What?! Michael Kors Makeup Is Finally In The Philippines!?!

I realized, whenever beauty brands release makeup collections, they oftentimes communicate a single mood or personality only. We all have different personalities, facets, and moods, and isn't it disappointing when a certain makeup collection forces you to just be sexy, fierce, artsy, pretty, or mysterious? What if you're a bit of everything? How can you discover and express your beauty with a collection that limits you in the first place?

Michael Kors Beauty opened me up to the possibility that makeup collections can be as diverse as the wearer; It also made me realize that makeup collections are more than sets of colors that go well together: it's about celebrating your own, different colors.

Now speaking of Michael Kors Beauty, let me take this moment to say OMFG, MICHAEL KORS BEAUTY IS NOW IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!! *Faints

Michael Kors fans and beauty enthusiasts alike have something more to look forward to with the launch of Michael Kors Beauty Collection, a diverse makeup/bath/body collection that depicts a heightened living and complements a woman's ever- changing moods.

Because you are Sporty.Sexy.Glam

The Michael Kors sense of beauty is a heightened reality. It's a way for women to accentuate each of their moods."
- Michael Kors

Be who you wanna be any minute and any moment with Michael Kors's lifestyle- inspired, customizable beauty collection that features fragrance, color, and bath and body capsules in three, major moods that represent women: Sporty, Sexy, Glam. Click READ MORE and get the first dibs on the entire collection. ;)

The color collection features a luxurious lip gloss, hydrating lip color, high shine nail lacquer and a sun- kissed Bronzer/Blush. The fragrance capsule, which Michael considers as the core collection, has three, beautiful fragrances that perfectly enhance each stated mood. The Bath and Body capsule captures the image of a jet- setting woman, sailing from sea to sea in pursuit of adventure, life, and luxury, thus it offers Bronzing and Glow- infusing products for the skin.


- Always on trend and always ahead. The Glam collection is for moments when you're feeling fashionable, bold, and fierce. Own the stage with chic, magnetic colors in shades of Beige, Purple, and Dark Wine. Don't forget to wear your killer stilettos.

Lip Lacquer (Dame)- P1,500
Lip Luster (Icon)- P1,450
Nail Lacquer (Envy: Extra dark violet; Desire: Ebony brown)- P950
Bronze Powder (Beam)- P2,350
Glam Jasmine EDT- 50ml: P4,150; 100ml: P5,350


- Head- turning. Jaw- dropping. Eye- Popping. Sexy is the perfect go- to collection when you want to get in touch with your seductive feminine side. Entice with bright, sensual hues of Peach, Red, and Fuchsia. Whip it, girl!

Lip Lacquer (Bombshell)- P1,500
Lip Luster (Siren)- P1,450
Nail Lacquer (Scandal: Fuchsia with metallic flecks; Sensation: Scarlet red)- P950
Bronze Powder (Flush)- P2,350
Sexy Amber EDT- 50ml: P4,150; 100ml: P5,350


- Courageous. Inspiring. Sporty Collection is for passionate moments, when you want to see the world, try a new hobby, or be better in your chosen field. Be adventure- ready with this set of varying shades of neutrals. Get after it!

Lip Lacquer (Diva)- P1,500
Lip Luster (Muse)- P1,450
Nail Lacquer (Hint: Taupe; Gossip: Milky white)- P950
Bronze Powder (Glow)- P2,350
Sporty Citrus EDT- 50ml: P4,150; 100ml: P5,350

Michael Kors just had to include a bronzing and glow collection because if you noticed in his ad campaigns, he is a lover of the sun, sand, and sea. Michael's Bath and Body Collection features the following products to help you get that effortless, sun- kissed glow:


Indulgent Body  Creme (P3,850): provides a foundation for the fragrance and delivers deep moisture.

Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil Spray (P3,650): Achieve glistening skin without the stickiness with this dry oil infused with gold particles for skin that screams "sexy".

