New Year's just around the corner and each and every one of us will purchase something new to welcome the incoming year. For your makeup look and outfit, you will surely find these new releases from Eye Of Horus, Max Factor, NuBra, Covergirl, and Honeydew Intimates useful! 

Eye Of Horus unveils their newest products to give you that Goddess look for the new year; Their favorite Goddess Mascara and Liquid Define now come in a new shade called Babylon Brown, a flattering medium brown. 

Joining Eye of Horus' growing range are the new Baked Eyeshadows; these palettes feature a trio of natural, high quality eyeshadows in essential hues and come in the following shade combinations: Isis Sun Goddess (Neutrals), Sheba Mystical Goddess (Neutral/Berry), and Sekhmet Smokey Shadow (Black/Gray).

Baked eyeshadows retail at P1,350.00 and can be purchase via Visit EYE OF HORUS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

Achieve full, soft lashes with Covergirl's newest addition to their best- selling mascara range: Covergirl Full Lash Bloom. Formula features natural Beeswax and comes in a soft, mousse texture for petal- soft, lush lashes. You can now have thick lashes that never look brittle every single day with this mascara; it's also dermatologist and ophthalmologist- tested and safe for contact lens wearers. Visit COVERGIRL PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

Oftentimes, foundations that promise a perfect shade match have light coverage only; this leaves most women dissatisfied with how they conceal and improve the look of skin. Max Factor innovates a new foundation, one that promises a true color match yet in a formula that yields outstanding coverage: Miracle Match Foundation. 

Miracle Match balances medium coverage with a translucent finish, blurring out imperfections and hydrates skin at the same time; reduced powders and increased translucent Mica provide excellent coverage without masking the skin's natural highlights; 40% of the formula includes Glycerin, Vitamin E, B, and various skin- conditioning agents; light reflecting particles provide a naturally radiant finish.

Miracle Match Foundation comes in 8 shades and retails at P925.00. Visit MAX FACTOR PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

Do you dare to go sexy for your New Year's eve party? Make sure you have the right undergarments that give you perfect yet invisible support so you can dare to go bold, sexy, and fierce for the New Year. NuBra, a trusted undergarment brand and manufacturer in the U.S. has just arrived in the Philippines; it's not your ordinary brassiere brand as it offers innovative products that allow you to be confidently sexy and free in your outfit; that, plus they're engaged in the business for years already, have manufactured the same items for top undergarment and lingerie brands, and the skin adhesives used in their bras are medical grade, U.S. FDA- approved, and tested in labs in Japan, Europe, and the U.S.A. so that speaks of their expertise!

NuBra has the following products: 

1. Original NuBra, Silicone (Starts at P2,887.50)- conceals invisibly and sizes up your bosoms
2. Super NuBra Padded (P1,837.50)- offers invisible, extra protection and provides size boost with its thick pads.
3. NuBra Seamless (Regular- P2,520.00; Push- Up- P2,667.50)- offers invisible, ultra lightweight protection with its seamless ends and virtually weightless material
4. NuBra Featherlight Adhesive Bra (P1,837.50)- provides light protection that you can virtually feel.
5. Aphrodite and Bradelis by NuBra (P3,750.00/each)- free bras with intricate, sexy designs. 
6. NuBra Breast Enhancers (P3,750.00)- high grade Silicone inserts to give your chest a secret size boost.

I got myself NuBra Seamless in Black. I tried on their sample and it really feels light and the stickers are tacky enough that I'm assured they won't fall no matter what I do; it comes in a plastic travel case to preserve its shape while traveling. It's just like any regular free bra that you'll come across in department stores and with other brands, but the difference is the quality because NuBra is a known manufacturer of free bras. 

Just a note, the cup sizes tend to be smaller than the usual so if you're an A, go for B. To clean the bras, simply rinse the sticker with gentle soap and lukewarm water, and leave to dry before storage.

NuBra is available at Myth Greenbelt 5 (@myth_lifestyle on Instagram), Strip Serendra, and Zalora.

If one of your resolutions for 2016 is to get in touch with your sweet, sexy side more, Honeydew Intimates is a great brand to explore.

Honeydew Intimates is a U.S. brand of high quality lingerie and sleepwear in sweet, sexy, chic, fun, and ultra comfortable designs. The brand is present in Nordstrom, Macy's, and Bloomingdales and recently, it arrived in the Philippines. 

Here are some of my favored designs for the undergarments; with designs like these, it wouldn't be so hard to feel sexy!

Here are my picks from the sleepwear line. They have designs ranging from the cheeky to the not-so-cheeky and baby dolls to jammies; the designs and color palettes are so cute, you will be inspired to wake up and look forward to a new day. Oh, did I mention that the sleepwear are oh-so-comfy?

I took home the Pineapple- printed lounge shorts, Rose Pink jammies, and a cute ice cream- printed nightie dress; I've never been this excited to sleep haha!

Honeydew Intimates is available at Zalora and Hard To Find's official website. For inquiries, email

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  1. Can't wait for miss martha's eye of huros review + swatches ..
    Welcome nubra to philippines

  2. Hooray! Nubra is here no need for agonizing (:D) pre-orders!

    1. Yes! You can get them at Myth Greenbelt too. :)

  3. Miracle foundation sounds awesome:D you've got pretty sleepwears, I like the pineapple shorts the most. That undergarments will an instant sexy vibe booster indeed:)

  4. The Covergirl mascara seems nice. I would love to have lush and soft lashes. The sleepwear looks so comfy. Haaay, sarap siguro matulog kapag suot yan!

    1. Yup yup! The Pajama, I like in particular because it doesn't feel too 'hot' and thick, but it provides the right warmth.

  5. OMG I cannot wait for the review of the products from Eyes of Horus! It's about time that Covergirl mascara arrived here, I've been seeing that in some of the US based blogs and it's amazing! Miracle Match Foundation is just wow! I am looking forward for your review. And for the nubra, everybody wants to feel sexy so why not try this new brand. And honeydew they have the cutest sleepwear! I can wear that all day if I am not going outside lol!

  6. i want to have those nightie as well, haha! parang ang presko nga pantulog. :)

  7. I am a fond of bralette. So I checked Zalora for Honeydew Intimates right after reading your blog (Thank you Ms. Martha). And yay! I finally find myself a great christmas present. Cant wait to feel sexy and comfy at the same time.

    1. Yay! Did you get a few pieces for Christmas? I hope you're enjoying them. :)

  8. Eye of horus products are just so pretty! I also saw the ful bloom mascara in stores and it looked so cute. :) I want to try the Nubra, I so need that in life. Haha. The honeydew intimates look so sexy


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