice/week usage, these are the results I observed: 1.) My skin got noticeably radiant. 2.) My nose area felt less clogged. 3.) It helped keep my skin clear because Clay is meant to do that.

I'd love to make this clay mask a staple because I love its overall quality and performance. I use it on days when I need that extra clean or when my skin is looking dull and seemingly burdened with so much impurities. I recommend this product to oily, clog- prone skin.


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  1. I really can't wait for Origins to open. I was just reading your post yesterday about Origins coming back to the Philippines. :)

  2. Oh my goodness. I cannot tell you how much I've lusted over this product, thinking of ways on how to get my hands on it. I've researched about origins before but was very sad to know that they're no longer available in the Philippines but when I saw your instagram picture, I was completely stoked. You have really sold me on this one. When Origins opens in SM Makati, I will surely, SURELY get this. I hope I won't be disappointed! Thanks for this post. :)

  3. Most products with charcoal are good talaga:) this is quite amazing as you have said that it gives instant result. It's really perfect for with oily skin. Thanks for the review!:)

  4. I believe in the power of activated charcoal! :D I love products that has it as an ingredient.

  5. omg! first, i wanna say i love your blog layout! congrats on this ms. m! :) second, thank you for this review. this just pushed me to really try Origins. I've already heard this from Youtubers(usa) and my sister also in US told me this brand is good. you plus you can never go wrong with clay mask. it's a truly skin treat! ;)

  6. Your new blog design is so sleek and chic, I swear. And really good choice of fonts. Fresh-looking and easy to read. I've been super faithful to sheet masks because I'm into variety! I like the thought of having a different sheet mask to treat myself two times a week. But I'm beginning to think of the environmental setbacks... so much wastage because of 1. the actual sheets, 2. the packaging. So maybe a mask from a tube will be a better alternative. Thinking of trying this one out!

  7. sweet new layout!

  8. Looks good! I hope it's more affordable than glamglow. I think they are somewhat similar. I experienced the same effects too when I've tried glamglow in an event. Though glamglow has a strong smell that you need to get used to, and it's super hard on the face once it dries. :/

  9. Kim: Same here! :D Thanks for reading :)

    Abegaill: I think it is because Glamglow is really high end. :)

    Brownoso: Thanks!

    Jessy: Thank you! My designer chose great fonts. :D Yeah, I'm thinking of minimizing my usage of sheet masks too just warming! Thanks for the reminder. And oh, masks like these are great too! :D

    CJ: Agree! They're opening soon here! :D

    Anna: Hey Anna! Nice having you around again. Same here! Actually, anything with charcoal in it, I like because it's prefect for oily skin! :)

    Jeremy: Welcome. ;)

    Donna: Let me know! :D

  10. now i know why the charcoal mask (from daiso) became an instant hit when it was released here (the only downside is the smell)

  11. Great review! Please do more product reviews for Origins! Thinking of trying Clinique also, my skin is oily and moderately acne-prone. Suggestions? Thanks! :)

  12. Hello! Any update on the price? I'd love to get one! :)


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