HIT LIST: Best Hair, Bath, and Perfume Products for 2015

After awarding the best makeup and nail products of 2015, it's time to put the spotlight on the various skin care, bath, and perfume products that kept my skin healthy, my hair gorgeous, and my aura pleasant. This year, Hydration reigned in almost all of the skin care and bath products I've encountered and I'm glad to know that brands and people are starting to see the importance of having hydrated skin.


-  Affordable; all- natural; organic; softens hair effectively.

- Gets rid of scalp build up; lightweight; rinses off easily; gives hair weightless volume.

- Smells really good; masks the unpleasant odor in hair; softens and smooths hair the whole day.

- Infused with Argan Oil; treats hair; generous size; makes hair shiny.

- Luscious scent; makes hair smell delectable; travel- friendly pack; combines two powerful ingredients, Keratin and Argan Oil.

-  Very travel- friendly; convenient; can be used as bath soap too.


- Softens hair and keeps it manageable the whole day; very affordable.

- Very affordable; has a unisex smell; keeps hair manageable; has a variant with SPF.

- Can be used to boost other hair products even hair color; treats damaged ends.


- Multi-use product; generously made with Argan Oil; softens skin.

- Oil Cleansing Balm that's convenient to use; has a relaxing scent

- Gets rid of makeup effectively; emulsifies to give a facial wash effect; tough on makeup.

- Soaked in product to deliver better makeup removing effects; can remove really tough makeup such as LA Splash lipsticks.

- Made with natural cotton sheets; infused with skin- soothing ingredients.

- Large cotton sheets; can be used on the face and body; unscented; great even for sensitive skin.


- High- foaming wash that gives you that feeling of thorough clean; has an energizing minty scent; makes skin feel really clean.

17. Myra VitaSmooth Facial Wash

- Hydrates and smooths skin; has Vitamin E beads to provide an antioxidant effect from the outside.

18. Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion

- Gives derma- like exfoliation at home; comes with a complementary Pore Minimizing moisturizer.

- Not too rough, not too gentle; polishes skin without leaving it taut.

- Moisturizes skin thoroughly; makes skin supple; comes in different variants to cater to almost any skin need.

- Fragrant; scents uplift the mood; fragrance doesn't smell cheap; body wash is moisturizing.

22. Olay Total Effects 7 Facial Wash

- Moisturizing and soothing; removes makeup and grime effectively

23. Pond's White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel

- Perfect for oily skin; cleanses gently and lightly, leaving no residue on the skin.


- Hydrates skin genuinely; gives skin a plump, healthy appearance.

- A nutritious skin care line that improves the look, tone, and texture of the skin.

- Dermasense for Acne Prone skin fights Acne effectively; keeps skin clean and has antibacterial properties.


- Revives skin while providing gentle exfoliation; yields moderate hold to relax muscles gently.

- Highly hydrating masks; helps manage oily and dry skin types; provides extra hydration, which makes it perfect in cold conditions.

29. Vedette

- Affordable and has a lot of variants; even has clay masks and peel off masks to satisfy your masking needs.

30. Yadah (not in photo)

- Affordable; natural; great even for sensitive skin; comes in a wide range of variants.

- Mask pack that offers great value; perfect for daily sheet mask users as it offers 40 masks for the price of 15-18 masks only.


- Miracle water that soothes redness, inflammation, and itch; can be used in lieu of water when skin is inflamed; multipurpose; refreshes skin; can be used even on children.

- All- natural; moisturizing; brightens skin; refreshes skin.

- Gentle, non- sting toner to help manage breakouts

- Shrinks pores; non- sting; unscented.

- Fortifies skin through Argan Oil; moisturizes and hydrates skin; great substitute for moisturizer on oily skin.


- Plumps skin with moisture; a great serum for people in their mid-20s

- Makes skin feel firmer; has hydrating properties.

- Very effective on cystic acne

40. Benzac

- A modern, mild type of Benzoyl Peroxide; can heal even cystic acne.

- Rejuvenates the under eyes, making it great to use when you've been having sleepless nights; moisturizing; has a relaxing scent.

43. Benefit Puff Off (not in photo)

- De- puffs eye bags; has a pinkish tint to help minimize dark circles.

- Multipurpose; hydrates, moisturizes, and has antibacterial properties; helps cold sores heal quickly, at least on me.

- Gentle spot treatment; alleviates not only zits, but redness as well.


1. Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream

- Brings back skin's suppleness; makes skin look healthy; highly moisturizing, but doesn't clog pores.

- Lightweight and fast- absorbing; has a slight microexfoliating effect that aids effectively in skin renewal.

- Virtually invisible sunscreen; lightweight; has high SPF concentration.

- Invisible sunscreen with a light, fresh feel; perfect for our tropical weather.

- Waterproof; great for oily skin; feels light and doesn't clog pores.

- Affordable sun protection; extensive range; has a variant that's good to use on children

- Sun screen and moisturizer in one; has an uplifting scent.

- Has skin brightening effects; lightweight; fast- absorbing; sunscreen, moisturizer, and treatment in one.


1. Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street

- Unique unisex fragrance; smells really luxurious.

3. Davidoff Coolwater Sea Rose

- Fresh and feminine; great mix of floral and aquatic notes.

4. Kenzo Flower L'Elixir

- A beautiful, bold rendition of my favorite Kenzo Flower.

5. Dolce And Gabbana Sunset In Salina

- Sweet floral with a hint of aquatic notes; it's a wonderful non-cloying summer fragrance.

6. Dolce And Gabbana Floral Drops

- Cool floral with green notes; a fresh and uplifting fragrance; beautifully crafted bottle.

- Sweet, sexy, young; a gourmand fragrance that doesn't smell tacky.

And that sums up my best beauty finds of 2015. Don't forget to share yours below! I wonder what 2016 has in store for us in terms of beauty products, treatments, and services? :D

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have tried many producta this year because of your reviews and recommedations:D both serums from moringga-o and lolane are great. Safeguard dermasense,my husband's favorite.Biore cleansing oil, ponds gel and aloevera gel did a pretty good job too. Anyways, this 2015 most in my makeup stash are from L'Oreal and Maybelline. I love lolane hair coloring products and skin white products:)

  2. Im glad to see that some of my regimen (like, Safeguard Acne Prone, Pantene and Vedette) are in this list. It means I am on the right track. Thank you Ms. Martha.

    1. Hi Veronica! The brands you mentioned are some of my faves too. :D

  3. I really, really love Olay Moisture Outlast in Honey. Even my hubby uses it. I love the subtle sweet fragrance and the moisturization it gives. I wanna try Antipodes products, hopefully next year. I haven't tried the Moringa serum but i love Moringa Herbal Theraphy Oil.It works wonders on insect bites, skin irritations and a good dry spots moisturizer,too! Plus its very affordable.

  4. I have tried the Biore makeup remover and the Pantene though I still have a long list of products to try lol!

    1. Hope you can try at least half of 'em soon! :D

  5. must invest in those kind of serum and toners. :) thanks for the list!

  6. Wow such an extensive list! At the moment I'm loving SANA foaming cleanser (it's a late find).

  7. So happy to see some of my beauty regimen are in the list .. My new years beauty list will contain serums and masks.. I really want to try the lush soaps

    1. Great beauty resolution! For Lush, do try Honey I washed the kids or Karma soaps as your first soaps-they're my favorites!

  8. Everything nice on this list! I'm happy I've read your reviews about them and I've tried some of them as well. So glad some of my favorites were on the list. :)

    1. And I'm glad to know through you that my reviews on the products are right! :D Happy New Year!


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