Origins' New Products Will Improve Your Face Mask Rituals

Origins is a brand that's globally famous and loved for their masks; every person who tries their products can't help, but fall in love with their masks and I am speaking from experience; I've been using their masks for 6 months now and I am head over heels with them, most especially Out of Trouble and Clear Here. Just this season, Origins has launched two products that will cement their status as the world famous mask brand: By All Greens and Maskimizer.

Origins Maskimizer is a pre-mask spray that optimizes skin, making it more responsive to your mask rituals; it is made with Marine Algae Complex that softens and hydrates.

Origins By All Greens is a new, innovative foaming mask that nourishes and cleanses; it is infused with the healthiest greens that are known for their superb antioxidant properties: Spirulina, Green Tea, Spinach, and Green Superfood Powerhouses; it detoxifies, cleanses, and unclogs pores.

Right side uses Clear Here mask with no Maskimizer and left side uses the same mask, but with Maskimizer.

After 10 minutes...

First impression is the one with Maskimizer looks more even and well- absorbed versus the one without it. Promising!

Meanwhile, here's By All Greens; it's soft, soothing, and gentle, and it left my skin looking really fresh!

With Nikki and Sam of Origins Philippines; thanks for having me in this informative, interesting one on one! :)

BRB. Gonna use this duo today!

Origins Maskimizer and By All Greens are now available at Origins SM Makati. For more information about these products, visit ORIGINS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I loooove masks, especially its soothing effects after application. I've read a lot of good reviews for Origins' masks, but again, i am limited to those available here in Davao and sadly, this is not one of them. :( I'm also guessing these babies cost a fortune, so I'm kinda okay coz i cant afford pa rin naman kahit andito na haha

  2. Whoa I have a feeling that I need to get this! Origin is genius not only it extend my use of my tube but it will also make my mask more effective it's like hitting two birds in one stone :D

  3. i have tried using sheet mask and peel off mask but not this kind of mask.. like you ms m i do love masking, nakakarelax plus instant face glow ang result

  4. Mas naging effective nga ung Clear Here mask with Origins Maskimizer. I've never been tried any mask before. But this Origins Maskimizer is a must try.

  5. I've never tried any masks before but this Origins Maskizimer is a must try when using a mask. It makes your masks achieve the best result.

  6. One of the beauty essentials to have is a mask... I'm super addict on using mask I have diff mask including sheet mask and a clay mask.. I haven't try this one,,,Need to get one and try it....

  7. i bet when you use the two new products, your skin will be happy. :)

  8. I use a ton of masks and my family knows it. They actually bought this one for me but I still haven't tried it yet 'cause I am not at home but if I do, I'll definitely slap this one on my face. Looking forward to great results!

  9. The green ingredients listed to be in this Origins All Greens mask are the detoxify kings!

  10. Also, I think that Maskimizer is a first in the market.


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