Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder: Any Good? Review and Swatches

Is this as good as the legendary Lock It Foundation?

Here's a review on Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder.

PRICE: P1,888.00
FROM: Sephora.ph
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available via sephora.ph


You all know how much I adore, praise, and glorify Kat Von D Lock It Foundation, arguably the best long- lasting foundation on planet earth; this is what pulled me into KVD and why it immediately rose to the ranks of my favorite makeups such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Shiseido to name a few. I loved it so much that I want to collect all of the products of the Lock It series and the second product I got from it was this: Lock It Setting Powder.

I actually had this for more than a month now and it took me a while to review because...well...hmmm.


Lock It Setting Powder is a translucent powder that promises to be weightless and blur imperfections with imperfection with Micro-Blurring Technology and lock in foundation for a lasting, velvet matte finish.

Product comes in a 19g jar and as always, packaging is cool.

First, I like how smooth and silky the powder feels; without using it on my face yet, I immediately knew that this would be a great blurring powder. Powder has a light yellow tone, which makes it great for brightening the complexion. However, it felt a little creamy compared to most translucent powders so I had the feeling that it wouldn't be completely translucent.

Buffed the swatch onto my skin and my inkling was right; it's not completely translucent; there's a hint of white cast on my skin; seasoned beauty bloggers and addicts would be able to see this. :)

Now let's try it.

Skin with foundation

One layer of the powder

Yep, not at all translucent, but props to the smoothing properties; my skin looked and felt smooth with the powder on so those with rough skin will love this.

Finish is soft matte; it doesn't completely mattify unlike other translucent powders (it is because of its semi- creamy texture) so this is good news for those who dislike the super matte look. It's good for baking as well because it improves the coverage of foundation.

Since product says LOCK IT, in my head, my standards are high and I was expecting the same amazing staying power of its liquid foundation counterpart. It keeps my face oil free for about 4 hours; 4 hours is actually long, but my other cheaper translucent powders can control oil for the same amount of time at a much, much cheaper cost. For the same price, get Maquillage Dramatic Loose Powder instead: has the same smoothing properties, but has better oil control.

Oh well! There goes my money. But still, I'm a big fan of Kat Von D makeup; as with all makeup brands, there's just one (or two or more) products that just don't make the cut for you. I still have hopes for this product: maybe KVD can make it less creamier to get rid of the white cast and make it last better on oily skin.


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow i love this review Ms Martha 👌😊 I already have my lock it powder foundation, which one do u prefer to use? 😃

  2. This is why you earned my trust when it comes to blogging. You provide honest-to-goodness reviews for the benefit of your readers. I love it when you give better options for us based on your own experience with a certain product. Way to go Ms. Martha!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  3. Pricey pla ang kat d von, thank you for the honest review Madam as always. Nku khit keln hndi ko keri bumili nian, dun n lng aq s much cheaper but same power to last up to 4hrs.

  4. Its ok and nacocover naman ung dry skin. Overall ok pero nakukulangan ako hehe. THanks for sharing your review about it po!

  5. Yaaay for another Kat Von D product review! This is really pricey for a final powder. This review could help a lot of future buyers of this product! I had high expectations for this since it's from Kat Von D, but not everything works as well as their best sellers. My cousin was planning to buy this Lock It Setting Powder pa naman! Good this I read this post just days before she decides to finally purchase it! Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  6. Thumbs up for this honest review. Nakakaloka yun price nito, hindi ko keri. Pero yun liquid foundation gusto ko talaga subukan.

  7. kat d von super di kaya ng budget ko pero gusto ko po cover nya sa face mo.
    Thank you po sa mga review mo sa mga product na hindi namin alam.

  8. I'm not really a fan of loose powder since I sometimes apply make-up while in transit so I prefer pressed powder to avoid the mess. Can't believe Kat Von D costs so much. Grabe 1,900 for a setting powder? But I think if you really are a fan of the brand then it would be okay to purchase it, but for me baka no :P

    Still, thanks for the review!

  9. Grabe ang mahalya! Haha pero KVD yan e. Sad lang na di sya fully nagwork sayo Ms Martha. Lalo na sgro sakin kasi super oily ng skin ko 😫


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