Simple but works: Simple Skin Care Review and Price

Here's a review on Simple Skin Care.

PRICE: Micellar Water- P499.00 (200ml) and P700.00 (400ml); Facial Wash- P299.00; Moisturizer- P499.00; Eye Makeup Remover- P499.00; Micellar Cleansing Wipes- P299.00
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OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading department stores


There are some days when you want to go through the 12- step Korean skin care regimen and there are days when you just want to stick with good ol' cleanse-tone-moisturize; I have these days. 

I like resting my skin from all the formulas because it helps my skin 'breathe' and turn to its own defenses for restoration; I believe that this prevention of dependence on products is what strengthens the skin and even if there's no scientific claim behind this, it works for me!

I've used Simple Skin Care for the entire month last month and here are my thoughts about it.


A U.K. skin care brand that specializes in skin care for sensitive skin. Simple Skin Care in the Philippines carries the following products: Micellar Water, Micellar Cleansing Wipes, Eye Makeup Remover, Facial Wash, and Moisturizer.

Say hello to Simple's cleansing squad.

Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover ingredients

The eye makeup remover is effective in removing mascaras including the most stubborn formulas, but it stings my eye for a bit especially if I use a lot; maybe that's why; I always use a lot. :D

Micellar Water Ingredients

Simple's Micellar Water is apparently one of the best- sellers in the U.K. I've tried it and it works! It can even dissolve long- wearing makeup with just two semi- soaked cotton pads!

 Facial Wash and Hydrating Moisturizer. Boy, these are generous sizes!

Moisturizing Facial Wash ingredients

Hydrating Moisturizer ingredients

L-R: moisturizer and facial wash

The facial wash has a pearlized consistency that provides that moisturizing feel; it's fairly concentrated and you only need a small amount to create a generous foam.

The moisturizer has a light cream texture and can satisfy both dry and oily skin types; it gets absorbed well and a little amount is enough to get you through. One bottle can last you for a year, methinks, even if you use it everyday, day and night.


One month after using Simple Skin Care

I also skipped using serum last month because it was simple skin care month. My skin was at its best last month and I figured that I only needed a simple routine and Simple Skin Care has just provided my skin's basic needs and these are cleanliness and moisture.

This skin is the result of basic skin care: No special ingredients. No lengthy routines. No rocket science. Just a simple cleanse and moisturize routine.

This skin care line works and I recommend it to those who don't need special skin care yet or have really good skin care to begin with; plus points because it's formulated for sensitive skin.

You know what? Simple Skin Care has just made me realize the power of simplicity. When things get complicated in beauty, get simple!


Please visit SIMPLE SKIN CARE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details about these products.

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20 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I would love to try Simple, that is why I ask my cousin from UK if she could buy me a micellar and wipes because of the great feedbacks from this product. But I don't know about the skincare routine, I still get pimples everytime of the month and sometimes even if it is not time of the month..haist! That is why I always stick to my acne/oily skincare routine. Anyways, thanks for sharing Ms. M!

  2. From the world itself I wanna try it Hihihi. Especially the miscellar water as What I know it can also serve as toner/ cleanser and not just for make up removal and such. hihihi

  3. It also made me realized ms martha that I should do my skincare as simple as you do. I am doing 12-step korean skin care, but it seems like nothing happen :( I will think about using these products ms martha in replace on my usual skincare routine. Thank you!

  4. Yeyy! Another affordable products for skin care! Mukhang kailangan ko pong magbuy neto for my face! A must skin care para sakin 😊

  5. I wanna try the facial wash! Tagal ko na ring nag hahanap bg facial wash na maganda for both oily and dry skin. I wonder if this removes makeup ba? Sometimes kasi yung ibang brand na facial wash na nagagamit minsan may naiiwan paring makeup.

  6. It is a bit pricey compared to other brands but it seems to be effective. Good to know it's formulated for sensitive skin since some of us, especially girls have the tendency to have breakouts with certain products.

