Good budget powder foundation: Ever Bilena Two Way Cake True Beige Review, Price, Swatch

Here's a review on Ever Bilena Two Way Cake Powder in True Beige.

PRICE: P225.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets


Quick story: Way back in '09, I used to dislike Ever Bilena's face powders; any powder of theirs for that matter because they were chalky, crumbly, and generally only had one shade across all powder formats, which is a porcelain kind of white; well, there were some unique pinkish white. Nothing fit my morena skin tone.

I recently received a package that had this Two Way Cake; even if I had my reservations, I still gave it a try and HOLY wasn't the Ever Bilena powder I first encountered; it has improved!


Two Way Cake is one of Ever Bilena's popular products; this versatile powder can double as a pressed powder or powder foundation, and can be used wet or dry.


If you want light, powder coverage, use it dry. If you want full, powder foundation coverage, use it wet. Alternatively, you can use a fluffy brush for a light, air- brushed finish or a dense, kabuki brush for a full finish.

TIP: Wetting the sponge all the time may cause early wear and tear, not to mention turn it into a playground for bacteria so make sure that the sponge is fully dry before putting back into the compact; wash often during the week too and change every two weeks.

Bare skin

Two Way Cake in True Beige applied dry

I was pleasantly surprised that True Beige fits is close to my skin tone. The quality of the powder has improved too: it applies better, finish is better, and looks better overall. My only problem is the powder oxidizes, but man, for the price and finish it gives? I'd gladly go a shade lighter! Staying power is so-so though if used dry, but better if used wet. For dry usage, moisturize and prime skin first. No breakouts with this product, btw!

Ever Bilena Two Way Cake is like a 2.0 version of your friend; they used to be not-so-good, now, they've changed and you're more than happy to welcome them to the pack! Two thumbs up for Ever Bilena for improving on their products! Now I have a budget- friendly powder foundation for casual weekends.


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yes, I am hesitant as well, even if they are coming with new products. I am glad you did a tutorial of Ever Bilena products, and a review with their two way cake. I think I will try this two way cake. I am seeing women in groceries checking out EB's wares, but some are hesitant and unsure which product is for them. Keep up the good work Ms Martha!

  2. I used it also when I was college, ewan ko bakit hindi na ko umilit uli. Nagchange ako sa Maybelline. Pero kung binago formula nya at as what you said mas maganda sya ngayon,will give it a try again. Hihihi 😉

  3. Look like maganda nga po no.
    Hindi ko pa po na try yan.
    Kaya naman ng budget.susubukan ko talaga yan

  4. YaN ang first foundation na nakilala ko hehe...yan kasdi gamit ng ate ko akasi maganda daw tlga and sakto sa kulay nya..nagamit ko lang yan nung inayusan nila ako, maganda tlga sya sa face skin ah.

  5. This is impressive.I agree po, Ms. Martha. I used to find their powders chalky and crumbly. :( The quality of their products way back then, in general, was just too meh. Not worth the money. :( It's really good to know they're stepping it up in the market these past few months! I'm really glad they're making good formulations nowadays. I'm actually looking forward to more new products from EB. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  6. Oyea! I've been watching Ever Bilena's promotions and product launches ever since I stumbled upon an ad for their 33rd Mega Anniversary on Sunshine Cruz's IG. I also noticed that not only do their products formulation improved, but also the way they market their items! Their IG feed became better also 👍


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