This 80-year old Cream Can Heal All Sorts of Pimples

Here's a review on Sudocrem.

PRICE: Around 8AUD (Approximately P250.00+)
FROM: Australia
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available through online resellers locally


The land down under is a skin care treasure island; it's where some of my staple skin care products are from such as Lucas Papaw and Redwin are from, and lately, Sudocrem, this all- around healing cream that has been a household staple since 1931. More than a skin cream, this baby is very effective in getting rid of troublesome pimples!


Invented in 1931 by Thomas Smith and was originally sold as Smith's Cream, Sudocrem is a healing cream that is used to treat nappy rashes, primarily, as well as cuts, sores, insect bites, and itchiness.

There is no ingredients list, but the product has 15.25% Zinc Oxide. Zinc is actually a very good product in treating acne as well as soothing irritation and redness; also, it's a sunscreen active that is kind to nature.


The thing is, Sudocrem yields a thick white cast such as the ones in the photo so I only use it during night time on my face and anytime on the other parts of my body; you don't need a lot definitely because it's very rich; I've been using this product every single day yet the bottle feels heavy, still because I only need a teeny weeny amount, literally!

When other pimple treatments can treat either cystic or non- cystic acne only, Sudocrem can heal both; Mario Badescu's Buffering Lotion can also heal both, but it is much more expensive than Sudocrem, not to mention not cost- effective because it's liquid and you tend to take a lot of it in every use.

Sudocrem can heal cystic acne in about three days of consistent, generous use and almost overnight for blackheads, whiteheads, papules, and pustules.

TIP: Use Sudocrem as a mask to help minimize acne; take an ample amount, apply on the affected areas only, and leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing.
What are the other uses for Sudocrem?

1. Soothe diaper rash
2. Soothe insect bites
3. Treat minor skin burns and cuts
4. Helps minimize redness
5. Helps minimize the itch and pain caused by Dermatitis
6. Helps protect the skin
7. Soothes minor skin sores
8. Helps heal Eczema

I love, love, love, this cream and I'm so glad I bought one in my last visit to Australia! Sudocrem is also available in jar form for heavy users, but I got the small one for trial's sake; I also like this size because it's very travel- friendly, plus the product is very concentrated and you only need to use a little anyway.

However, this product is not available locally. I saw sellers in Lazada and Shopee reselling the product, but please know that there are fake Sudocrem products being peddled online so stay vigilant and research on how to spot fake Sudocrem online before making the purchase.


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  1. I need this. Lately, nagkapimple ko, kung kelan ako tumanda. Before kase paisa isa lang ang pimple ko kapag magkakaron. Ngayon, nag uumpukan sila, kainis. Pawala na din kaso nag iwan ng marka. Huhuhu. Gusto ko to, kaso san ko bibilhin?

  2. Wow! Really tons of product out there. I wanna be as adventurous as you to try different variety of products.

  3. Wow! I want this in my life!!! I'm in my early 40's and still experience breakouts. Ii've tried other drugstore brands but didn't do well on my pimples. I'm gonna hunt this down on where to buy a legit one. Thanks Ms. M for sharing!

  4. oh dear! i need this in my life! After introducing me to Lucas papaw
    (another australian brand that can multitask too) here you're sharing another good item! hope that both (lucas papaw and sudocream) would be available in our counters the soonest! hugs!!!

  5. Sayang wala dito, gusto ko pa naman itry pag it's the time of the month na kasi nglalabasan na ang mga pimples :)

  6. Any recommended online shops? Really want to try. Been trying to battle my pimples for a couple of months already. They really won't go away. :( Heeeelp

  7. Yay..mdami na din po akong nbasang mga review about sudocream and maganda po talaga siya sayang po talaga wala.dito nagbebenta sinearch ko na din po siya online meron po kaso ntkot nga din po talga ako sa fake.Glad po na nabasa ko yung review nio Ms.Martha

  8. I wonder why all the good stuff for the skin is available in Australia? Even the Kosmea rescue balm and lanolips101 are impossible to find here.

  9. So interested to but this product

  10. where did you buy sudocream?

  11. Waaaahhh!! I badly, badly need this! Meron akong isang giant pimple sa ilong. Was about to shop sa shopee but I git a bit discourage because my fakes pala nito :(


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