6 Awesome Beauty Rewards by SM Advantage Card + Reviews

You know why I love shopping at SM? Aside from it being a haven for all of your shopping needs from food, clothing, gadgets, beauty and wellness products, to lifestyle services, there’s SM Advantage card, which makes shopping even more rewarding. My SM Advantage card points always enable me to shop even more and this is my most favorite part of the program!

You know what else I love about SM Advantage card? BEAUTY REWARDS! Here are 6 awesome beauty rewards from various beauty and lifestyle merchants that you are entitled to when you are an SM Advantage or SM Prestige card holder.

As a beauty blogger, I’m always up for anything related to beauty, be it an experience, product, or service, and the SHOW CARD, GET REWARDS program allow me to experience these.

But what is SHOW CARD, GET REWARDS Program? It is a program for SM Advantage and SM Prestige members that allow them to enjoy exciting perks and discounts from over 500 partner merchants within SM Supermalls nationwide by simply showing their card. The promo is also extended to BDO Rewards, Global Pinoy card, and E-Plus card. Click HERE for a complete roster of partners.

Now here are the beauty rewards that I’ve experienced just by showing my SM Advantage card:

-       Summer’s a’coming and it’s time to get rid of unwanted underarm hair. Whether you’re new or a veteran in the Hair Laser game, this handsome offer from SkinStation is too good to resist! SkinStation has really good customer service and I will surely be back!

THE BEAUTY JUNKEE’S TIP: SkinStation is also known for their retail beauty products namely Dermax and Blushing Beauty. For Dermax, check out the peptide serum and for Blushing Beauty, check out Aqua BB Cream that’s bursting with hydration!

-       Speaking of summer, aside from hair laser, fat reduction is also a recommended beauty service to try as support to your fitness and weight loss regimen and facial for summer- ready skin. For SM Advantage holders, there’s 10% off on selected facials and for SM Prestige holders, it’s 10% off on Thermalift and Thermasculpt treatments.

THE BEAUTY JUNKEE’S TIP: Need a lift for your face, arms, and abdominal area? Thermasculpt will help! Thermasculpt uses non-invasive, radio frequency technology that helps tighten the skin.

-       RCC is a wart removal center and beauty products retailer. SM Advantage holders will enjoy a 20% discount on all services plus BUY 2 TAKE 1 on RCC products. Swell!

THE BEAUTY JUNKEE’S TIP: After care is also an important part of any dermatology treatment so don’t forget to grab RCC products on your way out.

-       Freshaire is one of the pioneering beauty salons in the metro. For every P500 minimum spend, you can get #KilayonFleek with free eyebrow shaping!

THE BEAUTY JUNKEE’S TIP: The service of Freshaire is exceptional. The beauty assistants are very warm and friendly that I ended up getting my hair color and pedicure in the salon!

- David’s Salon is one of the best salons in the metro and if you’re an SM Advantage holder, you’re entitled to 10% off on all of their services!

THE BEAUTY JUNKEE’S TIP: I love getting hair treatments at David’s Salon. In here, I went for a deep conditioning treatment. There’s a bonus massage too and it’s AMAZING; be sure to take it!

-       Ever tried Oxygen Facial? It’s a refreshing facial that provides skin with a surge of necessary moisture, which helps the skin absorb skin care better. SM Advantage holders will enjoy 20% discount on Oxygen Lite and Oxygen Caviar Facials.

THE BEAUTY JUNKEE’S TIP: Got dry, dehydrated skin? You will benefit from Oxygen Lite Facial, which I am trying out in this photo. My face felt refreshed, looked brighter, and felt more hydrated afterwards!

Getting to enjoy these treats is as simple as showing your SMAC? How do you get a card? Here are two simple ways:

1.     Purchase an SMAC Express Membership Kit from cashier counters of SM Stores, select SM Supermarket and SM Hypermarket, and Customer Service Counters of SM Malls for only P150.00
2.     Go to smadvantage.com and purchase the SMAC Express Membership Kit for only P150.00.

Easy, right? You’re only a few steps away to discovering these awesome rewards when you have an SM Advantage card!

What are your favorite beauty rewards from SM Advantage card? I’d love to know?

Visit SM ADVANTAGE on Facebook and @smadvantage on Instagram for more details.

DISCLAIMER: This post is brought to you by SM Advantage Card and The Beauty Junkee

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  1. I am a sm prestige card holder for years now and i know that we have some perks but i didnt really care to read the booklet that came with my prestige card. But to know such discounts exist i would definitely check it. Thanks ms martha

  2. I can't believe there are so many deals with the SM Advantage Card especially for beauty aficionados. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us your fans. Now it gives me an idea what to do with the SM Advantage Card

  3. Woooahhhh! When I was single and living at Manila, I always have my SM Advantage card up to date and on the look for promos and discounts. Sobrang sulit siya! Minsan kapag tinatamad na maglabas ng money and may balance naman, I use it to pay for the items I bought. But this???!?!? It makes me wanna get one again! Super sulit ng deals na yan lalo na pampabeauty! huhu... I am heartbroken Ms. Martha!

  4. That is why SM has so many affiliates. They give it back to their customers, I don't mind paying for the card, as long as I can get my money's worth.

  5. I'm an SM Advantage card holder, I didn't know about this perks. I should renew my card immediately so I could avail the discounts at David's Salon or Dermstarata.

  6. Oooooooooooooooooh! This makes me wanna sign up for the card! Time to step up my adulting game HAHAHAHA! For now, I'd so tell my mom (who owns the card) about this. She deserves the rewards so much. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  7. SMAC also entitles you to additional discount on top of the product discount during their sale.That's double the discount and so worth it! :)

  8. Just a thought..I haven't maximize my advantage card.

  9. Ooooh! Didn't know we could enjoy all these and more! Will definitely try the discount at Bioessence hehehe.


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