Kryolan TV Paint Stick in CF3 Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Kryolan T.V. Paint Stick in CF3.

PRICE: Around P1,400.00+
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Kryolan Il Terrazo and Promenade, Greenhills


Aside from Kryolan Supracolor, another well- loved foundation, at least in the Theatre, is the classic Kryolan T.V. Paint Stick; I myself for one loved using this product in stage plays, specifically in the ones staged on small theater spaces (such as THY at Faculty Center (RIP, THY :((( ) because it perfects the skin without looking unnatural even up close; that is the reason why it's called T.V. Paint Stick because it's formulated for T.V. use where subjects are magnified times ten.

Along with MAC Full Coverage Foundation, this is a cream foundation I swear by because it can be used both for PRO or everyday makeup and it covers imperfections and leaves you with great- looking skin flawlessly, naturally.


This classic cream stick foundation is widely used in the theatre, film, and photography; it apparently has a special base that helps cover and conceal at the same time; it offers 250 shades.


Yeah, T.V. Paint Stick comes in 250 shades; I used to own a cocoa brown shade and used it as body foundation for a play wherein I portrayed a town fool (Sepang Loca), one as a regular foundation for straight plays, and now this; the 250 shade selection is what makes this product indispensable for professional use; it offers a lot of options for mixing colors to create the desired and accurate base match.

This is a regular PRO stick foundation; nothing fancy with the packaging, but it's decent; Kryolan focuses more on the product than the packaging. The cap twists to a close so you won't lose it.

CF3 is a medium beige shade with a yellow undertone; it's a shade lighter than my skin tone though; didn't get a chance to choose a shade because this is just a Press sample, but I've learned over the years that it's easier to correct a lighter foundation than a darker one so I'm okay with it!

Consistency is a smooth cream that glides easily, it has a pretty strong fragrance to it (fyi), and coverage is medium to heavy. No need for concealer if you're using this product; in fact, it can even act as concealer!

Screenshot from

I felt that need to show and explain how Kryolan's T.V. Paint Stick color chart works so here it goes; the shades come in a variety of undertones and shades (Pink, Yellow, Olive, Neutral)

For Asian/Oriental skin tone, the F range (yellow tones; like this shade, CF3) is generally our shade range.

For caucasian skin, the W range (pink tones) is a match.

For mediterranean/Indian skin tone, the G, W, and F range will fit.

For African skin, the TAN and some W shades will fit.

Before, you won't find a shade that will exactly fit your skin tone because this product is developed to be mixed and matched with other shades from the range, but they expanded it now to make it easier for everyday wear. T.V. Paint Stick's shade chart is random, not progressive. #FYI


One layer of T.V. Paint Stick

This is a pretty concentrated form of makeup so here are ways to make it easier for you to use:

1. Apply small streaks across your face; this is a way to control the coverage; don't apply a lot right away because as I said, it's concentrated makeup.

2. Use a flat top kabuki to buff the product on the skin; I find that this is the best brush to use on this product.

3. If you don't have a kabuki brush, a sponge will do, specifically a damp sponge to help take away any excess.

TIP: Blend, blend, blend. Otherwise, it may appear cakey!

Set with powder afterwards.

T.V. Paint Stick makes my skin look amazing in photos and even in person!

Whenever I use this product, I almost always don't feel the need to layer it a second time because it has really good coverage. It doesn't control oil, but doesn't induce it and I find that the coverage stays intact and fades minimally during wear. No breakouts with it too!

I'm reminded again of how much I love this product. :) It's my secret weapon for professional makeup and when I'm having really bad skin!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I think this Kryolan TV Paint Stick is a good one. The coverage is good and you didn't have a breakouts. Plus it has 250 shades to choose
    from. Nagpeplay ka pala, siguro ang galing mong mag act.

    1. Haha. My mentors are the best ones to ask about my acting lol :D

  2. Looks so good on you Ms. M! I myself also convinced that this is a good product because it does it all. Since it has a good coverage no need to layer up tons of makeup to cover imperfections. Just the one I need. =)

  3. Blend nga ng bongga talaga ata dapat dyan Ms. Martha. Kasi parang kung titignan mo super hirap nya iblend. (For me) pero mukhang okay naman sya sa face mo Ms. Martha. 😍❤️

  4. wow for 250 shades! does it feel sticky/ heavy?

    1. No if you apply it thinly. But if you have really oily skin, it might feel heavy. :)

  5. I first saw this product using by popular MUA here in PH. I checked their IG account & they have great products and also the Concealer...

  6. I will get that one someday! It seems perfect for oily skin!

    1. It might feel heavy on oily skin, but amazingly, it lasts even on oily skin. That's why I love Kryolan's bases!

  7. whenever i heard this brand all i can think is "air brush makeup" i love the finish you got ms M!


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