Maquillage True Liquid Long Keep Foundation in OC30 Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Maquillage True Liquid Long Keep Foundation in OC30.

Price: P1,988.00
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I felt like winning the lottery when I got Maquillage True Liquid Long Keep Foundation in this year's BDJ Luxe Box; it's also the first one I immediately tried because it's been part of my lust list for quite sometime now.

Maquillage is Shiseido's brand intended for younger, discerning ladies. Since Shiseido is a luxury brand, it should be expected that Maquillage is a bit on the pricey side too.

Going back to this foundation, this is one of the lightest, long- wearing matte formulas I have experienced; I call it the 'Matte Foundation for really, really oily skin' because it's super long- wearing and 'Youthful Matte' because it makes my skin look fresher, ergo younger!


Maquillage says "Bye bye touch-up!" with this foundation due to Sebum Target Powder that absorbs and solidifies excessive oil and only leaves the right amount to keep skin moisturized and makeup, intact and fresh for up to 13 hours; It's also formulated with Beauty Essences and comes in 6 shades.

Maquillage's packaging is très chic; the sleek tube and touch of metal are right up my alley!

OC30 is a medium beige shade with a yellow undertone; it's a lil' fair on me 'cuz of the high SPF content, but 'tis manageable. Coverage is medium to heavy and it has a light, fresh, gel texture and finish is dewy matte.


Bare skin

With Shiseido Perfect Concealer Stick and one layer of Maquillage True Liquid Long Keep Foundation

It feels really light on the skin despite the matte finish. One tiny con is it tends to look streaky if applied with a brush; it's best applied with a sponge.

This foundation has really amazing staying power; I can work, dance, run or do whatever with it and it will resist fading; if it fades, you won't notice it; in fact, I don't recall if it faded in all the times I've worn it! Coverage is great, but it doesn't feel heavy on the skin; Coverage is similar to Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation, but consistency is even lighter.

Regarding Sebum Target Powder, Maquillage said that the way it works is it absorbs oil that the skin produces the entire day to prevent it from ruining your makeup and making you oily, and one concern that may arise is given the way it works, coverage might 'thicken' and yield an unpleasant feel; I've tested this out for a couple of times already and I'm telling you nope, it doesn't end up feeling like that-it stays lightweight throughout the day, won't feel icky, and won't leave yucky residues when you take it off your skin.

Maquillage True Liquid Long Keep Foundation is for really oily- skinned gals and every active, young woman who's got a lot on her plate and needs a foundation that will keep up with her and her activities, but without the heavy, mask- like feel.


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  1. hi,it's nice to be back Ms. M!I Am excited to try this foundation too.I will really put this on my list from now on too and will ask people to buy this from JAPAN.Nearly 2k is pricey for a foundie for me:-(But with good performance I will take the plunge :-)

    1. It is on sale in Landmark. Around 1600 now, I think

  2. OMG I love it! It was awesome on your skin! And it should be because the price, well you get what you paid for.

  3. it has nice coverage! you look gorgeous on the final photo! :)

  4. It looks so gooooooooooood!!! I saw this Shiseido advertisement on youtube and it was darn cool, like there are a bunch of school girls wearing shiseido makeup... and it was revealed that all those girls are guys! If only this is cheaper XD The only shiseido I can afford currently is their drugstore baby powder and eyebrow pencil which is good for contouring!!!

  5. Oh, wow, you looked flawless na agad even for a layer only. I am pleased to try this coz I also have a very oily skin.

  6. a 5/5 staying power! I regret not having the luxe box myself now ;( I love the packaging but the metal part may become a finger print magnet.

  7. I think I'm falling in love with this foundation even if I haven't tried it yet. Haha Will definitely check this out. Btw, what finishing powder did you use? Thanks!

  8. I find the Maquillage line to be so elite in all terms, packaging, price, and quality. :) I love its finish on you and good thing it's very light and staye don for long! I want something like that. But I don't wear makeup naman when running or working out. Perfect product to splurge into.


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