FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Best BB Creams for Combination Oily-Dry Skin

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday; I wonder where the singer of that song, Rebecca Black, is now? Remember when this song exploded and everyone can't stop singing to it? Wherever she is, I hope Rebecca's doing great!

Today's fan mail fridays query is from Berlaine and she asks:

Hi Ms. Martha!
I am currently establishing my beauty regimen and since there are a lot of products out there, I am quite overwhelmed.
I have an oily T-Zone and relatively drier cheeks. I have warm skin and yellow undertone.
Kindly recommend a good BB Cream (with SPF) for me to try. I am so busy in the mornings and a BB Cream is my go- to product. I would prefer one that is not too heavy with good coverage.
Thank you for your help and more power!

 Hi Berlaine!

Thanks for writing to me. I talked with a friend about skin types one time and based on her experience and my assessment, we both agreed that oily-dry skin type is one of the toughest to maintain because products that will satisfy both skin types in one go are quite hard to find; perfect example is acne treatment!

But if you're not pimple- prone, then be thankful; I've a lot of friends with the same skin type, but are unfortunately acne- prone and they're always having a hard time maintaining their skin.

For your question, here five of my favorite BB Creams that I think are good not only for 


- It yields medium coverage and has a smooth, moisturizing feel, yet has a long- wearing formula.

- Big Easy has a medium to semi- full coverage and has a soft, flexible texture; it has a powdery finish that's perfect for your oily T-Zone.

- Yields light to medium coverage; has a soft, smoothing texture and lasts for a while during wear.

- A hydrating BB Cream with pretty good staying power; the hydrating effect gives skin the impression that it's well- hydrated, therefore preventing excessive sebum production.

- BB Cream in a convenient cushion packaging and has medium finish; it gives skin a dewy, hydrated look and feel.

Readers, your turn to share your favorite BB Creams for oily-dry skin types!

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've been itching to try the Pink Sugar BB Cream Ms. M but have not read any good reviews about it yet hehe. I'm also hesitant to buy a new bottle because my EB Advance BB Cream is di pa ubos. In fairness sa EB, maganda ang performance ng BB Cream nila even for oily skin. :)

    1. Wow nice mention ang EB Bb cream. I thought I would skip cheaper brands when it comes to BB but thanks sa recommendation sis!

  2. Sorry but wala akong pedeng marecommend na BB Cream for oily-dry skin, wala kase akong alam eh. I have a normal skin, I used The Body Shop BB Cream, it's light and not sticky on my face. Parang naggloglow ung face ko. After that, I apply my pressed powder, blush on and lipstick. Thats it and I'm ready to go.

  3. I love BB cream but when I discover cushion I love it more (I'm obsessed with Bobbi's) :D

  4. The Maybelline Super BB Cream is a good option too! :) Medium coverage, powder matte finish.

    1. I tried this Maybelline too but I am not so much fond of too much matte bb creams

  5. Thanks for posting this Ms. Martha. Now there are more options for oily faced folks like me. Definitely trying out your suggestions here. Happy Friday!

  6. I haven't try any of those BB CREAMS you suggest Ms. Martha, and just like Berlaine I want Go To products because I have limited time to put make up because I have lots of thing to do in my work and also I'm very far in my workplace...This recommendation is very helpful to us♥♥♥

  7. The Laneige one will be the best for me in this list! That is a must try for everyone. The downside is that the shades may not match many because Korean skin base makeups tend to have light shades but it does stay on to the skin for so long even with our country's very hot weather. I am oily but it controls it (you need to set it with powder though).

  8. I have combination skin type too and I'm using Tonymoly Luminous Goddess Aura BB cream. It's lightweight, medium coverage and it works well for me. Plus it's SPF37 good enough protection from the harmful UV rays.��

  9. I have extremely oily t-zone but my cheeks gets dry and flaky sometimes. I hate it when i see my day cream and foundation crease because of the dryness of my cheeks. I'm currently using a CC cream from Tony Moly but i'm thinking of trying out either Pink Sugar or Maybelline BB cream.

  10. I am an Etude and bobi brown bb cream lover until i tried Laneige because of korean drama Descendants of the Sun where they used to promote it. Not bevause of the famous drama but the fact that it gives perfect complexion to your skin. I have to mention have zero pores..that was the experience when i tried it. It will stay on your skin longer than you thought...sulit ang price.

  11. I have a few bb creams I use on rotational basis lol Missha Vita Bb, The Face Shop and TonyMoly Aura. To be honest I am not fully satisfied with them coz they do tend to make me oily. Nasasayangan lang ako na wag gamitin haha! I do have combination so this post is perfect and I think Id go to try Benefit Big Easy and Etude House Precious BB


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