MEGA Japan Haul!

Apologies for the blog tardiness, I just got back from my Tokyo, Japan trip; had too much fun exploring the city and I was suspended in travel nirvana for the last 5 days that I've forgotten all about blogging. Oops! :D

Just showing my "damage" from my recent trip. 

P.S. I realized, it's all food so I should switch to food blogging haha; Japan really has the yummiest snacks, it's irresistible to bring home a lot!

 Kit Kat Green Tea galore, yummy seaweed, and Milky candies.

Pocky is a favorite snack of mine and I was thrilled to see tons of Pocky variants at Daily Yamazaki convenience store; can't wait to enjoy these! 

Specialty food such as Tokyo Banana Roar, Royce Chocolate (it's really affordable there!), Fuji apple, the best- selling Pablo Cheese Tarts, and The Cheese Cake from Ginza.

Update: Cheesecake from Ginza is DA BOMB.

Hauls from my trip to Sanrio Puroland and Kiddyland at Omotesando. My best buys would have to be the Pusheen plushie and Sailor Moon iPhone case!

If you are into cute socks, Japan is the place to be; hoarded these cute socks at Takeshita, land of Cosplay fashion. Got these Muji undies for my mom because according to her, these are comfy and she loves them!

Time for my beauty hauls! I hoarded my favorite Perfect Whip Facial Wash and Biore Facial Wipes; I also purchased new stuff like the Tsubaki Conditioner, Canmake Concealer Kit, Pigeon Baby Powder, Cezanne Makeup Base, and crowd favorite Softymo Cleansing Oil by Kose.

Also purchased high end beauty products such as Les Merveilleuse by Laduree (Finally!), Giorgio Armani Face Fabric foundation for mom, and Aesop spot treatment.

 Tokyo Disney Sea hauls for mom and I!

Japan is known for affordable shoes and they get even more affordable during sale season! I scored these Nike Tanjuns for only P2.7k (when converted). Amazzziinggg!

That's all! Will blog about my Japan adventure very soon. ;)

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. this is what i've been waiting for! Your haul post! (i still imagine the first japan haul post with lots of tokyo banana, and yes you still get them!)

    Kitkats!!! i dunno if the one they were selling from daiso tastes just the same (wondering) i was amazed that my little mini me likes it more (matcha) rather than the chocolate flavor. We love seaweeds too! even made our own version of sushi! (is it a rice cracker? the circle one that looks like waffle)

    Babushka socks!!! Sailormoon phone case! --> back to 90's!!!

    I saw Perfect Whip from IG resellers.. and I am curious.. do you have reviews on them Ms M?

    I would love to read your thoughts on those Les Merveilleuse by Laduree you purchased! cute packaging!!! reminds me of Jill Stuart Makeups!!!

    I love everything you get! Siguro if I would get the chance to travel to Japan I will hoard most of FOOD, Second is SKINCARE!

  2. Ohh! Nice haul! I love the sailor moon phone case, it's so cute. I've tried some of the items you've bought and I have to say I love pocky too, but I love Meiji more! Fortunately, for those who won't be able to visit Japan, anytime soon (or if you run out of stocks, Ms. Martha 😉), some of these can actually be found in Family Mart (so hopefully, when I start craving for sweets I'd be able to get my hands on them!). It looks like you enjoyed your stay in Japan, your readers (esp me) are glad you we're able to come back home safely. Tc!

  3. Ugh I wish I could go to Japan and purchase shoes and design fit for my tiny feet :D

  4. Wow ang dame. Kitkat Green Tea and Pocky are favorites ng mga chikiting ko. Ang cute ng mga hello kitty stuff, lalo na ng brush. Tsaka ang sexy ng iphone case, Sailor Moon.

  5. WOW! Super mega haul :D Love those Kitkats ♥

    Wannderzel by Hazel

  6. Oh my! My boyfriend working there been telling me how affordable most of the items there. Woohh! How I love to be there really soon. Hope that he could get me to visit there as well. I know you had such a great time there. More of your travels again soon :)

  7. Nice Haul, Ms. M.

    I love your haul from Sanrio Puroland. do you have review for pure Whip? Matcha galore! <3

  8. YAY!!! I've been waiting for this blog!!! Japan haul finally!!!! Nakakapag laway lahat ng chocolates esp the Kitkat Green tea!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭 Sana makapunta din ako ng JAPAN. 😭😭 super duper cute ng mga socks like omg para sa katulad kong cute socks junkee nakakaloka tignan. Maglalaway nalang mata mo 😭😭

    And the hellow kitty stuffs toooooo. Hays. Pati yung sailor moon phone case. Ugh i'm a sucker for cute stuffs.... 💔💔💔 gusto ko na pumunta ng JAPAN 😢😢😢😭😭 Mga anime stuffs i want madami don 101% sure. Huhu this blog makes me want to go to japan as in now na. Lol 😭😭😭 Umpisahan ko na maglakad hahaha

    Ay grabe. Thanks for sharing all the stuffs you bought Ms. Martha! Inaantay ko talaga to kasi i know makakakita ako mga cute stuffs. Haha. And chocolates.... 😛😛😛😋

    Ingat Ms. Martha!!! Have fun shopping and traveling ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Perfect Whip is life!!! Gaah. I didn't know it's cheaper to buy shoes in Japan. I'm going there in October, I'll keep that in mind! And... that's a lot of food! Haha!

  10. omg those socks are so cute!! how much are they?

  11. Wow! Green Tea Kitkat, Pusheen, Hello Kitty, Royce, Pocky, Biore wipes, and the chocolats, OMG!!!! I love everything I am seeing!

  12. (oh dear, i accidentally sent my comment as a message/question. i'm really sorry about that!) japan is definitely my favourite country and this brings back such great memories about it. your haul is amazing, and the matcha kit kats are the absolute best things ever!

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  14. Great haul :)
    We recently went to Japan as well, shopping there was amazing. Not to mention the HUGE selection of snacks. Green tea KitKats are among our favorites ^^

    - Milla <3 /


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