Phytorelax Keratina Intensive Reconstruction Spray and Deep Reconstructor Mask Review + Swatch

Here's a review on Phytorelax Keratina Intensive Reconstruction Spray and Deep Reconstructor Mask.

PRICE: Spray- P675.00; Mask- P750.00
FROM: Free (Press sample)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Beauty Bar boutiques


Keratin is a vital protein that can be found on the external shaft of a hair strand; it's what keeps hair healthy and vibrant. When you start subjecting your hair to salon treatments, Keratin gets stripped off gradually, leaving your damaged, dry, brittle, frizzy, and lackluster.

Thankfully, some brilliant people (and possibly with really damaged hair) found a way to create Keratin and restore it to the hair; you can have your dose of Keratin in the salon and even in electronic hair tools, but the cheapest is through a Keratin- infused hair product; there's one gem of a hair brand at Beauty Bar called Phytorelax and Keratina hair care range is what has revived my hair lately; when your hair is damaged, unruly, or frizzy AF, this brand will come to your rescue!


Phytorelax is an Italian brand of face, body, and hair products that are Paraben and formaldehyde- free, and made with natural ingredients. Keratina is their Keratin- infused range dedicated to reconstructing hair and bringing back its softness, smoothness, and shine; this range uses Hydrolyzed Keratin for quicker and easier absorption.

Spray ingredients

The spray is just like water; it doesn't feel heavy or anything and has mild detangling properties; it is is meant to infuse hair with Keratin quickly and effectively, and Sericin to provide a protective barrier, thanks to its fast- absorbing, liquid formula; this increases the ability of weakened tips and lengths to retain Keratin.

Mask ingredients

This rich, deep conditioning mask infused with Keratin and Silk Proteins; the former reconstructs and the latter protects and smooths.

Both products have a floral and a trail of salon-ish scent; it doesn't smell like hair color or anything; it just reminds you of the salon. :)


Two months of usage, twice a week

I use the products in this order: First, I use the mask as a final step in the shower and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Last, I spritz the Keratin spray on the lengths and ends of my damp hair, and leave it for 3 minutes before blow drying. My hair's really beaten up due to all the hair dyes I've been having for years most especially lately when I had a Balayage; my hair was colored three times and the result was damaged AF hair. I used this product and lo and behold, my hair's health and beauty somewhat returned and it helped my hair recover from my last hair color treatment, most especially the ends!

Some thing you have to know if it's your first time to use Keratin:

1. Keratin is best used on damaged, curly, and frizzy hair for you to fully see the effects; no such thing as overstocking of Keratin; what the body don't needs, it excretes.
2. People with Dermatitis should consult with a dermatologist first before using Keratin- laden products
3. Cheap, untrusted Keratin products and treatments contain Formaldehyde so don't settle for anything cheap; Phytorelax is Formaldehyde- free.

Phytorelax Keratina is the cheapest and perhaps the safest way to experience the benefits of Keratin; didn't know that there's a treasure like this at Beauty Bar! Also if you undergo salon treatments frequently, better stock up on deep conditioning treatments such as this.


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I bookmarked this :D Your lock looks luscious!

  2. wow.. this is what I've been looking for! just last tuesday I look for a hair mask and find Monea Hydrating Hair Treatment Mask with Seaweeds (for 20ml it costs me 19php only, they have other variants and I just tried it yesterday.. the color is like those light peanut butter and the smell is bit odd for my liking) but all in all it really hydrate my hair and make it more manageable

    I love using Lucido L (i love the pink one) pero parang wala na akong nakikita sa mga watsons..

    1. I think Lucido was pulled out from the market already :(

  3. Wow.. I need that so bad. My hair is really very dry as in really dry. Is that available at Watson or SM store? Thank you.

  4. I can buy this at Beauty Bar??? OMGGGGGG I'm going to hoard lol

  5. I've received a sample if keratina before and have tried it about twice, my hair got a bit dry and frizzy from continuos hair color application and I can say that after using it my hair felt smoother for some time, maybe to see its full effect I need to continue using it but then I switched to Tresemme and I found the same results. Both product will give you healthy and bouncy hair. :)

    1. Tresemme is also great, but if you want a more concentrated form of Keratin, I would recommend this. :)

  6. Thank goodness i have thick, healthy hair because i haven't had my hair colored and i don't use hair irons or curlers but the grey hairs are starting to show up (tumatanda na talaga ako)
    This product seems to be good and it is affordable. Such a great find!

    1. Yes! Such a great find and love that it feels luxe and works!

  7. Keratin revived my hair. I haven't seen this product yet but I will keep this in my mind, I want to try the mask. Your hair looks soooo smooth.

  8. I love using keratin, though i haven't tried this product yet. I love how keratin smoothens my hair and making it look more health since i have colored hair. Will try this once i finished my other one. :)

    1. Welcome to my blog, Esmeralda; thanks for sharing your experience; I just experienced the wonders of Keratin through this product so I think I'll be including this in my routine. :)

  9. This has the quality and it's worth the price! I could see that it really works on your hair smile emoticon It looked like you have a healthy smooth hair. I've been using cheap keratin, worth 100+ pesos per jar but I can't see any improvements, it just let my hair to become soft.


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