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Here's a review on Cargo Cosmetics.

PRICE: Brush- P1,850.00; Swimmables Blush- P1,250.00; Swimmables Eye Pencil- P850.00; Boundless Lashes- P1,350.00 (full size)
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Beauty Bar boutiques


Felt all forms of nostalgia while shooting these makeups from Cargo; I remember the time when I was starting with this blog and relied only on a measly budget that could only afford second- hand pricey makeups bought over at femalenetwork from fellow makeup lovers to sustain this blog; it was the time when I encountered Cargo. After 6 years, we meet again and this time, it's brand new! Started from the bottom and now we are here, Cargo! :D

Today, I'm going to swatch my Cargo loot; these are some of their best- sellers. Review below!

Magic Brush is made up of scientifically- engineered bristles; the bristles pick up and let go of powder and liquid products, readying it for next use. Brush can be used for powder or liquid makeup.

I don't know exactly how scientifically- engineered bristles work, but what I do know is this powder is marvelous with powder makeup; it indeed picks up the right amount of product in one go and the calculated diameter enables the brush to deposit the powder on the skin with minimal fallout so nothing ever truly goes to waste. This is perfect for spot powder touch- ups! The bristles are soft, have the right amount of flexibility, and doesn't shed if washed. Haven't tried it with liquid products, but I feel that it works the same as Guerlain The Foundation Brush.

Swimmables Eye Pencil is a proprietary Cargo product. It promises to stay put under the sun, in sweat, water, and tears. Sounds amazing! The shade I have is called Secret Beach, a highlighter shade.

Swimmables Water Resistant Blush apparently has a sweat- proof and weatherproof formula and comes in three shades only; wish there were more!

Cargo's blush packaging is one of my most favorite for life; it's unique, huge, and proves to be sturdier than acrylic packaging. The cover seals tightly also.


Secret Beach is a light cream shade. I use it as a water liner and as a brow bone highlighter. It is a creamy, pigmented pencil that sets efficiently, allowing me to blend the product properly before it becomes budge- proof.

Los Cabos is described as a soft tangerine shade. It's indeed a tangerine shade with soft gold overspray; how perfect for summer and warm skin! Formula is silky, pigmentation is medium to heavy, and texture is smooth.

Boundless Lashes that apparently has three different sides on the wand to amplify, volumize, and lengthen lashes. First side coats lashes evenly, second side combs through lashes, and third side lifts lashes.

The one I got is the sample size. The wand, even if synthetic, is flexible and doesn't hurt my eyes.


I wore Swimmables in Secret Beach on my lower lash line. Been out the whole day for events and a christmas dinner; I applied it at 2pm and went home at 10pm and the silhouette of the line is pretty much still there. Wow! If you are a fan of lining your waterline, this product is for you. It stays put like cray!

I applied three coats of Boundless Lashes in this photo. I don't really know how the three sides look like and how they actually perform, but the look I get from this mascara is full and defined; I like the intense pigmentation and lengthening properties, but it's not exactly my idea of volumized lashes; for some, this kind of volume should be just fine; it's just that I want my lashes to look falsies- like with any mascara I wear. :)

Los Cabos is a pretty shade; it's a more golden version of my favorite orange blush, Nars Gina. True enough, this blush is fade- proof and doesn't budge; I haven't used it while swimming though, but it can survive a sweaty face!

Overall, the rest of Cargo's products are highly promising; but of course, the blush will always be my favorite! :) 


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ang ganda nga ng shade ng blush sayo Ms. Martha, no wonder na favorite mo ito.

  2. Ganda ng Cargo packaging!
    Eying on the blush na sweat and water-proof!!!
    The brush is so nice din, parang ang soft ng bristles!

  3. Yasss! I personally love Cargo! Big love from their genius packaging especially the foundation pouch!!! Their prices are reasonable too! Another brand that will be a big hit here in the PH foh sure!!! <3

  4. Lovely! I've been looking high and low for a blush that would stay put and survive an oily & sweaty day which is for me everyday at work! I think that shade would compliment alot of skin tones. I'd love to try it soon.

  5. The blush looks gorgeous on you!

  6. I agree! the blush color really suits on you. I think I would try too to see if it works on my sweaty days.

  7. In my own opinion, I think it is kinda pricey and if I will choose, I'll still rely on Mac and MUF. Actually, I never heard of that brand before, that's why I think its kinda pricey. IDK if they are only starting or in a long time business. But upon reading your review, it looks like that this brand is more on the innovation side since their products are either engineering based technology or waterproof make ups. The pigmentation is good tho, and they looks so nice to wear :) Aside from that, all the packaging looks luxurious :) I'll try their blush and mascara, hope it will works for me too :)

  8. Cargo products really look so cool!! And here you go another brush again huhu I want.

  9. I love the ingenious packaging. Oh, i would love to experience swimming with Cargo blush on my cheeks! Ang bongga siguro, pag ahon mo na may blushing cheeks ka! I used to visit Female Network too but i just check on the conversations, nakiki chismis lang hihi!

  10. I never heard of that product ah, but it looks good naman, galing mo po tlga maglagay ng make upp madam, perfect! panonoorin ko tlga mga makeup tutorials mo para matuto pako ;D

  11. The mascara wand looks scary AF but those lashes are to die for! Looks so good! Volume and length covered.

  12. You look like Tetchie Agbayani Miss Martha. Tagal kong inisip kung sino kamuka mong artista. Hahaha.

    BTW, they're right, this Cargo doesn't sound so familiar. Ngayon ko lang din narinig.


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