Céleteque Blush And Face Contour Kit in Peach Review + Swatch

Here's a review on Céleteque Blush and Face Contour Kit in Peach.

Price: P845.00
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Face kits are heaven- sent to woman kind because it's a complete arsenal that gives us glowing, healthy, sculpted cheeks in no time; it also saves us time thinking which contouring, blush, and highlighting powder shades go together; I should make a list soon; for now, here's one that will definitely be part of my list: Céleteque Blush and Face Contour Kit, a trio of skin- caring colors in a non- drying powder formula!


This skin- sculpting, highlighting, and coloring trio contains Diamond, Mica, Tourmaline, and Sapphire particles to gently exfoliate the skin surface while Castor Oil and Vitamins A, E, F, H, B, and Castor Oil keep skin healthy and smooth. It comes in two shade combinations only: Peach and Pink.


The powders are unscented and yield light to heavy coverage. Texture is incredibly buttery and smooth with very minimal fallout; it's quite nice for a drugstore face kit.

Here's a breakdown of the shades:

Contouring Powder- midtone bronze with slight gold shimmer
Blush- matte bright peach
Highlighter- shimmering champagne with a light pink undertone


One layer of the highlighter on the tip of my apples and bridge of the nose

The highlighter looked shocking in the pan and on my swatch, but it looks mighty natural after all, giving that very subtle glow. Just a tip in working Céleteque's highlighter, just dab, dab, dab to get this natural finish!

One layer of the contouring powder

The contouring powder is okay; the shimmers are not noticeable and it sculpts my face the way I want to, but I find that it turns a bit coppery if applied excessively, especially on fair skin.

Four layers of the blush

The blush has a smooth, texture, but I had a bit of problem with it; it took me four layers to make it appear on my skin; I really don't know what happened in there.

When the weather is cool, my cheeks tend to feel taut or they develop dry patches so I use powder blush sparingly, but I noticed that with these blushes, my skin don't look and feel dry during wear. I can't really say anything about its exfoliating effect because methinks the Diamond, Sapphire, Tourmaline, and Mica ingredients are very minute that it will take a whole pan for them to exfoliate my skin visibly; it's no biggie to me because I don't really expect a powder blush to exfoliate my skin; I wouldn't want that too because my skin might get sensitized. Staying power is decent at 4 hours before coverage fades gradually. However, the shades don't excite me at all: they're quite common and too bright for my liking, but at least they look surprisingly good on Filipino skin tone.

This is probably the only powder blush that didn't make my skin feel taut when it's dryness season for me, therefore I recommend it to girls with dry skin; it's a gentle powder blush that will color your skin without making it dry. I'm good with the blush and contouring powder, but the blush's adhering power can be improved as well as the existing shade selection. Other than that, this blush has a pretty good texture.


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've swatch the highlighter and it looks natural on me but, I can't use the bronzer it appears reddish on my skin.

  2. i skipped this because i still have bys contour trio with me, so far, im loving the blush, nice pigmentation and so the contour and the highligter.

    i love celeteque brand because it is really made for sensitive skin and it is affordable (facial wash, toner and moisturizer) that is why i was surprised that they release their makeup line!

  3. I'm so inlove with this kind of 3 in 1 product. I want to try this the moment it was out in the market but I still have like this in BYS. Knowing that this celeteque works well on your dry skin, I'm bit worried if this will work well too on my oily skin. Anyways, celeteque liquid foundie is my new favorite .Thank you so much for the reco:D

  4. Sleek has a similar product! Will you be reviewing that too?

  5. haven't heard that brand before, btw I love your skin color :)

  6. I'll be waiting for the list. That was actually my biggest problem with makeup- knowing which shades complements the others. What blush should i wear for smokey eyes? If i have pink lipstick, does it mean i need to wear pink blush? Since your list is not yet made, for now i have to look into purchasing face kits like this so i won't have mismatched shades.

  7. I love it on your face! Who would have thought that it's less than 1000 pesos? And it's a 3 in 1 make up, super sulit!!!

  8. nice, all in one kit from Celeteque. :) i like the highlighter one. :)


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