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Travalo and Perfume Pod Review + Price

Here's a review on Travalo and Perfume Pod.

PRICE: Travalo- P999.75; Perfume Pod- P349.75
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at 2F Travalo, SM North EDSA, 4L SM Aura, and Lazada Philippines 


True story: I had to leave behind a Kenzo Flower 90ml perfume in my first ever international trip just because it was too big, as deemed by an airport personnel.

True story 2: My bag had a hard fall and a couple of minutes after, the bottom of my bag got soaking wet and to my horror, my favorite Anna Sui Secret Wish broke into pieces.

These two are just some of the many perfume mishaps I have encountered over the years and it's just heartbreaking trying to remember them all LOL.

Now I'm wondering why after all these years of being a perfume lover and collector, why did I only encounter Travalo and Perfume Pod now, these ultra useful perfume atomizers that could have helped me prevent all those perfume heartbreaks; these beauty gadgets are literally life savers and they make almost all perfumes more travel- friendly!


Made in Germany, Travalo features the patented Genie-S refill system, allowing easy refill with just a few pumps while Perfume Pod is a 3-inch atomizer that features practically the same refilling system; these multi-awarded atomizers come in various colors. 

Both are made by the same company, can produce 60- 85 sprays, weighs roughly about 5ml, but what mainly differentiates the two are the price and look; Travalo has a stylish, sturdy airline- grade aluminum body while Perfume Pod has a trendy, clear shatter proof bottle; they resemble the sleek, handy look of a lipstick, making them stylishly handy.


Here's an illustration on how both vials work and how to use them; you simply insert the bottom of the atomizers on the atomizer sticks of the perfume bottles and just pump away until the units are filled up; there are atomizers at the bottom of each Travalo and Perfume Pod atomizer that allow for easy refilling; it's that easy; no need to spray perfumes into smaller bottles! 

However, each unit can only accommodate one perfume because there's no way to wash the inside, but if you want to experiment with perfumes, then by all means, use it for another perfume; if you're going to do this, I would advise you to stick with the same fragrance family so the difference will only be subtle and for a more successful mixing and matching.

I couldn't be any happier for discovering these products; finally, no more confiscated perfumes, shattered perfumes, bulky bags, weary shoulders, and perfume wastage due to desperate attempts to transfer perfumes into smaller bottles; I think everyone should have Travalo and Perfume Pod because these are soooo convenient!


Please visit TRAVALO PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

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21 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I remember how my dad was asked to leave behind a brand new, barely-opened, Charriol perfume when we went to Iloilo a few years back. It had been his first time to invest in a high-end scent, and ever since that incident he has never dared to try out expensive perfume again. Too bad these kinds of containers hadn't been available (or if they were, they were not as popular) that time. This would be a great gift idea for people who are into collecting scents! I'm thinking of giving one for my mom because she's been very much into perfumes and she travels a lot because of her work. :)

    1. Ouchhh! Sorry to hear about that. Now you know that there's Travalo and Perfume Pod!

  2. I also have perfume atomizer I bought at BEABI, But unlike this one ung skin para matransfer ko yung perfume iniispray ko lang sya sa bottle sayang kasi my mga natatapon..I bought it around 120 ata.

    1. Yes, I heard Beabi has their own version. I'll go check that out. :)

  3. I will go for Perfume Pod because it is more cheaper but designed by the same company that makes Travalo. This invention is a great help for someone who loves perfume, it is travel friendly. You can bring your favorite perfume wherever you go.

  4. hope they release a new line in which we can clean the inner part,so we can change scents from time to time.

  5. Wow, what a breakthrough finally we're having them is a relief! Brilliant idea for the perfume pod!

  6. You're really a perfume lover Ms. Martha, maybe someday magising nalang ako na gusto na magcollect ng perfumes. Haha parang dati di ko maisip na magugustuhan ko make ups., haha. Ang ganda nung perfume pod

  7. This is great! I also wanted my things to come in handy because I am a light traveller. I don't want things so bulky. Thanks!

  8. A life saver, indeed. I actually asked my cousin to buy me this one when you first posted about this but she still hasn't visited the province so I have to wait to have it. So excited!!!

  9. Parting with perfume bottles while travelling is such a headache/heartache :(

    I have something that looks very similar to the Travalo, which I bought from Beabi for around P 500.00

  10. Your true story 2 also happened to me Ms.M! My bag fell and I didn't know that my perfume got broken. I only found out when I tried to reach for my wallet and got pricked with a broken glass. Ouch! Pero mas ouch when I found out that my fave Lanvin eclat was broken into pieces. I would probably go for the pod coz it's cheaper with the same function. But I hope they could come up with a pod that we can clean inside para mas economical. Hehehe! =)

    1. Ouucchh! I felt my heart pound a lil' harder when I learned it was Lanvin Eclat; that's my favorite! :p At least you know there's Travalo and Perfume Pod!

  11. i first saw this from the glamourbox page at sobra akong na-amazed kung paano ito gamitin it only cost much for me good thing there are cheaper alternatives and also good thing that i prefer light scents and colognes..


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