Pixi X ItsJudyTime ItsEyeTime Eyeshadow Palette and ItsLipTime Lipstick Palette Review + Swatch +Price

Here's a review on Pixi X ItsJudyTime ItsEyeTime Eyeshadow Palette and ItsLipTime Lipstick Palette.

PRICE: P1,495.00/each
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at glamourbox.com


A few weeks back, I was given a chance to meet the Travis family in the flesh and had the privilege to be one of the firsts to try her Pixi palettes! Tried these two weeks back and I've been using them ever since, especially the eyeshadow palette! Swatching and reviewing them below!


Pixi collaborated with one of the top Youtube influencers in the USA, Judy Travis, best known as ItsJudyTime. Judy has carefully selected a mix of neutrals, pinks, peaches, and reds to create a lip and eye palette that feature 12 shades for easy, endless mixing and matching, in a packaging that's easy to bring and practically fits anywhere.

 Lip palette

Eyeshadow palette

The palettes come with detached mirrors for custom placement. I placed mine at the back of the palettes!

ItsLipTime ingredients

ItsEyeTime ingredients


Snowflake- dusty champagne (frost)
Bubbly- pale gold (frost)
ItsMommysLife- nutty brown (matte)
Good Morning- muted brick rose (matte)
Brick- brick tera cotta brown (matte)
Honey Bear- honey brown (matte)
Tutu- Taupe rose (matte)
Getaway- bronze chocolate brown (metallic)
Ping- bronze charcoal brown (metallic)
Dark Chocolate- dirty chocolate brown (matte)
Aww Snap- dark brown (matte)
Night Night- soft black (shimmer)

The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and buttery, even the matte ones! They blend well and easily on the lids, and I love that Judy has included transition colors, plus there's an equal amount of matte and metallic shades; it's an essential neutral palette and also a good alternative to some of Juvia's Place Nubian 1 palette's shades!



Ta-da- pale peach
Peaches- warm peach
Juliana Bear- beige rose
Milk Chocolate- warm beige
Keira Bear- beige with soft peach undertone
Miya Bear- soft nude
B Did It- warmed pink
Falling Leaves- dirty rose
Chewy- beige brown


Fierce- Red berry
Sweet Cherry- bright cherry red
Sultry- Deep red

This lipstick palette features matte and satin shades. What I like about it is the shades are very friendly to Filipina skin tone, especially the nudes because Judy is Filipina and I'm pretty sure the shades are patterned after her skin tone. Pigmentation is medium to heavy. However, I find that the formula tends to highlight dry patches so be sure to exfoliate lips before usage. Staying power is okay and needs to be retouched after a meal.


Brick + Aww Snap + Night Night + Bubbly + Snowflake

ItsMommysLife + Aww Snap + Night Night + Snowflake

Top to bottom: Ta-Da, Peaches, Juliana Bear

I'm loving Juliana Bear and Peaches! Ta-da is too pale to be used as a lipstick so I use it as a base instead.

Top to Bottom: Milk Chocolate, Keira Bear, Miya Bear

Milk Chocolate and Miya Bear takes the cake!

Top to Bottom: B Did It, Falling Leaves, Chewy

These shades are on the third row of the lip palette and it's my favorite row!

Top to Bottom: Fierce, Sweet Cherry, Sultry

Sweet Cherry is my fave!

I've actually gotten fond of mixing and matching lip colors because of this palette. It's so foolproof! Here are my favorite combinations:

Peaches + Chewy

Milk Chocolate + Miyabear

I'm happy with both palettes because all the shades are wearable; I can say that they're pretty much worth it because there's no shade that will go unused. I wish that the lip palette has a more moisturizing formula though, but nothing that religious exfoliation can't do. Meanwhile, I'm in love with ItsEyeTime and I highly recommend it!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I really really love judi, I'm one of her supporters back then till now. She's really down to earth and I really love the fact that she's a proud Filipino. That's why when I heard that she'll be having a meet and greet here in the PH, I am really excited! Unfortunately, tickets are easily sold out, that's why my last chance to show my love for her is to buy her palette! Just bought mine yesterday and all I can say is that, I'm inlovveee! All of the shadows felt like a smooth, creamy powder formula. The glittery shadows are my favorite everyday use specially the getaway. I'm inlove with this color! Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the shadows, how pigmented they are and how well they blended either using brush r my fingers. Will definitely make ipon na uli for the lippies naman! :)

  2. I'm a fan of Judy and her family too..I admire her as a woman and as a mother. I got so excited when they came here to Manila, but quite sad too because I didn't get to see her even a glimpse. Tho,happy that I get to watch her vlogs and other vlogs of vloggers/bloggers. I do like the palette too,but sad to say I couldn't afford to buy one. They really have great colors for the eyes and lips as well. They can be combined together. Anyways, Congrats Ms. Martha for being able to meet them and score ItsJudytime palettes.

  3. I love all the shades of the two palettes. But I cant buy it for now, mas priority ko ung mga toner, serum at moisturizer. Im entering the big 4 this year. Thanks for thw review Ms M

  4. I've noticed in your lip swatches about the crusty, dry lips you have. Maybe putting first a lip balm would help? Just a suggestion.

    1. Believe me, I do. I even scrub three times a week which is more than suggested. But they really turn flaky minutes after. I have severely dry lips. Can't seem to find a cure! I don't put lip balm when swatching products because it affects the look of the product. :)

  5. I think I posted or is it on IG? hahahahaha. I love the shades but Ijust love to see them and adore them from afar. I haven't tried to put make up on prefessionally hahahahaha. But I love the swatching!!! So colorful. I love lipstick shades as well. And the names are adorable!

  6. Your eyeshadow shades looks good on you and also the shade of your lips. Lalong lumabas ang natural mong ganda. You are lucky to meet judy inperson.and have some o her palletes. Im such a newbie fan here specially im a mother too.

  7. why is my comment not yet here? Hihihi. Swapping video for this please? :)

  8. Both palettes are lovely! But I love the eyeshadow palette more. :)


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