LA Splash Lip Couture Review + Swatch

Here's a review on LA Splash Lip Couture lipsticks.

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Part two of my LA Splash swatch fest! I have over 30 shades of LA Splash lip color from the Smitten Lip Mousse, Lip Couture, and Studio Shine collections; it's taking me a while to swatch everything because their staying power is CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY! :D

In my first LA Splash post, I reviewed and swatched 12 shades of the Smitten Lip Mousse lippies. Today, I'll review my second favorite LA Splash lipstick collection called Lip Couture. True to its name, this sexy matte lip color collection fits and feels like soft, light leather on the lips; it's a fashion accessory for your lips!


This waterproof, transfer- proof lipstick dries to a velvety matte finish. It comes in 18 shades.

New to LA Splash? If you want to try Lip Couture collection, look for the tubes with a gold cap!

Consistency is a semi- runny liquid and it dries into a velvety matte finish with a very slight sheen; it reminds me of the look of a genuine leather bag, thus I think Lip Couture is the perfect name to call this collection; the product feels and looks quite like second skin on the lips as it melts onto and hugs it, but don't worry, it does not feel heavy or as if it's constraining your lips.

Lip Couture's formula is unique: it starts off as shiny, watery, and diluted, but as it dries up, color becomes bolder, the shine is minimized, and texture becomes matte. Pigmentation is great after all and coverage is medium to heavy. However, it reeks of a plastic- like smell at first, but good thing it completely vanishes after a few seconds. Also, its texture feels a wee bit sticky all throughout; I can tolerate it, but some may not.

Here are some techniques in using this product:

1. I apply one layer and let it dry for about 3-5 seconds before applying another one; this is the best way to build its coverage; layering it continuously will just wipe out the previous layer, if not give you a patchy coverage.

2. To apply the right amount of color on the corners of your lips, be sure to take out the blob on the doe foot applicator and start lining your lips with it; do it slowly to minimize mistakes because this product will never budge once it dries up and you need to take out everything and repeat from step 1.

3. On uneven areas, dab some of the lipstick on them and gently and lightly distribute/even out the color with the doe foot applicator.


Poison Apple

- A midtone red shade with teeny weeny hint of Pink.

Whoa! I finally found the perfect Apple Red shade; this is 'in between' red shade looks so versatile; wear it from casual days to special night occasions!


- A nude Mushroom Taupe.

Ghoulish instantly became one of my favorite nudes for the past year because it's very unique, never tried a Taupe shade that's this stylish, and it looks nice on warm skin tones; this lippie makes me feel fashionable! :D

OG Ghoulish

- A Taupe-Gray shade.

OG Ghoulish is a way to make Ghoulish even more unique! I believe this version of Ghoulish is for fair skin tones; the gray undertone gives it a cool tone, therefore making it suitable for fair skin.

Innocent Vixen

- Creamy nude with a neutral undertone.

Wow, Innocent Vixen is one of the universal nudes that don't wash out the skin and make teeth appear yellow; plain and simple, it's a pretty nude!


- A hot pink shade

What a beautiful hot pink shade! It's bright, but doesn't look tacky at all. I bet Barbie will approve this shade!


- A bright, pastel Pink

This fun, light- hearted Pink is perfect for teens out there; it's too bright for me though, but if I were 17, I'd wear it!

Rose Garden

- A mauve-y Rose

Rose Garden is a vintage Rose that seems to soften any features; must be the mellowness of the shade!


- a gray shade with a blue undertone

Vindictive is a very unique shade and surprisingly, it turned out to be one of my favorites! This shade adjusts to whatever skin tone it's on: on fair skin, it's a paler gray and on warm skin tones, the gray-blue shade is much more evident.

Latte Confession

- A Brown-Rose shade.

Latte Confession is one of Lip Couture's popular colors. What's not to love? It's a classy color that warms up fair skin and makes warm skin look blushing naturally.

Till Midnight

- A fiery red orange shade.

Till Midnight is one of my favorite shades from this line! It's the bright, vintage orange shade that I've long been looking for! It reminds me of MAC Lady Danger!

Summer Bliss

- A coral Pink shade.

Summer Bliss is a pretty shade, but I think it will fare better on fair skin tones. Well, to be fair, it looks good on me, but I think I'm way past my Coral Pink/Pink Coral phase already. :D


- Black.

I'm keeping Venom because it's the Black lipstick with the most wonderful formula: it can be evened out, doesn't fade, doesn't look patchy, and it stays!


- A dark red lipstick with a heavy brown undertone.

Untamed is a pretty, vintage brown; it's actually the first Lip Couture shade that caught my eye, but sadly, it's the hardest to even out!