Shimmer Bath Beads (P2,400): Make bath time a little more special with these shimmering, moisturizing beads that dissolve in and leave a shimmering gold veil on top of bath water.


Liquitan Self- Tanner (P2,050): a fast- acting product without the off- putting self- tanner smell and yields a coppery glow that dries into a natural- looking tan after an hour.

After Sun Gelee (P2,050): hydrates and soothes skin that has just been baked under the sun or soaked in the sea.

After Sun Lip Balm (P1,400): Packed with moisture and laced with shimmer, this lightly- tinted balm hydrates and imparts that playful 80's look that Michael Kors loves.

Top to Bottom: Beam, Flush, Glow

My most favorite items in the collection are the Bronzers. Just look at how fine and divine the finish is! It complements warm skin tones really well and the glow doesn't look fake, not at all. Michael really knew how Bronzing should be. I also like the compacts even if they're gigantic because they're so alluring. FYI, the bronzer compacts are inspired by Michael Kors's iconic giant watch.

I like this collection mainly because the capsules vary from one another and effectively communicate a certain mood: I can truly say that Sexy Collection is sexy, Glam is glam, and Sporty is sporty. The broad product and color spectrum allows for better customization, therefore giving each and every woman a chance to curate a beauty set that truly lets her express her moods. I also applaud Michael Kors for championing warm, golden skin by introducing a Bronzing Collection with products that capture the beauty of bronzed skin.

Thank you Estēe Lauder, for giving me and my readers the first dibs on this chic makeup collection!

If I can personalize my own Michael Kors Beauty Collection set, here are the products I'd choose:

Lip Lacquer: Dame (Glam Collection)
Lip Luster: Siren (Sexy Collection)
Nail Lacquer: Hint (Sporty Collection)
Bronzer: Flush
Fragrance: Sporty Citrus EDT
Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil Spray

Share with me your personalized Michael Kors Beauty Collection!

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Is it me or so many products are coming/back to the Philippines?! OMG!!! Where will their store be? I don't even know if I can afford such makeup but I'd like to check them out. Thanks for this post! :)

  2. Lovely event! You look gorgeous Ms.Martha:) anyway, This is my personalized set of Michael Kors:
    Lip Lacquer: Diva (sporty)
    Lip Luster: Siren (sexy)
    Nail Lacquer: Desire (glam)
    Bronzer: Flush
    Fargrance: Sexy Amber EDT
    Indulgent Body Creme
    Wohooo. Check! Oh, wish I have all of this on my list :D

  3. omg omg! MK is here! is this a dream? :O :O finally, more brands are coming in the PH and are known to have worthy products. this one particularly is exciting! i love the packaging and everything! and yes their bronzers is my absolute favorite. if I can personalize my Michael Kors beauty collection set, here are the products I'd choose:

    Lip lacquer: Diva (Sporty)
    Lip Luster: Siren (Sexy)
    Nail Lacquer: Hint (Sporty)
    Bronzer: Flush (Sexy)
    Fragrance: Glam Jasmine EDT
    Liquid Shimmer: After Sun Lip Balm

    thank you for this ms. m! you always give us what's new and what's coming! ;)

  4. oh my... those bronzers are lovely indeed. i want the "flush" shade. but with the P2350 price tag, it's a bit steep for me... i'll just lust over it from afar for now. :)

  5. I want to have at least one collection but it's so pricey. Even the nail lacquer is just out of my price range. :/ Anyway, I hope in the next few years I can buy at least 2 MK products. Packaging is really superb.

  6. Sossy-est-looking make-up ever! Lavette <3

  7. Jessy: I know! It's up there with Tory Burch. :D

    Abegaill: I'd love to have the Bronzing Compact this year! :D

    Audrey: Come, let's hug, sister. Haha!

    CJ and Jeremy: Awesome set you made there, girls! :D Thanks for dropping by. :)

    Donna: I think you can spot them in Michael Kors boutiques and Rustans stores. :D


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