Bench Paintbox Skin Perfecting Cover Foundation is Pretty Good! Review + Swatch

An impulse buy turned out to be a good one!

Here's a review on Bench Paintbox Skin Perfecting Cover Foundation in Natural.

PRICE: P359.00
FROM: Bench, Evia Mall
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in Bench stores and authorized online retailers


I was at a Bench store one time and naturally, I didn't end the visit without a trip to the cosmetics section. I originally wanted to take home only the Pretty When Pinched lip and cheek tint, but ended up buying this cream foundation; I swatched it, looked good; never thought about it that much and went ahead and bought it!

Impulse buys don't usually end well for me, but I can't say the same thing for this one! If I didn't impulsively buy Bench Paintbox Skin Perfecting Cover Foundation, I wouldn't find out that there's a hidden makeup gem with the brand!

Paintbox Skin Perfecting Cover Foundation is a moisturizing, cream medium to full coverage foundation that conceals and covers in one handy compact. It comes in 2 shades, Fair and Natural.


Well obviously, I'm Natural and that's what I got. The product looks pretty decent and doesn't feel cheap at all, except that I'm not a huge fan of the box and artwork, but props to the separate holder for the sponge.

Natural looked close to my skin tone, but when swatched, it's two shades fairer than my skin tone.  I expected it to be a bit darker or at least just a shade lighter, but there is only a good amount of pigment in the product. Well, no choice and I have to work with what they have.

The product is moisturizing indeed and the full coverage promise is promising, as reflected on the swatch. It feels quite creamy to touch.

Let's test it.

Bare skin

I was kinda' blown by this product. Check out the noteworthy coverage it provided. Noteworthy because this thing is only P359.00.

 Now here's my entire face covered with the product.

Here's why I said I'm only kinda' blown by this product; there's not enough pigment that it looks quite streaky when applied and no matter how much you blend and layer it, the streakiness will always be there. A solution for this, I found, is the force that you apply on the brush as you sweep it across your face should only be light. Also, product can be a bit greasy at first, but when you set it with powder, it's gone.

My mantra in makeup is there's no foundation that a contouring powder and shade- matching powder can't fix so here's the final look:

Insert shocked emoji here

The powder has medium coverage and the super moisturizing consistency proved to be a great base for my other powder products; it's like they all complemented each other to give me this full coverage look.  

What's even more surprising is the product holds up the whole day and has very good oil control at 3 hours before I retouch. That's something! The foundation is great for combination oily/normal and dry skin.

My only problem with the product is the shade range; they're just too fair for a majority of Filipina skin tones. The streakiness issue, no biggie to me. Overall, this is a pretty good full coverage foundation for its price and if any of the shades is your shade, grab it!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. First, impulse buying is an inner talent of most women I think haha. Second, wow! just wow! Bench is really stepping the game up for cosmetics now! And it really covers ha! Amazed with the half covered with foundation picture.

  2. Sana mag dagdag pa sila ng ibang shades. amazing it suits you after the applying the powder. 😊

  3. That is the reason why I only stick to their lippie and dry shampoo. They have limited shades for my liking.

  4. I'm not a big fan of the packaging as well. But I'm surprised because of the coverage! Lumelevel up sila! They also released skin care products lately. I'm shook! So excited for what the brand is yet to offer in the near future. Thanks for this, Ms. martha!

  5. cool! hopefully they'll add more shades to amp up their game :D

  6. Sad that there's no makeup item in the Bench store in our nearest mall. I wasn't able to check our Bench the last time we went to Evia. Ngayon alam ko na meron pala don! Impressive pala ito ah.

  7. impulsive buying but look at the final results ehehe ang ganda kaya! I wonder what lippie did ou match. ang ganda eh.


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