Lately, I’ve seen friends who got married finally to the love of their lives; I’ve always loved happy endings, weddings in particular, because they fill me with so much love and make me look forward to the time when I will finally seal the deal with the love of my life.

Are you getting married soon? Then take a look at this list of products, services, and gifts that you’ll definitely fancy for your special day.

Start investing in key makeup pieces that you can use for your wedding. Be in the know and look up trends in makeup that will be big in your wedding season. If you’re getting married at the end of this year, I’m telling you now, highlighting will be big so try POP Beauty’s new POP Makeup Collection for a complexion that’s poppin’ and glowin’. This collection features four products: Highlighter quad that features shades for every skin type, new shades of nail lacquer, colored mascara for daring brides out there, and a permanent lip color that will last food, wine, and kisses.

POP Beauty Pow Wow Powder (P1,190.00)- Quads of pigmented complexion powders that colors, highlights, and warms up the complexion
Shades: Strobin’ Glow, Rockin Rouge, Beachin’ Bronze

POP Beauty Lashy Flashy Mascara (P790.00)- Bring your lashes to life with these colorful mascaras. Packed with Panthenol and Aloe Vera to nourish lashes.
Shades: Tantalizing Teal

POP Beauty Permanent Pout Lipstick (P750.00)- long- wearing, comfortable, and has a velvet matte finish. Long- wearing and kiss- proof.
Shades: Razzle Rose, Poppy Pout, Rouge Red, OMG Violet, Pink Honey, Power Pink

For more information about these products, visit POP BEAUTY PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

What’s a handy, perfect gift for new homemakers? Favori Air Purifiers and Atomizers. Favori’s air purifiers help cleanse the air and at the same time, perfume the surroundings with scents that you can mix and match according to your favorite notes and preferred feeling. There are dozens of scents to choose from from citrus, to aquatic, to earthy, and best part is they’re quite easy to mix and match with each other. I personally like mixing Olive Branch and Lemon to soothe my senses, and Peppermint and The Vert to lull me to sleep.

Favori also has other home fragrances such as Pet Colognes, linen sprays, and my favorite Bathroom Doodoo Deodorizer and Exercise Gear Disinfectant.

Favori  Air Purifier is at P1,600.00 and the home sprays and essential oils are at P150.00, respectively. For more information, visit FAVORI SCENTS on Facebook.

Start taking of your skin now so you’ll look your healthy, glowing best come the wedding day. If you’re having dull, tired, sagging, wrinkled skin, combat them with Watson and their Kiss Aging Goodbye promo. Simply look for participating anti-aging brands and products with the ‘Kiss Aging Goodbye’ sticker and get a chance to win a P200,00.00 shopping spree plus shopping points for SM Advantage card holders. For more information, visit WATSONS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

Whether he’s finally popped the question, you’ve started looking for suppliers, or you're halfway through the planning already, Bridestory can always come handy for you. Bridestory is the leading online wedding marketplace in Southeast Asia. I’ve recently discovered this app and I wish I did earlier so I could have shared it with to-be-married friends, but now I’m sharing it with my brides-to-be readers out there!

At Bridestory, you can access all the top wedding suppliers – from food to venue- right at your fingertips. What’s great about the app is you can set parameters for an easier, quicker search, contact suppliers right away, create a mood board for your wedding theme, and draw inspiration from featured weddings through their blog. Whatever wedding you have in mind, you can build it with Bridestory. What’s great with it is they have a website and mobile app; feel free to resume with your planning with Bridestory on any platform anytime, anywhere, and with no fuss.

For more information, visit BRIDESTORY PHILIPPINES’ official website.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Havent tried any producta from Pop but Im planning to buy their lippies. Im starting to collect lippies na can't get over with it! Favori Scemt is the best Aroma for home!

  2. I am not getting married yet but I really love the idea of wedding. I know most of the girls were looking forward to have their dream wedding. I am thinking of a fairytale or in a forest but of course my first choice will always be in a church then just incorporate it with the theme I like. Woah! Purifiers! What a coincidence. I am looking for the water based oil for our purifier here at the office as we ran out of it already just a few drops left. My boss bought our Fresh Bamboo water based oil at Mia Maison and it's 2K plus but it lasts for 3 months already. How about that brand you mentioned, where can we buy it? How much is it? I also got the idea of having an air purifier in my own home when I get married hopefully 2-3 years from now. Looking forward to more wedding stories as well and how to take care of the skin few months or days before getting married as it will so stressful then. Hahaha.

  3. Me and my husband also love the Aroma Oils and we both like the Pepper Mint Scent,Rose and Eucalyptus the room.always smell.nice,fresh and clean.
    I'm planning to try the Collagen in Watson but I'm still looking for reviews about it.

  4. My man and I will celebrating 10yrs of marriage this coming December. And I like to go to Watson to buy some skincare products. Yahoo

  5. I also love weddings... I've helped organized four weddings already including mine so I love the idea that you share things that will help the wedding preparations.. It's nice to share thoughts on wedding preps! Read a lot of books, magazines about weddings and you'll definitely learn a lot!

  6. This post is already book marked and shared to my friends (yeah friends) that will be saying "I do's"on December! (Many of my friends and relatives Wed this year)

  7. Pop Beauty's new releases are looking very promising! I think they're hosting a giveaway with Glamourbox featuring their new additions. I especially like the liquid lipsticks! But the packaging is very nice and it makes me want to get all the other things in this new collection! :) Favori's items are quite affordable :) When we get essential oils for our air purifiers, they usually cost around 500 pesos for a small bottle, so Favori's offers are already quite a steal. I will definitely recommend this to my parents! :) Thank you for sharing <3

  8. I also love weddings. I can't wait for the time when I will get married too. :) Pop Beauty's items look promising though. :) I'll try it out soon. Thanks Martha! :)

  9. Not too soon, Ms. M. but I feel so excited and happy talking and reading prepartions about weddings! for the list you've mentioned, I love air purifiers! super nakaka uplift ng spirit lang. I love fresh bamboo scent from Mia Maison.

  10. I don't know when I'll be in that state but I'll be ecstatic when I find the ONE, and THE ONE to find ME.You'll be the first to know. This is a great read for all those planning their wedding. Love the recommendations too. Thanks Ms. Martha. Keep on blogging. Pop Beauty's stash is something worth checking out too.

  11. This will come in handy when i find the right guy for me. 😊 Will definitely share this to my sister & cousins who are already planning about weddings. I enjoy watching proposal and wedding videos on youtube Hihi love helping in organizing for parties coz i enjoy arts &crafts. Heard a lot of good reviews on POP beauty makeups and love to try some good highlights. Oh and peppermint is my fave scent for the purifier. 😊


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