Etude House Precious Mineral Blooming Fit BB Cream W13 and Perfect Fit BB Cream N02 Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Etude House Precious Mineral Blooming Fit BB Cream in W13 (Natural Beige) and Perfect Fit BB Cream in N02 (Light Beige).

Price: P848.00/each
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It's been a year and in my opinion, the promising CC Cream had never caught up with the popularity of BB Creams at least here in the Philippines-the latter still remains popular! It will take something else-I don't know, maybe a tweak in the formula, performance, and finish, perhaps?-for Filipinas to slowly transition to CC Cream because at the moment, it isn't a far cry from the good ol' BB.

Anyway, I'm reviewing two popular BB Creams from Etude House called Precious Mineral Blooming Fit BB Cream in W13 and Precious Mineral Perfect Fit BB Cream in N02. Maybe this will come handy if you're looking for new BB Creams to try for this year!


Precious Mineral is Etude House best- selling line of face bases. In this line, you'll find these two variants, the Precious Mineral BB Any Cushion Color Correctors and Precious Mineral Any Cushion BB Creams, Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream, Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream, and a couple of primers. Precious Mineral is formulated with minerals that brighten and lighten the complexion, protect skin from the sun, and anti- aging ingredients. These BB Creams that I am about to review come in three shades, respectively.

Cotton Fit, Perfect Fit, Blooming Fit, Bright Fit-are these simply Etude House's cute ways to call these BB Creams or do they really mean anything? Surprise, surprise-it's the latter! I found out recently through Andrea Amado, president of AGC, the distributors of Etude House in the Philippines that these names differentiate the overall finish and performance of these BB Creams (aside from being cute ways to call a makeup product)!

How do you know which one suits you?

Perfect Fit- full, foundation- like coverage, perfect for any skin type
Blooming Fit- sheer to medium coverage, perfect for Normal and Dry Skin
Cotton Fit- matte, perfect for oily skin
Bright Fit- dewy, hydrating finish, perfect for Normal and Dry Skin

Now that's something new! :D

The BB Creams come in a tube with a pump dispenser. I also like that the tubes can stand on their own!

Ingredients: Left, Perfect Fit; Right, Blooming Fit

Swatches and my full review after the break!

Perfect Fit N02 is a very light beige with a neutral undertone and Blooming Fit W13 is a fair beige shade with a yellow undertone. The Precious Mineral BB Creams are friendlier to fairer skin tones and it's a sad story for morenas like me. :p 

Both products have a very emollient yet lightweight consistency and a very light floral scent, but have a different finish and coverage: Perfect Fit has medium to heavy coverage with a semi- matte finish while Blooming Fit has sheer to medium coverage with a dewy finish.


Bare skin

One layer of Blooming Fit BB Cream W13 Natural Beige

It can cover light to medium marks and to some extent, small face bumps-it can even give the illusion of a poreless complexion plus I like that it spreads out evenly and manages to look even even with minimal blending. Finish is semi- matte with a hint of dewiness.

BB Cream set with Canmake Marshmallow Powder

Blooming Fit looks so pretty under natural lighting and in photos taken during daytime (but not in flash photography because of the high SPF content). If you find a match in the available shades, you're in for some luck, but if you don't, you'd have to keep in hand a shade- matching powder or bronzer to tame down the white cast. It still looks pretty on any skintone it's on regardless! Staying power is okay, but oil control is very minimal.

Tip: Got morena skin? You can use this as a concealer or liquid highlighter instead!

One layer of Perfect Fit BB Cream N02 Light Beige

This BB Cream has a nice brightening effect on the skin sans shimmer and can even pass off as foundation due to its full- on coverage, but it's too light and quite streaky. Finish is dewy. Was surprised to know that for a BB Cream that promises foundation- like coverage, it cannot minimize the appearance of small face bumps very well.

Ah, the magic of good pressed powders! :D Anyway, this product, I use when on casual days likes picking up groceries, lounging in coffee shops, or meeting the BF for a quick dinner. Between Blooming Fit and this, this one is the most emollient, which makes it perfect for dry skin, but it has no oil control and even causes my face to oil up for a wee bit more when the weather is warm and humid.

Given the information on these BB Creams that I have provided at the beginning of this post, I think they're okay just as long as you choose the one that's right for your skin type. In terms of performance, quality, and finish, Blooming Fit brings home the bacon. I wish to try Cotton Fit in the near future as I think it'll suit my skin type best.



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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have this one in a lighter shade and I love it! It minimizes the red spots on my face, creating an illusion of flawless skin. :) It doesn't make my face oilier pa. I'm also experimenting with their CC cream

  2. hi ms m.. there are articles about fake etude house products sold via IG sellers

  3. I enjoyed reading your reviews Ms. Martha and this one is no exception.Btw, I have recently acquired the Perfect Fit variant also in W13 and I must say I agree with you that it's streaky.I have tried the Cotton Fit variant before, and It's way better than Perfect fit in terms of coverage although it did highlight dry patches on my skin before(unless I use a good moisturizer).Although perfect fit may not do much in terms of coverage, it is quite light on the skin and almost like a CC Cream to me(but a little better in terms of coverage).If you dig Coco nucifera or coconut oil like me,hehe, this is a nice BB Cream for you.Thank you for your review Ms. Martha:)

  4. I want to try this! But I'm torn between Cotton Fit and Blooming Fit XD

  5. Hi! Wish EH gave you the darkest shades so that shade-adjusting becomes easier. I have the Cotton Fit variant and it has the tendency to look cakey and unnatural even if I applied it minimally and even waited for my moisturizer to set :( Hope the new packaging of Cotton Fit has a better formulation (although from what I heard, content is still the same).

  6. i am using the perfect fit and so far i love using it naman :D

  7. I have been eyeing on this BB cream because of its good coverage and a cute packaging :) Super love! Lovin' that it also have a brightening effect! :)

  8. Sis, I love ETUDE Precious Mineral BB Cream Perfect Fit . In fact I found where to buy cheaper price (than the mall) here:

  9. I have never had any trouble with Etude's BB Cream, except for color compatibility that is. Back when I wasn't as picky or strict about selecting foundations and BB's, I went with the second-to-the-lightest shade all the time so that either my mom or I could use it. Big mistake. I have to accept that I have a completely different coloring from her, so bbs/foundations are the one thing we can't actually use the same of.

    I won't let it spoil the experience. I know that EH has amazing BB's. It's only a matter of finally getting the color that's meant for me.

  10. I was so unhappy with the Etude House BB Cream I bought last Saturday. I asked the saleslady what was best for combination skin and she gave me the Bright Fit one. She said they had only a few stocks left so I bought one right away. But when I already tried it on, it made my skin look really oily. I did some research and found that Bright Fit is actually an old formula (best for dry skin, not combination to oily skin) and has even been discontinued in other countries. Not sure whether the saleslady was simply ignorant of the products or they were instructed to get rid of the remaining Bright Fit stocks because it might soon be discontinued in the Philippines like in other countries.

    1. That was unfortunate. But again,dont just believe any salesperson because they gonna sell it no matter how. So be clear about what you want. Ask about their products, but never make them choose for you.

  11. I have the cc cream! But for the next time i'll buy i'm gonna try the blooming


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