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Here's a review on Browhaus Classic Brow Lead.

PRICE: P648.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Browhaus salons


There are some beauty products that you just can't seem to quit even if you've tried better or more innovative ones such as the classic eyebrow pencil; I may be a gel type person now, but I still keep pencils in hand for quick brow enhancement.

Browhaus, along with their new makeup range, launches Classic Brow Lead, which is just apt for the brand; it's the classic eye brow pencil with intense staying power; it's another product that seals your love and commitment to Browhaus!


This classic eye brow pencil that claims to stay for up to 24 hours. It comes in three shades: Blonde, Asphalt, Soft Brown.


This is a dual ended that comes with a medium- sized spoolie to fit a variety of brow shapes and sizes. Love that it comes with its own sharpener too!

Here are all the shades of this product:

Top: Soft Brown
Center: Blonde
Bottom: Asphalt

The pencils are sturdy and have a soft yet hard texture; it's actually a nice texture because it lets you build the product gradually, thus helping minimize mistakes. Just like most classic pencils, this one is a bit hard to spread out; I figured that this one's not really meant to be spread across the brow area given its texture so best to apply it all over the brow and just tone down the coverage with a spoolie.


Soft Brown on my brows

Soft Brown is the only shade that suits me, although I find it a wee bit dark for my preference, to be honest. Blonde's too yellow and light for me to imagine it on Filipinas, but hey, more and more Pinays are becoming adventurous with their hair by going Blonde so maybe this will suit them. Asphalt, on the other hand, is a color that will look nice and natural on very fair skin.

Indeed, this one stays put the whole day. I can even work out in this one without worry. Overall, it's your good ol' eye brow pencil with extra good staying power, plus it's affordable too. I just wish that more colors will be introduced.


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I went to Lucky Chinatown last weekend and I saw one of BrowHaus branch there and the place is so cool. It has tents. and the color is so refreshing. I wasn't able to check it out further coz I am in a rush I just got items from Leaders Philippines and went home already because it's raining and gagabihin na talaga ako sa daan. Haha. but I didn't know that they have items like this as well.

  2. I have the blonde shade but it doesnt suits me.

  3. Sobrang love ko talaga yung brows mo Ms.Martha.
    I love using eye brow pencil talaga.

  4. I really wanna try their services and products na! Been hearing, watching and reading lots of reviews from BrowHaus. If there's time I will try their services and products!! 💛

  5. I'm very impressed with Browhaus, they're really delving deeply into the make up game! It's no doubt that their services can change your outlook in life, and it's even better to know that they now have products to help your maintain your investment with them! I heard that their eyeliners and pencils are great, so I'm excited about this pencil! This looks like it might be a dupe for Anastasia's wood type brow pencil. The color selection is a bit narrow but they're really great shades. I think Asphalt could also work well with dark hair because it's ashy! I hope they expand their color selection to suit more hair colors! :) How many grams does this pencil contain? I love how it's on the firmer side because I tend to overdo my brows when a pencil is too creamy. I always prefer less pigmented or ones harder in formula because they're easier to control and build up! :) I've been looking for a mid to high end brow pencil to try, and this is a strong contender so far because it has your seal of approval! :)

  6. Ganda po ng Brows mo.<3 Pinapatubo ko ung brows ko ngayon to try their service, my cousin recently avail of the brow construction service and ang ganda kahit di gamitan ng pencil on point padin. hehe

    I'm using the one from nichido. :)

  7. Ang ganda ng kilay mo Ms. Martha. Someday matututo din ako nyan.

  8. para ngang not wearable ang shades, the soft brown shade is too dark the other two shades too light naman, perhaps you can mix any two of them to come up with a nice shade! nice and dual ended type of brow product, mas convenient dalhin :)

  9. Asphalt looks too gray on my brows I'm not so happy with my purchase though, my fair skinned cousin loves this shade (perhaps, I'll give mine to her?)


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