  7. I also got addicted to that korean skin care routine before but i go back to my usual cleanse-toner-moisturizer routine eh kasi nmn it really takes a lot of time to do it and sometimes hindi n kaya ng pagod especially at night when ur sleepy and tired, i think whats important nmn is you make sure that u clean ur face properly lalo na if u wore make up the whole day to prevent acne and other skin problems. Thanks ms martha for this product review i would love to try this Simple Skin Care 😊😊

  8. Wow 😍 so kinis Ms. Martha .. Yes, sometimes we need to rest our skin din lalo na ang face, nakakagaan ng pakiramdam and naniniwala talaga ako sa simplicity is beauty .. haha ganda mo po Ms. Martha how to be you po? So simple yet so beautiful ☺honestly, i love your kilay talaga
    . Hehe

  9. The price is a lot expensive than Garnier pero sabi daw mas mild ang amoy nito kesa sa garnier na matapang amoy. Will go for the facial wipes instead hehe. Thankyou

  10. Never try Simple product. It's a little bit pricey compared to other brand but I think it's worth the price naman. It's nice that they have facial wash and moisturizer.

  11. Grabe!!! Ang ganda ng resulta sayo ate. 😍😍😍 Their products look promising plus it's for sensitive skin pa. I have a veryyyy sensitive skin kaya I think I'm gonna give it a try lalo pa at affordable sya compared sa other brands na for sensitive skin. I really really love reading your blog ate. Not a day goes by na hindi ako nagbabasa ng entries mo kahit pagod ako sa work. This is my way of relaxing. Thank you, ate. ILYSM! πŸ’ž

  12. Lage ko tong nakikita sa Watsons pero di ko pinapansin. πŸ˜… Will try their facial wash next time since paubos na din tong gamit ko. Thank you for this Ms.M.

  13. Breastfeeding my baby now and I am thankful for your posts. They keep me updated with trends in skincare and beauty! I agree that simple is best -- less is more. I am breaking out around the chin area due to hormones and sleepless nights as per my derma. Since I am lactating, I don't use harsh products or take in anti acne meds. Just sticking to what is simple for now, and getting some sleep too.

  14. I've just recently purchased their Micellar Water and it really feels gentle on the skin and it gets the job done well (only now that I double-cleanse) without being harsh or drying on my skin.

  15. Everything was so simple. I thought it's because of the packaging hehe didn't see that the brand of it was Simple. It make sense actually, these product says a lot, why would you go through in a hard way when you can do it in a simplest way. It's good for the people who doesn't want to put so much time when it comes to their skin care routine. Thanks for sharing Ms. Martha!

  16. Theres beauty in simplicity! :) Kitang kita na moisturized at hydrated ang face mo ate martha! I wanna try them too pag naubos na ginagamit ko. :)

  17. Wow, I like that brand ah...for me tlga I like a wipes and a cleansing water na makakatanggal tlga sa makeup fully and madadala kahit dirts ng mukha kasi sa makeups pa lang matapang na ang kapit sa balat eh, diba tlgang wag tayong gagamit lng ng kung ano2w, let's read a reviews about it and try it!

  18. Thanks for this post Ms M. I would like to try that Simple Skin Care. Sana maglabas sila ng pang anti aging na line. Lam mo na mejo tumatanda na ko. Hehehe

  19. Skincare, just like in makeup and fashion, are sometimes better on minimal. And this Simple line is just perfect for these days!

  20. I've been struggling with my skin since May! I think it's because I used too much products for my skin care routine. :( I developed huge pimples that never really appeared on my face before despite my oily skin. Sobrang hindi ko alam kung alin yung nag cause kasi ang dami kong pinag sabay sabay na products. I stopped using the products all together and just used my micellar water and my usual facial wash. It worked! My skin felt like it could breathe again. Not I know that if I wan't to make an extra effort in taking care of my skin, maybe I can just opt for Simple products! Thanks for the review! Very helpful, Ms. Martha!


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