Staying power is CRAZY; it's even more long- wearing and fade- proof than Smitten Lip Mousse! The lipsticks (depending on the shade) can last the whole day even without retouching! Does it dry out the lips during wear? No that's why I can wear this product in peace every time, although I rest my lips from it for a few days just because its formula is pretty strong.

How do you remove this product? There's a special remover sold by LA Splash. Other alternatives are Micellar Water, Petroleum Jelly, Baby Oil, Cleansing Oil, and Biore Cleansing Wipes (my favorite LA Splash remover).

Lip Couture is one of the genuine waterproof lipsticks out there and I will recommend it to you if you want a lipstick that virtually doesn't need retouching, feels sexy on the lips, and with colors that are oh so fashionable!


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37 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Poison Apple! I still haven't tried them out though but I really wanted to since your first review last year! I promise I will this year :)

  2. absolutely love those pink shades! forbidden, lollipop and summer bliss are my kind of shades (•ө•)♡ Hope to have those in my life, however I'm more into moisturizing lip product. I would love to try those(^_・)

  3. wow... good review.. I was so amazed with how fast you blog.. How many blogs do you create per day ? :)

  4. I have latte confession, I love it so much for the first two hours but after that, it cracked and I can't wait to take it off. Now, I'm glad to learn techniques from you. I can't wait to try rose garden and untamed too. You look lovely on all shades btw!

    1. Thank you! Really, it cracked on you? I find Smitten Lip Mousse's texture more crack prone than this. :D

  5. I have latte confession. I love it so much for the first 2hours but after that, it cracked and I can't wait to take it off. I'm glad to learn techniques from you. I can't wait to try rose garden and untamed too. You look lovely on all shades btw!

  6. i love those pink shades! so pretty!

  7. waaaaah! nakakaiyak! ang ganda lahat! i want all the colors! hahaha. i envy your 30shades of LA Splash. :D

  8. I'll be brave and try Vindictive. I have latte confession and I always get compliments (and quetion where did I buy it) whenever I wear it. I love how forbidden's contrast against your purple top.

  9. Loove the Latte Confession on you. :)

  10. I don't have the guts to wear Vindictive or Venom but I think i can pull of Untamed. I would also like to try Poison Apple and of course, Latte Confession.

  11. I was actually looking for the one that suits you best. But guess what? NGL, I couldn't. You slayed all the colors, really. Like if I'm gonna try one color, it will not look good on me compared to yours. Haha srsly. :*

    1. Thank you. :D Why not? I'm sure you'll find a couple that fits you! :D

  12. I have this and after eating it smudges like crazy but I love them so much that it does not bother me to retouch my lips after eating. oooohh btw rose garden and latte confession looks fab on you. :)

  13. Thanks for the swatches. Forbidden is sooooo pretty!

  14. Ms. Martha, hangang hanga talaga ako sa effort na binubuhos mo for every blog post such as this. Just wow :')

    Personally, I'd love to try Ghoulish and Rose Garden because they are sooo pretty. But I think that Lollipop, Forbidden, and Summer Bliss are the ones that look best on you. Parang napaka-happy and youthful mong tingnan in those shades Ms. Martha! :)

  15. Thank you for this review! Your review on the LA Splash Lip Tint Mousse totally convinced me to get Ginny, a decision I do not regret. I've been eyeing Ghoulish for some time now and this review convinced me (again!) to get it. Can't wait for your review on the other LA Splash lippie collections! :)

    1. Thank you! Last collection I have is Studio LipLustre. :D

  16. I love the latte confession, venom ant untamed <3 <3

  17. Thank you for sharing these swatches! Latte confession and Poison apple is my favorites! I hope this will be on sale! Haha, cause i think i can't afford it haha :(( im so kuripot :O

  18. Grabe, did you swatch all these in one day?? I know these are budge proof and super hard to remove so I feel for your lips. hehe..
    Anyway, if you will only have one shade, what will you get? :)

    1. Took me two-three weeks! Can't even swatch three at the same time; too harsh for my lips! :D

      I'd go for Venom. :D

  19. Wow! Beautiful colors! I love the Innocent vixen, Lollipop, Latte Confession, Summer Bliss, oh I love it all! Will try these soon. :)

  20. Wow innocent vixen looks so hot.

    I have this in Vampire, and using it was a bit of a challenge for me at first. I had to learn how to somehow steady my hands so I don't end up with wonky-shaped lips lol

    This just fanned the flames of my matte liquid lipstick obsession omg i need them all

  21. I love poison apple and latte confession the most! Poison apple is the perfect fierce red lippie while the latte confession is a very pretty mlbb shade. I so want to have LASplash lippies. :D

    1. Go! It's worth having a couple because they've some of the nicest colors I've seen! :D


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