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Bobbie Cosmetics Makeup Blending Sponge Review + Price

Here's a review on Bobbie Cosmetics Makeup Blending Sponge.

PRICE: P165.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading department stores


I admire Bobbie for putting effort into their collection despite the affordable price point; aside from the classics, they have trendy items too such as their version of the popular Beauty Blender, Bobbie Cosmetics Makeup-Blending Sponge. Let's check this out today!


It's shaped and looks like Beauty Blender; it feels a bit more stiff though, but it's only P150.00 so I can't complain! Just like any makeup blending sponge, it's best used damp. It works well with liquid foundation, BB cream, CC cream, and surprisingly, with cream foundation because of the not-so-soft texture. However, it's not good for use with powder for baking.

It's a decent sponge for its price; best for budget savvy ladies who love wearing liquid bases!


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My most awaited brand for you to review! :) I'm really intrigued by this brand because they offer a wide range of cosmetics and all of them are very affordable! May I ask if Bobbie Cosmetics is made in the PH? :) BTW, this sponge looks a bit stiff to touch but also cute at the same time because I think it's smaller than the BB? I haven't seen it personally tho, but the fact you've said that it's good for BB creams, I'm surely gonna try it. Hihi

  2. Wow. Affordable, pedeng pede sa mga gustong magtry ng blending sponge. Thanks sa review Ms M.

  3. Patok ung mga gantong blender sa nag uumpisa plang matutong mag make up kase mura lng.

  4. Ang gaganda talaga ng flatlay mo Ms. Martha pati ang lighting pak! What are you using po ba as souce of light sa flatlays nyo po? At gusto ko din pala nyang beauty blender so I could use my BB/CC creams na din :)

  5. Yay for another budget find!
    By the way, are those palay grains?

  6. Hello miss martha. Please so a video review for this para makita po namin in action. Thank you po

  7. wow. now i know what to buy next. may mura pala pero maganda..

    mine? i both it for 100 pesos pero ung sa divi lang?

  8. I remember I purchased a beauty blender dupe from HBC which costs around 80php and didn't like it. Now this one from Bobbie Cosmetics is a must try. Given its price, hubby won't get mad if I buy one ^-^

  9. I didn't know Bobbie has also come up with their own Beauty Blender, I've seen quite a few from other local brands (EB, Nichido etc.) Hope you could do a review too of those brands which is better. I have my own dupe or fake (hehe) from Divi, it does an amazing job for me. But, I wanna purchase a new one from our local brands which is better than I'm using right now.

  10. Does it soak up a lot of product? :)

  11. Good thing meron palang ganitong klaseng sponge like the orig beauty blender. And infairness hindi xa ganun kamahal. Hindi ako mhilig gumamit ng sponge when im applying my foundation kasi usually gamitbko ay brush o di kya kamay ko. But this i will try to buy this and use it. As to experience how it works

  12. I saw this at Watsons but prefer the Miine brand instead. The price is almost the same but the this is a better dupe to beauty blender imo. The one from bobbie is stiff and I agree that it can only be used for liquid foundations, bb, cc etc. I admire local brands trying to improve their products and getting into trends atleast beauty lovers and those who are on a budget can try a dupe for a beauty blender without sacrificing their health or even worse their skin from the fake ones. :)

  13. Super affordable po nya like any other beauty blender.

  14. I have to try this na talaga. Puro kamay lng kse gamit ko pang apply ng makeup as in no brushes or itong blending sponge na to.


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