Rave: Nichido Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray Review

This affordable makeup setting spray will make your makeup last the whole day...Promise!

Here's a review on Nichido Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray.

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I did not believe in the power of makeup setting sprays until I started using it about 1 or 2 years ago; and I've been enjoying more resilient makeup ever since.

First of all, why do you need a makeup setting spray? And why do you need it when you've done the necessary steps in making your makeup last like moisturizing, priming, and blotting? The latter steps are meant to help makeup last by protecting it from factors UNDERNEATH the skin like oil and sweat; makeup setting spray, on the other hand, helps makeup last by protecting it from factors ABOVE the skin like dust, sunlight, climate, and rain. Think of a makeup setting spray as an invisible mesh that you put on top of makeup to keep it intact. 

Truth be told, makeup setting spray can be an optional makeup item, but if you have very oily skin, you do professional makeup, or you just want your makeup to look great the whole day, then you need the spray.

Now I'm always on the hunt for the next best makeup setting spray. I have read on online forums that Nichido Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray is one of the best there is so naturally, I picked it up.

And then we lived happily ever after. :D

Time stamp, 2PM. I wore my Charlotte Tilbury Matte Magic Foundation which yields a soft matte finish and has pretty good staying power.

Consistency is just like water and it is perfumed; fragrance smells a bit like hair spray though. Spray doesn't leave any sticky residue and it sets in a minute.

Time stamp, 3AM. 8 full hours of no retouch; nope, not even a blot from my oil blotting paper. I also rode the grueling MRT and commuted the whole day. My makeup stayed fresh. It is also important to note that Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation has good staying power plus I used an equally good setting power as well, which is Banila Co Prime Setting Powder BUT--I don't recall my makeup looking this fresh after 8 hours and normally, with Charlotte Tilbury, my T-Zone will oil up and it would need dire retouching on the 5th hour.

Yes, the raves are true, this setting spray is good and I recommend it!


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21 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow! parang mas madali na yan ah...pero dpat tlga konti2 lang spray para pantay..great idea so far po ng Nichido pero d lahat gagamit ng gnyan.

  2. Woahhh! 😱 Giving this product an overall rate of 5/5 means this is really a good product. Thank you so much for the review, Ms. Martha! 😘 Gonna put this on my list.

  3. Finally! I've been longing to read a review from you on Nichido's setting spray. Thanks TBJ!

  4. WOW! Impressive. Ever since I learned from your workshop that settings sprays are a important as kilay, I started using them too. And I've used NYX setting spray the first time, a bit pricey but it's nice. Right now I am using the Clio Micro Fine Oil Control Fix Mist I love the smell but it's far from the price point of Nichido. I will surely pick it up when I saw one the next time I visit the Department Store.

  5. I am going ro get one. Thank you for reviewing this. Thank you Ms Martha. This is the reason why I like your blog, you're honest about your feedback on products and you're helping someone like me who can get clueless at times.

  6. Thanks for the review 💕 now im 100% sure na dapat ko itong bilihin 😊

  7. I don't have any setting spray right now. Now i think it's a must have! I have heard from friends that some has adverse reaction to setting sprays. But i still think it's worth trying. Please this one is affordable. Thanks for the review!!! 😘

  8. yay thanks! gusto ko yang product rating mo. And isa to sa ililist ko, oag nasa labas kasi lalo pawisin ako nahuhulas 😢

  9. Seems like this really does the job! I'm so impressed with how Nichido is performing with their base products. They have been improving with their lippies too. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  10. Omg meron pla ang nichido matte finish make up setting spray i need this one kasi mdalas pgaalis kmi naghhulas na agad ang make up ko after 2 hrs lng kya need retouch again susubukan ko po itong nichido kasi affordable po slamat po sa pgshare ms. Martha

  11. Wala Po along ginagamit na setting spray at dahil dito mukang need ko na talaga Lalo na may reunuion kami sa school Namin NG High School at for sure no time to retouch I need to buy.

  12. Yay for budget finds that really work! Thanks for this. I need to get myself this setting spray. Thanks!

  13. Whoa looks good, especially for me kc oily skin aq, mdyo hirap din aqng pumili ng prdct pra mapigilan ang pgmelt ng make up agd, this is a good catch at low price, I think I need to have this asap!

  14. This one really works it’s magic. I heard of this product at some girls at the beauty junkee unite fb page then i gave it a try and so far it replace my mac fix+ and my UD all nighter but still i keep my mac and UD.

  15. Maybe I'm not updated with products, I still don't own a setting spray. But with affordability plus a good review from you, I think I need to have my hands on this one. Would love to have my makeup still looking fresh despite my schedule.
    Thanks for sharing Ms. Martha!

  16. Me (at Watsons): Ms. M says it is good...added to cart!

  17. I recently bought this setting spray and used it for my Peggy Carter cosplay makeup. It was so good. I have oily skin and my body tends to overheat quickly specially with the Philippine weather so I sweat alot plus the cosplay convention is held in an open field with very little shade. I thought I was gonna struggle with this product considering it's a drugstore brand. But it worked so well for me - though I had to blot after 4 hours to not look like an oil ball in photos - everything stayed in place. Would give this product an 8/10 because of the smell but despite that, it's affordable and gets the job done.


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