TBJ TRAVELS Dumaguete-Siquijor Travel Guide 3: Tubod Marine Sanctuary and Paliton Beach + Itinerary + Budget + Vlog

Down to our last day in Siquijor!

For our last day, we explored a hidden beach that tourists call "Little Boracay."

Welcome to Paliton beach or Little Boracay! :)

Paliton beach is nestled in between towering coconut trees and bushes; albeit small, it's one of the nicest beaches in the area. Sadly, there are no resorts around as its location always takes a big hit when typhoons pass the island. But it is currently owned by Coco Grove resort.

Paliton is a wonderful place to be in by sunset because it offers a majestic view of the sun sinking into the sea by late afternoon, plus its isolation and lack of major developments prove to be appealing to tourists who just want some quiet time with nature.

TBJ TRAVEL TIP: Best time to visit Paliton is around 4-6pm. Hire a tricycle who will take you to and fro the beach, plus wait for you in between because you'll have a hard time hailing one. Don't forget to bring beer before going to Paliton because sunset on the beach and beer is always a good idea!

Next is Tubod Marine Sanctuary. Tubod is nestled within the resort grounds of Coco Grove resort, which is one of the biggest reasons why we went for Coco Grove. We wanted to do Apo Island, but didn't have the luxury of time for that, but still we wanted to snorkel and Tubod marine sanctuary was a good alternative.

Tubod is the result of an environmental win by the owners of Coco Grove resort. Before, local fishermen were against turning Tubod into a sanctuary because they thought that the management only wanted the profit for themselves, but Coco Grove argued that protecting it from destruction and overfishing will provide a bigger catch in the end as it will serve as a ground for fishes to recover their population. Coco Grove won and after 10 years, their fight has been providing good benefits for all.

If you're a resident of Coco Grove, you are free to snorkel around Tubod plus rental of kayak, life vest, and snorkeling gear are free. For day visitors, there will be a fee.

Tubod is teeming with life and it gives me hope that not everyone has given up on nature and that there's still enough beauty in nature for us to save.

That was good, Siquijor! Tomorrow, we'll go back to Dumaguete for the last leg of our trip. How are you enjoying it so far? :)

**Cost is for one person only
**Cost doesn't include lodging, airfare, food, shopping, and miscellaneous expenses
**Cost per activity may change depending on your time of visit

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  1. Fiona Aileen ValleMarch 7, 2018 at 9:52 PM

    Bet ko yung sunset + beer! Always a good idea talaga add mo pa yung virgin beach nila. winner na winner girl! Once ko palang nasubukan ang snorkeling and super ganda talaga sa ilalim.. pero snorkeling for free? mas maganda yun! parang nakapunta narin ako sa Siquior girl. 💐

  2. Ohh wow! You truly love adventures. I never tried snorkeling coz I do not like the feeling of fishes near me. Weird as it may sound but its true! Lovin this trip with not so much spending needed.

  3. Sana magkita tayo if ever babalik ka sa Siquijor. hehe

  4. WOW ang ganda ng beach and the corals for snorkeling? NOT BAD! Would really want to visit someday, good thing my husband also loves the beach.

  5. It is good to know that there are people who are very much aware in protecting marine life and all other stuff under the sea plus it helps other people too. Watching the sunset while drinking beer or snorkeling I think is really enjoyable. Enjoying the beauty of nature indeed.

  6. Mapapa nature lover ka talaga sa ganda ng siquijor and snorkeling yasss the best seeing the real beauty of nature..


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