Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder.

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I did a review on Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder before and I loved it; unfortunately, it's not available here and I've been meaning to find an alternative; at long last, I found one in Etude House Drying Powder, an affordable, good setting powder that controls oil, helps prevent breakouts, and gives a soft, matte makeup finish that can rival not only Innisfree's, but some pricey setting powders to boot!


This finishing powder is the final step in the brand's Zero Sebum range. It contains 80% mineral powder that helps wipe away oil and dry up acne- causing excess sebum on the surface. Features Cotton Extract that helps protect skin, Sugar Polymer from Plankton extract that helps remove excess oil, and Sebum Control Mix, a combination of fermented bean, willow, cinnamon, oregano, pine, portulaca oleracea, and gold to help with sebum troubles.


Product comes with a micro fiber puff. I prefer using a fluffy brush with this one as it tends to deliver a hint of white cast if not dispersed evenly.

The powder is finely milled and has a dry texture; it is comparable to the texture of HD powders. It yields a matte look and feel, but doesn't make skin look and feel dry, plus it feels airy on the skin to boot. It has a light Eucalyptus scent. Due to its fine texture, however, it tends to scatter and enter the nostrils when you dust it on your face so this is something to consider when you have asthma.


 Skin with foundation

 One layer of the powder

This powder can be used as a setting and blotting powder, depends on your preference. I prefer using it to set foundation because of its loose nature; too messy to be used an on-the-go blotting powder. The white cast that this product gives is very minimal and can be easily corrected by a bronzer or contouring powder.

I like that this powder sets my powder immediately and keeps me oil- free for about 3 hours before I retouch my T-Zone. It keeps makeup intact for the rest of the day. Initially, I thought that this is supposed to dry up pimples; I have not observed such effect, but I feel that it helps in keeping my skin breakout free due to its ingredients.

I'd repurchase this powder for daily use; it's good, inexpensive, and works really well on oily and combination oily-normal skin types! If you've been meaning to try Innisfree's No Sebum powder as well, this is a good alternative.


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I think I need this product! I have oily skin and I think it will work on my very oily fave. For me I will use it as a setting powder thanks Martha for the review

  2. Oh my golly! Is this the answer to my trouble? As I mentioned before I really have an oily skin Ms. Martha and my aunt who works at flawless before told me not to use BB creams and it will just create breakouts so I stopped. But of course I am working as a receptionist here in Makati and I wanted to be presentable all the time and wanted to put on make up even for just a little but because I am so afraid of getting breakouts, I never put anything on my face. I only use lipstick so that I won't look pale.

  3. Ahhh, it looks really good in photos too! These kinds of powders sometimes leave a white cast because of how "transluscent" they are (pero white talaga hahaha). It's also really very affordable, considering you're getting 6g of product when powders in the same price range usually just offer 4g. :) Do you still like the Innisfree one better? :) Have you tried the All Matt Fixing Compact from Essence? I've seen some reviews where the oilies only started making an appearance around the 5th hour, which is pretty amazing! What's your favorite setting powder and blotting powder? :)

  4. Nacurious ako to check this one sa Etude kase "it can prevent breakout" which is laging nangyayari if I use make up.
    Thanks for this post Ms.Martha.

  5. This is a must try, good for those who have an oily t-zone like me. But sa tingin ko mas mura ung Innisfree No Sebum sa @altheakorea. Thanks for your review Ms. Martha.

  6. I wish that Innisfree arrives here at our shores :D

  7. Cheaper than the others and recommended for oily skin. so its a must have! will check this out.

  8. wow another great product, thank you Ms M now I know why most of the newbie (in blogging) love this powder from etude house and yes it is budget friendly too!

  9. I have combination skin. Sometimes when I use powder it leaves some patchy parts on my face. Will check this out soon! ☺️

  10. I have this zero sebum powder, yes it does mattifies the skin especially the T zone areas! I like this the mint green color packaging.

  11. I really need to get this for my skin coz it's oily specially on my T-zone. Thought this will be expensive but not that pricey naman pala.

  12. thanks for the great review ms.martha! its a great help. :)


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