Scholl Express Pedi Review + Tutorial

Here’s my second and final review on Scholl Express Pedi.

Price: P1,685- Device; P550.00- Micralumina Roller Head Replacements Pack
From: Free
Other Locations: Available in selected Watsons stores


In my first impression blog post on this revolutionary product by Scholl (link to the blog post can be conveniently found HERE), I’ve mused about the technical facets of Express Pedi. To recall: it feels sturdy, is ergonomically shaped and fits my grip snuggly, and quite easy to learn how to use.

I have my usual foot spa every week; that’s about P600.00 per session including tips, but excluding gas, parking, and food; Let’s say I spend about P1,200.00 every time I get a foot spa. When I got this product last July, specifically in the first quarter, I’ve saved roughly around P8,400.00 already to date. OMG! I’ve never saved this much in 7 weeks; Can you call me queen of budgeting now? Lol. Glad I encountered Scholl Express Pedi because not only does it give me beautiful feet in one switch and in minutes, it helps me save up on that dream bag for 2015 too (which is a YSL Mini Y Ligne, btw)!

I digress. I’ll show you below how to use this product and muse about my 7- week experience with it.

Here’s to give you an idea of the size of the product. It’s not heavy, but not too light that it feels flimsy-it has just the right weight; It’s fairly easy to maneuver. The Micralumina roller head feels gritty enough to shave dead skin away, but is not sharp; it’s actually a modern version of the Pumice stone.

Onto the usage. Here are some simple steps to do prior to using the device:

1. Clean your feet by gently wiping them with tissue. DO NOT wet your feet. Otherwise, the device won’t be able to deliver its effects properly. Express Pedi is meant to be used on dry skin.

2. Prepare your post- Express Pedi cleansers such as Foot Soak, Foot Scrub, and Foot Lotion.

3. Find a place where you can perform your at- home foot spa; It can be your bedroom or bathroom. I prefer the latter. You can do it anywhere just as long as you’ll bother no one with the flying dead skin cells that will come off your feet as you use the device. :p

The roller head is made with gentle Micralumina, but packaging insert strongly suggests that you don’t file one area for more than 4 seconds so as to not sensitize the area or inflict burns or cuts on it, if you have sensitive skin because the roller head moves at a pretty considerable speed and Micralumina has still a rough texture after all.

Here’s a short video of my safe technique in using Scholl Express Pedi:

I move the device continuously all over my feet and just go back on areas that need more filing. As much as possible, I don’t use a pressing force and just run the device lightly all over to prevent cuts and burns.

 Dead Skin Cells that came off after filing

I spend about 1 minute filing each foot. Afterwards, my feet feel so smooth and great! It’s like a week’s worth of walking are off in just two minutes! I always get dry, scaly skin below my big toe and heels, and I love using Express Pedi on those areas. I still have to apply foot cream afterwards to keep the fresh skin supple and smooth.

Good news! The Micralumina head is washable. Just eject it from the device, rinse it under running water, and wipe it dry with a towel/washcloth; Don’t use tissue because the fibers will stick onto the rough surface.

P.S. DO NOT RINSE THE ENTIRE DEVICE; it is not waterproof!

After 3 months or so, depending on usage, you can finally replace your Micralumina Roller Head. No need to buy a new device; just grab the Micralumina Roller Head Replacements pack. To eject the roller head, simply press the blue button on the side of the roller head cradle.

Express Pedi is a must- have for anyone who walks A LOT on a daily basis, those who are prone to getting calluses, and basically, just about anyone who wants to save money yet stay gorgeous. And since the holidays are just around the corner, this is the perfect cool, unique Christmas gift for your friends, family, or yourself!

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. What a cool way have your feet looking fab! And I love that you don't have to go to Spa's, plus you don't have to share this tool with other people. I love that it's a money and time saver and you also get to be hygienic because you know, you're the only one who will use it - unless you share it with your family and friends but I think it's okay because as you've mentioned you can wash it or replace the head.

    1. Yes, it's shareable because the Microlumina heads are replaceable. How environmental- friendly. :)

  2. I swear, I'm almost convinced to get this thing! Haha. I love to walk. I walk all the time. I once walked from UST to my home, which apparently was around 4km! No wonder I was really tired. I thought it was only like a kilometer. The price is the one thing that's holding me back. Maybe I'll get it for Christmas. Waaah. Decisions, decisions. Thanks for this post!

    1. Welcome! This would be an awesome christmas gift! :D

  3. I definitely need and want this! Express foot spa at home. Such a huge savings in every aspect. Good thing it's effective. :) Maybe a bit expensive in the beginning, but a real saver in the long run. :)

    1. Yes, it's really a saver. Filipinos have to realize the spending less, but frequently will come out more expensive in the long run!

  4. I had a bad experience with foot spas at salon, I think I'll check this out!

  5. I badly need this, I never had a foot spa after I gave birth. For me this is cheaper than going to a foot spa every month.

  6. Wow, you saved a lot just by skipping regular foot spas! Hooray for big savings and goodluck on that dream bag! We will be waiting for an OOTD post with that bag. Bigla naman nahiya yun callous ng paa ko sa post na 'to! I have neglected my poor feet. I just scrub the soles of my feet and apply moisturizer on them but only when i remember to do so.

    1. Haha! Hope I can really buy that bag this year. :D

  7. i want to have that. spa at home para mas tipid talaga. :)


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