Motorola Verve Rider Review: Found the perfect earphones for my workouts!

Ever since I started being dedicated to my workouts, I can't recall anymore how many earphones I've broken; it's either they'll accidentally fall off my ears and I'll stomp on them or the cords would snap off due to a sharp move I made. I wasted thousands of pesos on earphones already in the last 4 years!

Everything's going wireless nowadays including earphones; how I wish it came sooner so I would have saved more money, but couldn't be any happier that they're finally invented! Motorola is one of the brands that finally offer wireless earphones called Verve, a collection of wireless earphones for those who live active lifestyles. I recently got Verve Rider and I will review and unbox this one today.

Verve by Motorola is a collection of wireless headphones that give each and every person the freedom to tune into their favorite music while connecting more to their activities through wireless technology. The collection features Verve Rider, Verve Rider+, Verve Ones, and Verve Ones+

Packaging comes in a simple white box. What I got is Verve Rider with a band that goes around the neck. It is not completely wireless, but at least it doesn't have that long cord that always gets in the way of activities.

Here's the product. Didn't know that Motorola's been doing lifestyle products now aside from mobile phones.

 In the box, you'll find the following:

1. Verve Rider earphones
2. USB port (for laptop/outlet charging)
3. Spare ear plug cushions in varying sizes for a snug fit (win!)
4. Instructions manual

The control buttons are placed within the band and all at the edge for quick and easy control. The placement of the control buttons are pretty intuitive.

This first set of buttons are for rewind and fast forward.

On the right side of the band is the play/pause button.

If fully charged, Verve Rider can last for up to 12 hours of playtime. To be sure that this is properly charged, I charge it for a full 3 hours. It is also Siri and Google, and Android and IOS compatible.

Need to take a call in between listening to your favorite music? Just press this button located on the left side of the band.

Verve Rider also features Hubble Connect for the Verve Life app.

Verve Rider perfectly complements any static workout such as cycling and weight lifting; it's also for those who want a wireless pair of earphones without deviating from the feel of traditional earphones. The earphones connect via Bluetooth with any smartphone and features a status light so you'll know if the device is finally turned on or needs some charging; I can put my smartphone in my bag, pocket, or anywhere within 150ft. range and still get to listen to my favorite workout music; now I don't have to worry where to put my smartphone when I am working out or worry that people might step on it if I put it on the floor. I can finally tune in to my workout better.

As for the quality of sound, it is crisp and rich; sound is delivered comfortably through the buds.

Some people love increasing the volume of sound when working out to pump them up, but it's not healthy for the ear drums. That's why Motorola included a volume control feature: the earphones can only deliver a certain level of volume to protect your ears, but the level is good enough to keep you pumped during your workout.

Verve Rider is recommended for those who live actively; it's the earphones that allow me to disconnect to connect; the design frees me from the worry of getting tangled up in earphone wires, thus allowing me to connect 100% to my sport and exercise.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My boyfriend got a bluetooth headset 2 years ago and he's using it as well for his workout especially when jogging as he loves listening to music while jogging and he even use it when I call him or vice versa as he can multi task without the hassle of tangled wires with the typical earphones.

  2. how much po is the price? is this currently sold at gadget stores?

  3. This does look like a very promising pair of wireless earphones! :) Too many wireless headsets nowadays are clip ons or just ear pieces, but those don't really help pump you up and they're also not very secure! Great job here, Motorola! They really did have active people in mind when they designed these because of all its functionalities! But even for someone like me who's pretty much a couch potato, this seems like a good investment since wires get very restrictive sometimes! :)

  4. Ms Martha share mo naman yung workout playlist mo, kahit 5 songs lang, para mahawa ako ng iyong motivation :)

  5. How much is this Ms. M? is it advisable also to use while running?

  6. Wow! From its name to how it delivers, Motorolla Verve Rider rocks!

  7. Great that you found one na. Perfect in your workout activity.

  8. Items like these are a great find for workout enthusiasts. It's really hassle free and does not get in the way of working out. :) To add to that, it adds to the coolness of one's workout outfit. (Here's my fashionista and maarte self talking. Haha.) I have a Bluetooth headset but this specific earphones are cooler. Maybe I'll buy this during the Holidays. Sana nakasale na siya by then. :D


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